Before we get into the baby poop color meanings, let me tell you that my baby did not experience all the poop colors here. They are simply what I learned from other parents and some of them are from my own personal experience. I would be pretty worried if my baby even went through half of what I listed here.

Another thing I have to clarify is that I do not have pictures of all the poop that I will describe here. However, I am sure that many parents will appreciate the fact that I do not have these photos, because it is simply too gross to show in the first place.

I will use regular household items that will be as close to the actual thing to depict the actual image to you. If you are still confused and unsure after looking at the images, then please contact your pediatrician and double check. The reason I say that is because even if you find an actual picture on the internet, your baby’s poop might have a different level of green or yellow which might confuse you.


The Normal Colors

The first color of baby poop you will see in a newborn would look like black tar. It is very thin and sticky looking. This poop has a name called “meconium”. It looks so weird because while your baby is inside her mother, he literally didn’t’ eat anything through his mouth except for the amniotic fluid and the stuff floating around him.

Back in the old days, people believed that baby poop is sterile until the newborn has eaten something. However, that has already been proven wrong. Even though meconimumm is the baby’s first poop, it has bacteria in it.

Why does it matter to you whether meconium has bacteria or not? Usually meconium does not concern most parents who gave birth to their baby without any problems.

However, it is a big problem if the baby and the mother is in distress while giving birth. If the baby was in distress while inside of his mother, he might pass meconium (poop) before he is born. That is a problem because the baby is floating in amniotic fluid while he is inside of his mother so if he passes meconium while he is inside the womb, then it is no different from “eating” his own poop. You can imagine it is like a gold fish in a fish tank, except it is a baby.

If you decided to breast feed your baby you should usually expect some kind of yellowish brownish color that resembles wet mud. Some people say it looks a bit like mustard. This poop is usually diarrhea like.

If you decided to formula feed your baby you should expect something that is like muddy paste. Formula tends to cause constipation more than breast milk so expect a dryer poop that looks a bit like peanut butter. This kind of poop is usually a bit stinky too compared to breast fed poop.

When you begin to feed your baby solids, expect some of that food to end up on your baby’s diaper. Foods with sugars that are hard to digest will tend to pass through the intestines faster without being fully digested so those fooods might partially end up in the poop. Another scenario is if the food is harder to break down for the baby’s GI system, especially foods with lots of fiber in it. So don’t be alarmed if you see food ending up in your baby’s poop. It is actually pretty normal.

I was freaked out back then when my baby passed out green baby poop. However, later I learned that is nothing to lose my sleep over. It turns out my wife has been feeding my baby iron supplement. This is a very nasty tasting supplement. How do I know? It is because my baby literally trembles in fear every time she sees the blackish iron liquid supplement. It smells bad and it tastes bad. However, before your baby can get some real iron from something like a meat source, she would have to rely on this supplement for her needs.

If you have already begun feeding your baby the greens, then some of that might end up in her poop giving a greenish look.

If you ever find small black fragments or blood in your baby’s poop, don’t be alarmed yet. If your baby is breastfeeding, double check to see if the mother’s nipples are bleeding or cracked. If it is then there’s a high chance that the blood you see is actually from the mother’s injured nipples. Just in case, check with your pediatrician to make sure everything is alright.

If your baby seems abnormal and the poop is more diarrhea like than usual then it is possible that your baby has some kind of infection or allergic reaction. The poop might seem like its normal mud like color. However, it will be extra liquidy. This is a rather dangerous situation, because if your baby is not treated in this situation, she might get dehydrated which damage her. Contact your pediatrician immediately in this situation.


If the poop you see is hard, dry and pebble like then it means that your baby might be constipated. Her poop is moving so slowly in her system, that her large intestine has overabsorbed the water from her food. My daughter had this problem when we introduced her to rice cereal, solid foods, congee, and formula (my wife got tired of breast feeding). Our doctor recommended giving my daughter fire dragon fruit, or other fruit juices like apple or pear juice. That solution worked like a charm, but the poop instantly became runny. At that point, my wife also made my change my daughter’s diaper more often (sigh…but anyway).

Another reason behind constipation can be some kind of food allergies to the milk, no matter what milk you are feeding your baby. Double check with your pediatrician to be sure.

Earlier we mentioned small amounts of blood. If you see that your baby’s poop is red all over then first double check to see if you fed your baby any red things like cherry juice, beets, or something like tomatoes. If not, then it is possible that there’s quite amount of blood in your baby’s poop.

If there is blood in your baby’s poop, then there could be some kind of milk allergy or some kind of infection. If it is an infection caused by a bacteria, then the poop will be more diarrhea like as mentioned earlier. Double check with your pediatrician to be sure.

If your baby’s poop is overly shiny then it is possible that there is mucus in your baby’s poop. Mucus is that stuff that comes out of your nose when you have caught a cold. Mucus in poop is stringy and slimy. Sometimes that is normal especially if your baby is teething. Teething causes her to drool more, and since drool passed through her system easily, it ends up being on her diaper. Mucus in diapers can imply infection so double check with your pediatrician to be sure.

If your baby’s poop is white< then that is a pretty bad sign. Your baby most likely have some kind of digestion issue. The reason is because poop should normally be muddy color as mentioned earlier. That is because the color is derived from the bile produced in the liver, which contains enzymes that helps breaks down the food your baby eats. If that color is not present, then the milk your baby drink literally goes in one way and passed out of her system untouched.