diapersEighteen years ago, my sister was born and I had my first experience dealing with diapers. Since that time, I’ve always considered diapers to be a dirty bag of nightmare. The reason is because diapers hold the pee and poop that a baby lets out, and you are forced to throw it into the trash can, not flush it down the toilet. With the stack of used diapers in the trash can the house constantly smelled like baby poo for a long time. It would’ve been easier if babies can use the toilet like a regular adult.

Fast forwarding eighteen years later…

I am currently a father of an sixteen month old daughter. I never got nervous at all, because it’s not my first time taking care of a baby. This is true even though eighteen years have passed, and a lot of things have changed. A huge variety of diapers have popped up in competition with the common pampers, huggies, or other common diapers you see at the local store. To be honest, I do feel a little nervous after taking notice of the variety of diapers that appeared in the market. The reason is because there are better options for my baby now compared to my my baby sister before.

Fortunately, variety of diapers doesn’t change the standards for good diapers

Not all diapers are the equal. I don’t care how flashy and pretty companies make their diapers. If the diaper leaks every time my baby wears it, then I wouldn’t even consider it. For my baby sister back then, I had no choice, because I was still a teenager when I was taking care of her so I used whatever that my parent bought with their money. However, now that I get to choose what my baby gets, I will try to make it as perfect of a choice as possible by current technology.

How I review baby diapers…

I would base it on my experience with changing diapers. If I have enough proof that a specific diaper is right for my baby, then I will let her have a go and see if the diaper follows up on it’s reputation. If there’s a brand of diaper I review that you have had experience with, then I would be glad to hear your feedback about it also.

Tell me what you want me to review

With all the kinds of diapers out there, I am sure to miss one or two brands that you are curious about. If you want me review them, then please leave a feedback in the comment section below.

For now, I only review disposable diapers

I know that cloth diapers have improved over the years, but I am at work most of the times so it will be my wife who is taking care of the baby. I want her to have a wonderful experience taking care of the baby without dealing with scraping poop off of diapers all the time. To some arrogant people out there who are environmental fanatics, this might sound like my excuse to be lazy.

However, you should also realize that cloth diapers aren’t exactly more environmental friendly compared to disposable diapers, because precious electricity and water is still being consumed to wash them. Not to mention that electricity is produced mostly by burning fossil fuels. If you are not convinced then read about the debate at Wikipedia by clicking here.

I do agree that cloth diapers most likely has lower chances to cause baby rashes (unless you use harsh chemicals like bleach to wash it of course). However, in order to keep them gentle on your baby’s skin, you will have to deal with the brownish yellow stains. For me, that’s just a little gross.

The brands I review might not be the common ones you see

A lot of people I know go for pampers. It’s not a bad brand, and the price is decent, but I have already tried pampers in the past with my baby sister. Since it’s my first child, I want to try something new, reputable, low price, efficient, and less headaches. The brands I review might or might not be brands you know of. However, the brands I review will either be a diaper my baby has used or a diaper that someone has tried and had good experience with it. If there’s a brand of diaper you want me to review, I will gladly do it for you. Just leave it in the comment section below.

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