The Causes And Signs of Yeast Infection

diaper rashHow Do You Know It’s Really Yeast Infection?

Before you go out there to buy a diaper rash cream for yeast infection, you better confirm it first. There are other causes for rashes other than yeast infection. Yeast infection normally grow on areas with lots of moisture, like for example:

  • the folds of the skin
  • inner thigh area
  • genital area (sexual organ)
  • almost never on the butt

Rash caused by yeast infection might look red, bumpy, rough to the touch. It might even have fluid under the rash. You will also notice a lot of small red ball looking bumps around the rash. This is known as satellite pustules according to emedicine health. Yeast infection also stays for more than two days.

What Causes Yeast Infection?

Yeast infection can be caused by antibiotics (or in other words, medicine used to kill bacteria). This could be because the mother is taking antibiotics  or the baby is taking antibiotics. When mother’s take antibiotics, good and bacteria are killed in her body. Normally yeast grows on our body naturally without causing any harm.

However, yeast infection can’t happen because the area on your body is full of good bacteria guarding against it. Your baby can also get yeast infection because the mother on antibiotics is feeding her baby breast milk. Breast milk contains the antibiotics that you are taking so your baby will be indirectly taking antibiotics also.

Another reason is because the diapers you gave to your baby has been dirty or wet for too long. Yeast grows very well with enough warmth and moisture (for example, pee and poop).

Change Your Baby’s Diapers More Often To Prevent Yeast Infection

Antibiotics is not the only cause for yeast infection for your baby. It’s also caused by laziness. This is especially true if you are using cloth diapers on your baby, because cloth diapers don’t absorb moisture as well as disposable diapers. With that extra moisture, yeast will grow rather easily on your baby.

On the other hand, parents are also overconfident in disposable diapers. Just because a diaper can hold up to five times it’s weight, doesn’t mean that the surface in contact with your baby’s skin is dry. It might already be wet or smelly beyond belief. It is very stressful to constantly change diapers for your baby. However, it’s more stressful to see your baby having ugly reddish yeast infection all over her cute little legs.

If your baby already has yeast infection, then try to let your baby play around with no diapers for now. The skin on her bottom actually needs more oxygen, and less dampness. Just put something waterproof on the floor for her to play on. If you want to put powder on your baby’s skin to prevent the moisture, then use powder that is not cornstarch or talcum.

No cornstarch because the yeast might actually feed on it and grow stronger. No talcum (or baby powder), because if you weren’t careful, you can actually cause your baby to have breathing problems.

Since your baby’s skin is already irritated, you shouldn’t get diaper rash cream that can irritate her skin more.

Get The Right Kind Of Diaper Rash Cream

If you ever suspect yeast infection, you should really consult your doctor first, so you can gain insight on everything you have to be careful about. In the worst case scenario, you will most likely need your doctor’s prescription to get an antifungal cream. The best kind of diaper rash cream you can choose on your own is the natural kind. In other words, no chemicals.

According to, you should try a cream that contains calendula and tea tree oil.

What is Calendula?

According to Wikipedia, Calendula is a flower with a long history of being used as a medicine to speed healing and stop infection. You can also eat it like a salad

What is Tea Tree Oil?

According to Wikipedia, tea tree oil is toxic when ingested. In other words, don’t let anyone swallow it. It’s only meant to be used on the skin. Also use tea tree oil with caution and at extremely low concentrations. The reason is because it might cause skin irritation for some people.

You should also apply water barrier on your baby’s butt like petroleum jelly so that the yeast infection doesn’t worsen.

The Best Thing To Do Is Still Prevention

In the future, remember to change your baby’s diapers more often. Even though yeast infection is not that big of a deal, but it can be stressful for your little one. This is especially true if your baby has a weak immune system, so it’s easy for her to be infected. In the future, remember to change your baby’s diapers more often.

This is especially true when your baby starts eating solid foods. The reason is because solid  poop might contain a lot of germs. If you want to take it a step further, then potty train your little one early. Without a diaper holding in extra moisture, your little one will most likely not get yeast infections.

If you have any question about diaper rash cream or yeast infections, then please leave it in the comment section below.