Can You Return Diapers At Walmart?

walmartIt depends on which Walmart you go to. Even though the policy for Walmart is the same everywhere, every branch follows their policy differently. In the end, it depends on whether the staff at the branch you visit are nice or not. However, if you fulfill certain requirements, any Walmart branch is obligated to help you whether they like it or not.

Obviously you won’t fulfill some of these requirements if your diapers were a gift from somebody else. Even though it’s true that if you got your diapers as a gift, it will be a bit harder to return or exchange your diapers at Walmart, but it can still be done. Just read on to learn more. Some of the requirements are:

  • Having the receipt of your diaper purchase
  • Having the diaper boxes unopened
  • Have an ID with you (if you have no receipt)

If you want to read their full return policy, you can read it here.

If You Have Your Receipt This Will Be Much Easier

Walmart will allow you to return your diapers if you have your receipt. However, there’s still a 90 day time limit. Some of the branches are nice and understanding and they will help you even if you go past the 90 day limit a little bit. If they are unwilling to let your return your diapers for cash, or store credit, then see if you can settle for a diaper exchange for a different size, or a different brand diapers. The key is to ask.

If you received your diapers as a gift then you most likely won’t have a receipt. Ask the person who gifted you for a receipt. If he ordered online then ask for his e-mail address. However, if you don’t have a receipt or an email, then expect the worst scenario.

Keep in Mind To Not Open The Your Boxes

If you have an opened box of diapers, then there’s a big chance that they won’t allow you to return your diapers, whether you have a receipt or not. But then again, that really depends on which Walmart you reach out to. Sometimes that’s not true especially if you only used one or two diapers, and your baby got a rash from it. Tell them your situation. It’s all about honesty.

If you don’t have a receipt, then at least have your ID ready. Some branches of Walmart will actually allow you to exchange your diapers. However, you only get to return 3 items within a half year without your receipt. There’s also a $50 limit per return. Don’t jump from one Walmart branch to a different Walmart branch to avoid the $50 limit. All Walmarts are connected by one computer system, so scanning your ID will reveal how many refunds you made in the past months.

They have their reasons for not accepting an opened box of diapers. Lets say somebody else accidentally contaminated a box of diapers then returned it. The next baby that uses it will get hurt from it.

After that, it all depends on their willingness and readiness to help you. It’s true that once you return those diapers, they most likely won’t resell them, and eat up the loss. However, that’s how business works. It’s a risk that Walmart will have to deal with like other businesses in our society.

When Unsure, Call Them First

Before you pack up all your boxes diapers into your trunk, give your specific Walmart branch a call first. Some branches are nice and some are not. In other words, don’t simply drive to your closest Walmart and expect a miracle.

You can call their main branch at this number 1-800-925-6278 and let them transfer you to your specific walmart branch, or you can always look them up on google maps.

A lot of people try different Walmarts before they find one that is willing to help them. You should do that too.

If It Doesn’t Work Out, Then Donate Your Diapers

If you really can’t find any Walmart to accept your fresh boxes of diapers, then donate them. Donating is not a bad idea, because you can ask for a receipt for tax deductions purposes. Technically, that’s a win – win situation. You also help out some people who can’t afford diapers which is pretty awesome too.

Sometimes, There Are More Uses To Diapers Than You Think

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