What’s up? Are you looking for a baby changing table with a dresser? Before you randomly purchase one out of frustration, make sure you know all the things you need in this kind of dresser so you don’t end up having to return a crappy product.

Table Of Contents

  • Make Sure The Dresser Is Tall Enough For You
  • Is Your Changing Table Big Enough To Fit Your Changing Pad?
  • Are The Cubbies/Drawers Big Enough For Your Baby Supplies?
  • What Should You Do If The Cubbies And Drawers Don’t Have Enough Space?
  • Is Your Dresser Changing Table Combo Flimsy?
  • Does Your Purchase Come With A Changing Pad?
  • Does Your Dresser Have Wheels?
  • If None Of The Dresser Combos Interest You, Then Buy A Topper Instead
  • Don’t Forget To Baby Proof Your Drawers

Make Sure The Dresser Is Tall Enough For You

This Is A Long Term Thing

Before you decide on any color or “match”, you should double check to see if this dresser combo you are buying is actually tall enough for you. To be honest, short dressers can work but you will be hurting your back by bending over all the time. You might be able to handle it for a short period of time. However, you have to change your baby’s diapers four to five times a day for two to three years. Do you really think you can handle it for that long?

How Tall Are We Talking About Here?

Taller people should use tall dressers, and short people should use shorter dressers. Of course….duh. However, is there an actual number you can use? Yes, there is. There is an actual way to measure it. I can’t give you an actual number. You will have to measure it yourself.

Go through the following steps to find your ideal height of the dresser:

  1. Get a pencil
  2. Stand up straight with your head, whole back, and heels against any wall
  3. While one of your arms is at rest on the wall, locate the tip of your elbow of your resting arm, and use a pencil to mark where the elbow meets the wall
  4. Next, measure the distance between the mark you left on the wall and the floor
  5. This would be your ideal dresser height

Of course, this would only be the ideal height for you. For your partner, it can be a different number because both of you are probably different heights. Let’s say your partner is taller, and you are shorter, you will have to find some kind of number in between so neither of you suffer during diaper changes.

Look For A Changing Dresser With “Long Legs”?

Once you have figured out the height of the dresser you need, next thing you should figure out is if your dresser is tall enough to fit your toes and feet. Even the dresser you chose is at your ideal height, if the legs are too short, then you will still be forced to bend your back all day because you can’t fit your feet under the dresser when you are changing your baby’s diapers

Ideally speaking, if the amount of space between the floor and the bottom of the drawers/cubbies is at least four to five inches, then you are good to go. This would allow you to even wear Ronald’s shoes while changing your baby’s diapers. Of course, if the dresser you love has some serious short dresser leg issues, you can always consider adding a bricks under each leg to raise it higher. Just make sure that the dresser is absolutely stable after you finish.

Is Your Changing Table Big Enough To Fit Your Changing Pad?

Did you already purchase your changing pad? If not, do not purchase it yet. Not all changing pads can fit all changing tables. Of course, this would be fine if your changing pad is smaller than the changing table you are buying. It can be pretty awkward to have the sides of your changing pad sticking out.

If you already bought a changing pad before you read this article, then make sure that the changing table your are buying is bigger than your pad. This seriously limits the choices you can actually make. If you really can’t find suitable changing table that is big enough for your pad, then I suggest you purchase a new pad instead.

Are The Cubbies/Drawers Big Enough For Your Baby Supplies?

Usually what I put in my cubbies are my diapers, wipes and ointments, because during an emergency those are the things I definitely need the most. For those who don’t know what a cubby is, let me explain.

A cubby is basically a box shaped storage area in a dresser. It does not have a lid, drawer, or any covering. It is basically a rectangular hole for items you need quickly without opening any doors or lids.

You can put anything in there, but I recommend you put only the stuff that you need immediately during a blowout because they allow you to quickly grab your items. The rest of the stuff can stay in the drawers. However, if you want to store more in the cubbies and you ran out of space, then purchase something called a changing table runner.

The changing table runner looks a bunch of pockets where people can store their extra shoes and hang it over the door. Instead of hanging it over your door, you let it hang at the side of your dresser so you can put more stuff there for quick access.

This video shows you what a table changing runner looks like:

Is Your Dresser Changing Table Combo Flimsy?

Most dressers I am aware of are made of wood. In theory, the quality of the wood determines how long it can last you. If possible, try to look for a dresser that is made of solid wood. The opposite of solid wood would be engineered wood. Your dresser is considered to be made of solid wood if it is carved into parts for your dresser. On the other hand, engineered wood is basically a bunch of wood scraps glued together. This is why engineered pine wood is always lighter than solid pine wood.

As I mentioned in a previous article, about convertible cribs, engineered wood can be pretty weak because of the air pockets in between. It also explains why it is overly light in weight. Furniture made of engineered wood would have paint chip more easily due to having uneven surfaces.

Another problem with engineered wood is that the glue used to make them might be toxic to children. Theoretically, it should be alright as long you don’t let your child play in there or else you might give her a chance to bite until the wood and ingest some of the materials.

If you can not get your hands on a dresser made out of solid wood, then make sure you at least cover it. Since engineered wood easily has chipped paint, make sure that the paint has no lead in it.

Does Your Purchase Come With A Changing Pad?

Most dressers that includes changing tables will include a changing pad. However, usually this changing pad is so thin, you are better of purchasing your own. Not to mention, the pad included does not have a waterproof pad cover. Go and do your baby a favor buying your own changing pad and waterproof cover for that pad.

If you are using a changing basket, just be warned that it usually don’t fit any changing tables due to their circular shape. Unfortunately, there are no rectangular shaped changing baskets available for sale. If you haven’t already purchased a changing basket, consider buying a regular picnic basket and convert it into changing basket by adding some cotton sheets and waterproof covers.

Does Your Dresser Have Wheels?

Unfortunately, there’s no changing table dresser with wheels attached to it. Besides, the wheels will probably not last long.

If None Of The Dresser Combos Interest You, Then Buy A Topper Instead

You might have thought at one point that once you purchase your dresser changing table combo, you would be able to remove the table and use it elsewhere when necessary. Unfortunately, reality does not work that way. The changing table itself is basically four small walls built on top of the dresser. If you remove it, it has no bottom for you to hold the baby in.

Of course, if you want to transform your changing table dresser into a regular dresser later, then that is possible. Just unscrew the changing table (four walls as mentioned earlier) and you will have a simple dresser. However, there will be screw holes left behind. Simply cover it with something decorative and you are good to go.

If having a dresser full of holes really bothers you then maybe it is better for you to be a changing table topper instead of buying the whole combo. However, a changing topper is only useful if you already have a dresser or table at home in which you can attach to. How it works is that the wood on the back sides extends down further than the other three walls. That extra length is for you to use to screw your topper onto the back sides of your dresser or table.

The advantage of using a changing topper is that the holes are made in the back of the dresser. In the future, when you remove it, you won’t see any holes on the front or top of the dresser.

Just keep in mind that a changing topper is not a changing tray. A changing tray has a bottom and is meant to be mobile and moved around. It is not meant to be screwed onto anything. On the other hand, a changing topper only works by attaching to a surface bigger than itself.

If you are wondering what a topper looks like, check out this youtube video:

Don’t Forget To Baby Proof Your Drawers

Once you found your dresser to your liking, don’t forget to babyproof it. This is especially true if you have toddlers in the house. Learn how to baby proof the drawers here.