Why Did I Make This Earth’s Best Diaper Review?

Since my baby girl was born, I’ve been using Pampers Swaddlers and Huggies diapers. I didn’t simply choose them out of popularity. I literally did months of research before I settled for them.

These two are the top brands out there, so most parents are already pretty familiar with it. They have practically never failed me, but Huggies didn’t quite work out with my little one, so now I am a sole Pampers user right now.

Pampers have been used by the hospitals for a long time for their reliability. These  diapers are excellent and don’t give my daughter any problems like rashes. They also hold urine and poop very well with almost never any leaks. I really do love them, but recently, a friend of mine brought something up to my attention, and now I want even more out of a diaper.

No matter how good Pampers diapers are, they are still a type of disposable diaper. If it’s a disposable diaper, then it is causing damage to the mother earth we live on right now.

A friend of mine told me that the planet is having a lot of problems right now. Other than the hole in atmosphere, we are also having landfill problems. In other words, humans like us are throwing away too much garbage that can not be degraded back to soil properly.

What this means is that we will eventually run out of space to live in because of all that garbage, and we will also run out of good land to plant crops since the garbage we disposed of can not become soil to grow those plants.

It turns out that one major contribution to that problem are disposable diapers. The reason is because diapers are not made to be biodegradable so once they end up in the landfill, it will take at least one hundred years for it to degrade back into the soil. Since most of us can’t live long enough for that to matter, we are basically dumping the responsibility on our descendants.

I thought that sounds horrible so I decided to check out environmentally friendly diapers. Earth’s best was the first diaper I came across in my research.

Why Did I Choose Earth Best’s Diapers to Review First?

rice cereal

This brand is one of the more popular brands out there  and a lot of people I know uses it.  The funny thing is that I came across this brand first as a rice cereal, not diapers.  My wife’s friend recommended it so I gave it a try on my little Lilyanna . She finished the whole batch without any complaints.

Since my daughter likes Earth’s Best rice cereal so much, then their diapers can’t be too bad, or so I thought. These diapers  do not have chlorine, perfume or dyes in them. That sounds good enough, so I got into my research.

I researched thoroughly on the internet and boy was I surprised.  Unlike their rice cereal, it turns out these diapers have a lot of flaws.

These Diapers Aren’t As Healthy As You Think

not healthy

Corn is one of the ingredients used to make the absorbent layer of their diapers. Their corn material is possibly made of GMO (genetically modified organism) corn. They never claimed their diapers to be GMO free. If they are not confident enough to claim that, then you can pretty much assume that it has GMO.

What’s wrong with GMO you ask me? Nothing really. When GMO was being experimented with back then, the idea is that it can be used as a technique to produce healthier food, and more efficient growing. However, nowadays, GMO is really used to make the plants more pesticide resistant.

Pesticides are used in order to kill off all the insects in the field so that they don’t eat the crops.  In other words, if the corn used to make Earth’s Best diapers are pesticide resistant, then the farmers can pretty much spray as much as they want.

This is okay if pesticides don’t do harm to the human body. However, the problem is that it does cause health damage. Pesticides are actually carcinogenic, which means that exposures to high levels of it can lead to cancer.

Well, hopefully, they cleaned out most of the pesticides before they made their corn into diapers, or else this childrens wearing those diapers will be sitting on pesticides all day long.

Currently, Earth’s Best is being owned by Hain Celestial Group. According to Wikipedia, Hain Celestial group is actually being sued for mislabeling their products as “organic”. The reason they are being sued is because their personal products have too much pesticides in it

A lot of people claim that using these diapers have given their little one lots of rashes even though they supposed to be hypoallergenic (this is an unregulated word so companies can define it however they like).  I looked further into the reason as to why these diapers cause rashes. The reason is because they use wheat  in their diapers. Little kids allergic to gluten in the wheat will not be able to  handle it.

They Might Not Be Healthy, But Do They Work?


They leak a lot.  As mentioned earlier, these diapers are made of corn and wheat. This is probably why the diapers are extremely stiff. It’s a cool idea if it works because at least it’s not made of something that has a weird chemical name, but the truth is, it doesn’t work.

I also noticed that these diapers puff up really easily once the diaper is wet.  This could also be one of the reasons why these diapers leak so much. The good thing about puffing up easily is that you can easily tell that the diaper is wet . This brings me to the next problem.

These diapers do not have a wetness indicator. Technically if you have experience as a parent you can actually detect a babies diaper whether it’s wet or not by using the squeeze test to see if it’s full. However I never got very good at doing that so  for me that’s a really big problem.  The problem is that I don’t know what’s the right timing to change my babies diapers.

I don’t really want to wait till last moment to change my baby’s diaper.  The reason is because that will cause diaper rashes no matter how good the diaper is because the wetness are overflowing back onto her skin .

However if I change the diaper too early then I would be wasting a lot of money. I am not a rich person so this is definitely not the right way to go either.

Of course if you have the insight of detecting whether a babies diaper is full or not then this is only a minor issue for you .

Another minor complaint is that these diapers have no umbilical cord cut.  In other words it’s a notch  designed  to  prevent the diaper from touching the  umbilical cord. For experienced parents it’s  no big deal, but for new parents it’s a problem.

A solution to that is to fold the front of the diaper down to compromise. But then again, most diaper brands out there nowadays don’t require you to take this extra step.

Fitting is another problem. These diapers also have a really weird design . If you have skinny baby then these diapers might not be right for you because there they feel kind of boxy and they down contour to the body.  This might be another reason why they leak.

Another problem is that some parents noticed a very strong chemical smell when these diapers are wet with urine.  Even though they  claim to be bleach, fragrance, and dye free,  there might be something in there that is causing this smell.

It’s also possible that  having this  smell in diapers is normal. Other brand diapers might be using some kind of chemicals to hide this  smell so this is debatable.

Nevertheless their claims of being chemical free might not be completely true.

 Should You Still Try Them ?


This diaper was really popular back then because it was one of the most affordable green diapers.  However, a lot of things have changed including the price and the quality of the diaper.

Every baby is different so this diaper might work for you.  You just never know.  Try it in a small batch if you are really curious about environmentally friendly diapers.

They are still made in the United States so their standards and quality still have to follow a certain minimum requirement. Some people claim that these diapers are made in Mexico but that is not true. Check out their historical chart here to see for yourself.

Well the conclusion is unless you are downright desperate or else you should move on and try something else better with your money. You might be trying to do something for the planet, but the truth is, environmentally diapers will still have trouble degrading back into our natural resources.

The reason is because landfill have garbage compressed together. If there’s no air entering the garbage, then it won’t degrade properly anyway. A disposable diaper is still a disposable diaper as an end result, not matter how environmentally friendly they claim to be.

If you really want to help out mother earth then potty train your little one early. Check out this article here to find out more.