Bambo nature is a brand of disposable diaper that was created because regular disposable diapers fill up our landfills and create pollution. It is still young compared to major diaper companies like Proctor & Gamble who made the pampers swaddlers. However it has been out for a while and won many awards. Is it worth buying it then? Lets find out.

Bambo Nature Has Twenty Five Years Eco-Friendly History

twenty five years

It is unknown for how long that Bambo Nature has been around, but one thing is for sure. They have been certified eco-friendly for twenty five years. That’s a pretty long time to hold onto that title considering how many requirements the diapers have to satisfy before it can truly be considered eco friendly. The following are the certification/awards Bambo Nature has:

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel – This is the label that is recognized by at least 90% of the Nordic countries. According to Wikipedia, that would include:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Greenland
  • Faroe Islands
  • Åland Islands
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel to them is kind of like how the “FDA approved” is to us. It’s some kind of standards people go by so that consumers there know they are buying something that’s safe for the environment and themselves.
Danish Asthma/Allergy certification – They are also certified to be free of allergens or asthma triggering factors. Definitely a plus for your baby if that applies.
FSC certified – This certification means that no major deforestation has been done and more trees are being planted compared to being cut down. This is probably a big concern for people who realize that without our forest, we lose precious oxygen, and fertile land.
Rated number one by babygearlab – I mentioned babygearlab’s intensive diaper testing in my huggies vs pampers review 2016. Bambo Nature itself does better than Pampers when it comes to causing less skin irritation, and protecting our environment.

Made of Friendly Materials

friendly materials

According to their features page, they  don’t include these harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process:

  • phthalates – causes reproductive problems with rats
  • organotins– specifically triorganotins. Used as a bacteriocide and a fungicide.
  • pvc – short for polyvinyl chloride. This material is normally not harmful to the environment. However, the longer it gets exposed to the environment, the more likely it is to break down into tiny plastics. These tiny plastics absorbs persistent organic pollutants which can cause problems like reproductive problem and endocrine disruptors.
  • heavy metals – causes all types of cancer and diseases. If you are interested, read about it here.
  • chlorine – at high concentrations this substance impairs our lungs and respiratory system
  • formaldehyde – this causes cancer in humans. Typically it’s used to preserve corpses.
  • colophonium – this is usually used as inks. It can cause skin allergies and irritations.
  • azo-pigments – Some of the azo-pigments are toxic and they are considered mutagens. Mutagens basically means it can mutate DNA material. As you know, too much mutation usually ends up as cancer.
  • substances harmful to the environment – self explanatory

The above chemicals are usually used in diapers due to production biproducts or ease of use. To be able to avoid all of that is definitely a plus.

That’s All Good, But Some Changes Have Happened


It’s time to talk about the bad part. I just mentioned all the good sides of Bambo Nature diapers. Nobody likes change, unless that change benefits everybody of course. However, their changes got a lot of people angry. Let me show you.

Here is what one user has mentioned in amazon comments:

bambo nature changes four star

She has experience using Bambo Nature diapers before, so she obviously knows what she is talking about. She liked them just like everybody else. Despite the cost of using it, she’s been a loyal fan. That’s why it’s very clear to her as to what kind of changes have happened, and how it affects her baby.

She also mentioned that:

bambo nature changes four star part 2

You can read the above comment in full on amazon here.

The conclusion is that these diapers used to do better before. They made their diapers thinner and smaller than before. Don’t get me wrong though. They are still friendly to the environment, and has no chemicals like they promised, but they are no longer as efficient as before.

There are other problems also. It seems that there is a problem with their designs which makes their diapers stick to babies’ bottom.

Here is a comment that mentioned that:

bambo nature stick to bottom

Having diapers stick to your baby’s bottom doesn’t sound very comfortable. In fact, the only way I can think of to “peel off” the diaper is to wet it and rub it off. That sounds very inefficient because we are all trying our best to keep our baby’s bottom dry.

To make it worst, another comment mentioned poop leaks:

bambo nature poop leak

I know you are looking for diapers that are safe for your baby and mother earth, but the purpose of diapers is to be absorbent. If it doesn’t do it’s job, you might as well go back to using Pampers.

How Capable Is It Right Now?


According to some reviewers, recently these diapers are being very leaky:

bambo recent bad reviews

I am sure these diapers are still good to use considering how there are still good reviews. However, the change mentioned before is definitely suspicious which makes you wonder if it’s worth paying the extra cost just to get these diapers.

Conclusion- Should you get them?


Bambo Nature might’ve been rated by babygearlab to be the number one eco-friendly diaper, but that rating was based on their research done and publish in May 2014. Two years have passed and a lot of things have changed.

Nowadays there are lots of complaints. The following are the complaints I have come across so far:

  1. They are expensive (actually that has always been the complaint)
  2. They stick to your baby’s bottom (this causes diaper rashes because of the moisture)
  3. Poop explosions (diaper blowouts through the back or out the leg)
  4. Thinner (implying poorer quality)

However, they still do have good points. Even though they have the above poor qualities, they still have their good points:

  1. They are definitely environmental friendly
  2. They have no harmful chemicals
  3. They are certified and have several certificates to back them up
  4. They are quite soft so it’s not rough on delicate skin

Let’s be real here. It is important to think about the future and mother earth whatever you do, but sometimes it’s impossible. Personally, I occasionally use disposable cups, and plates when I party. I also use too much toilet paper to wipe my butt. However, I do recycle my plastic food containers, and I try to control my electric and water usage even when I am not at home.

The point I am getting is that we all make mistakes from time to time. When you need to use something, you simply have to. I am using pampers swaddlers for my baby right now. Pampers is most definitely your typical environmental friendly diaper.

It’s not that I don’t think about our planet and its future. It’s that I have trouble trusting these so called “green diapers” out there right now. The whole purpose of a diaper is to prevent making a mess everywhere. No matter how environment friendly a diaper is, if it doesn’t work then there is no point to even try.

That’s why I have decided. Instead of wasting my resources finding these so called “perfect diapers”, I have decided to stick to Pampers Swaddlers. They are not environmentally friendly, but then again, I am not planning on using them for long. I will try to potty train my baby girl as soon as possible.

No matter what kind of disposable diaper you use, it will eventually end up in the landfill. Instead of thinking about how to fill up your land with extra “green diapers” you might as well use less diapers in general and potty train your little one. Buy a diaper that is known to be efficient and works, and then stick to it.

It’s up to you if you still want to try Bambo Nature.  If you are willing to spend the extra money, it will definitely help our planet a little bit. If you want less headaches then simply stick to Pampers Swaddlers and potty train your little one early. I hope you enjoyed the read. Thank you.