diaper rashMy Story…

Diaper rashes seemed pretty scary to me back when I was taking care of my baby sister eighteen years ago. Her little bottom turned red with patches. Later I found out the reason is because I left her diaper on for too long without changing it, so her pee and poop started developing rashes on her skin. Diaper rash is also known as diaper dermatitis according to Wikipedia.

Fast forwarding eighteen years later…

I have an sixteen year old baby now and, I won’t allow myself to make the same mistakes as before. Diaper rashes can either be caused by what I described in the scenario earlier, or chemicals in some brands of diapers like bleach, dye, fragrances or other chemicals. Baby skin is very tender so chemicals will easily irritate it.

Tell me your story

Every baby is different so every baby will have their own problems. If your baby has some kind of rash caused by diapers, then please share it with us. I am sure it would be great help for all the parents who are going through the same problem. Just leave it in the comment section below, and I will also investigate it myself.

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