babyMy Story

I have watched my baby sister grown from a baby all the way to an adult she is now. When babies grow, a lot of changes happen. She was a scared, confused little girl, but now she became an intelligent adult that can make important decisions about her future.

Your baby will also go through a lot of changes

As a parent, you will constantly be tormented by two conflicting feelings. One feeling is that you desire badly for your child to grow up and be an adult. The other feeling is that you want your baby to always be  your baby no matter how old he/she gets.

I once felt the same way when I was taking care of my sister as a baby. In the beginning she couldn’t walk, eat, or go to the toilet on her own. I was always angry why her existence is so demanding on other people. Now that those years have passed, I just wish that I can go back and relive them again.

You are not alone

Every baby is different. A lot of parents I know have babies that cries a lot at night. Some parents I know have babies that simply sleep through the night effortlessly, but wakes their parents up 5am in the morning. If you have an interesting story to share, then please leave me some feedback in the comment section below. I would love to hear about it and exchange ideas with you.