You Might Have Tried to Flush Them Down The Toilet Anyway


You might have tried flushing a wipe or two wipes down the drain without a second thought. At first you might have thought that it’s no big deal because it’s not your problem anymore the moment it gets flushed away. However, not only is it a problem, it’s also your big problem.

You have to realize that not all disposable wipes are flushable. People generally confuse them for flushable wipes. Generally people don’t bother making the distinction, because disposable wipes appears to be just harmless, and moisture paper, so what kind of harm can it cause?

Wipes aren’t your average everyday toilet paper. It is made to endure diaper changing tasks so it’s practically a piece of cloth. That’s what Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes is. It’s a piece of paper designed to imitate cleaning cloth.


Not realizing that and casually flushing it down the toilet is a very expensive mistake to make. These wipes will not break up into any smaller pieces even if you leave them in water for twenty four hours. That’s more than enough time to act as a filter and block “everything” you pass down the drains.

As time passes, that “everything” will definitely accumulate and come back towards you. That can be pretty gross, because you might witness a concentration of digested lunch and dinner that you thought were gone for good. In other words; floating poop.

When that happens, your only option is to call a plumber and snake it out. That could be pretty costly depending on where you live and how serious the problem is. For my area, it can go from $100 – $200. I don’t know about you, but I am not rich enough to believe $100 is pocket change for me. I can buy a almost a whole month of lunch with that.

Now that you know that huggies natural care wipes are not flushable, one alternative you can try is to simply use plain old toilet paper. Toilet paper are designed to break down easily as biodegradable material.


The way toilet paper works is that it’s made of a bunch of short paper fibers that separates back into their own tiny pieces after being fully wet and aggressively moved down the pipes. That’s the reason why toilet paper crumbles so easily in your hands when you wet it. Even though there’s still a chance for it to clog the sewer system, the chances are a lot lower.

However, I know what you are thinking. If you wanted to use regular toilet paper, then you would have done so already. You wouldn’t bother searching the internet for flushable Huggies wipes.

You want to take advantage of the convenience of smooth, moist wipes which you can use any time, anywhere whether it’s for your baby’s bottom or removing make up. Huggies do have such a product.

There Are Flushable Wipes Made By Huggies

Huggies do sell flushable wipes. These wipes are labeled flushable on the package. This is the main thing difference that distinguishes it from regular disposable wipes.

They claim that these wipes breaks down within thirty to forty minutes after being aggressively shaken around in a container. In theory, that sounds pretty efficient. Even though they claim that, I still don’t recommend you flushing them down the toilet.

Let’s face it, thirty to forty minutes doesn’t sound like a very short time. This is especially true when you compare it to good old toilet paper which can break down in a matter of seconds of flushing. Not to mention that shaking a container to break down the wipes doesn’t even come close to real world sewer pipes. Real world sewer pipes are designed to flow smoothly and gently.

Flushable  wipes needs to be evenly soaked in water, and moving rigorously down the pipes in order to successfully break down within thirty to forty minutes. A lot can happen during that time as we don’t know what flows down the pipes along with your wipe.

The wastes that people flush down the pipes in your neighborhood might actually interfere with that process. This is especially true if they flushed down oily and greasy stuff. These things will make the disposed waterproof and practically indestructible.

The costs actually come back to you. According this article written by the New York Times, if you see your water bill going higher then this could be one of the reasons. Over the years when flushable wipes were invented, a lot more expensive sewer blockage has happened. Even though there could be many reasons for sewer blockage, it’s been tested that a flushable wipe can actually travel miles down the pipes and look only slightly ripped.

Flushable wipes are actually not too different from nonflushable wipes. The word flushable is actually not regulated by the government. What that means is that the company that uses the word flushable can almost define it any way they want based on their own standards. Whether these standards will be absolutely helpful to you is not a guarantee.

There Is Really No Point To Flushable Wipes

Like I said earlier, plain old toilet paper will do most of your work with a much lower cost. However, if you really want to use wipes then just use any disposable wipes. Your main issue of using nonflushable disposable wipes is that it’s hard to find a spot to dispose of them. There’s a simple solution to that.

Simply add a mini trash can to the bathroom. After you finish using the wipe then just dump it there. You don’t have to risk calling a plumber to come and stop your poop from floating out of your toilet seat or contributing to your expensive water rates. If a trash can takes up too much space then simply add a plastic bag hanging on your bathroom door knob or wherever you find convenient.

Not flushing your wipes down the toilet is not very convenient but it’s definitely worth the extra effort. It can cause sewer issues for the water company and create problems for the environment. Even if you don’t care about the water company or the environment, it’s still not a lot of fun to call the plumber all the time to fix your system when you can easily prevent it yourself.

Try Something Different

You might or might not be a big fan of Huggies wipes, but they aren’t really that good. On Amazon, a lot of people complained that they:

  • rip easily when you are doing diaper changes
  • perforated (like toilet paper) and difficult to tear correctly apart
  • as an end result force you to use at least two wipes per diaper change

Here’s what one user on Amazon said:



Personally, I use the ultra sensitive wipes by Berkley Jensen. They are so strong and they are huge wipes. The packaging is also convenient as they include a bunch of small packs you can use any time anywhere. Other than the wipes I used at the hospital since my little baby is born, these are the only wipes I trusted and used. Give them a try.