How I Encountered Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

My daughter is currently six months old. Recently she has been biting a lot more even though she doesn’t have any teeth yet. This pretty much means that she will be teething soon if not later. Without wasting a minute, I searched the internet for the next best thing for her.

What exactly am I looking for? Teethers of course. In other words, something for her to bite on until her teeth fully appears when she smiles. At first I thought that was not too important, however I realized later that she can’t control herself from biting everything that she sees. My wife feeling the effects of that more than me because she is breastfeeding. She’s going through a lot of pain because my daughter won’t stop biting her.

I have found a lot of results on the internet. People have successfully used a lot of things that I would never have suspected to be even close to help relieve painful teething. Some of these things requires money to buy. Some of the other things only requires you to use what you already have in your house. Baltic amber teething necklace was one of them. More on that later.

First Try The Free Teething Reliefs

One thing you should be aware of is that there are already lot of teething tools you can use in your house for absolutely free. I’ll go by them one by one. Here are some examples:

  • Spoon – It’s shiny and it gets cold easily. When your baby gets achy gums, nothing feels better than a nice little chill. Freeze your spoon in the freezer, then let your baby play with it. She would love it. She also can’t choke over it since most spoons are super long.
  • Your finger – Your finger actually does wonders when she bites on it. Just make sure it’s clean and make sure you can tolerate the pain of her tightening her jaws on you. If you want to go the extra mile then dip your finger in ice cold water first before applying to your baby. The water should be clean of course.
  • Frozen cloth – Get any 100 % cotten cloth, wet it and chill it in the freezer. Lets your baby chew on it all she wants. She would love it.
  • Ice cubes – If you just give your baby an ice cube, it would be too cold, trigger a choking hazard and she won’t be able to hold onto it. Put it in the cotton cloth and then tie a knot. Now it’s a safe teether for her to play with.
  • Big hard toys – There are lots of toys your baby can bite on. She would especially like toys with rough surfaces for extra relief. More on this later.

Is it Worth Your Money to Buy Teethers?

Is it worth the extra hour, effort and money to buy teethers for your cute little one? Yes and no. If you are going to buy amber teething necklace then I recommend you not to do it. If you want to try other kinds of teethers then maybe its a good idea. More on that later. There might be parents that swear by amber teething necklaces out there, but there are too many risks that outweighs the benefits of it. Here are some of the risks:

  • It’s a choking hazard – Little children tend to put almost anything in their mouth. A necklace is no exception. Amber teething necklaces are actually a bunch of beads tied together into a necklace. If your child accidentally breaks a piece of it off and puts it into her mouth, then she is guaranteed to choke. Even if you watch her all the time, there’s no guarantee that there isn’t a “moment” where you turn your back and she hurts herself.
  • It can strangle her – Your children can barely control their hand eye coordination right now. There’s no guarantee that she won’t accidentally cause the necklace to tighten around her neck and choke herself to death.
  • Plenty of fakes – Unless you know a true amber expert yourself, there’s really no guarantee that you will find the real amber teething necklace. There are lots of imitations that are actually plastic with absolutely no benefits, other than to look pretty. Your little one won’t be calmed by plastic. Here’s a review on amazon to prove it:amber teething necklace
  • Nobody experimented on its effectiveness – There is no scientific evidence that proves amber teething necklaces work. The rumors being spread out there is that amber teething necklaces contains succinic acid that gets released into the  bloodstream after staying in constant contact with your child’s skin. This succinic acid is said to have pain relieving effect.  This one might matter to some parents and not matter to others. It’s very true that a lot of good stuff out there are not explainable by science currently and they still work to help people. Acupuncture is a good example. It’s just insertion of stainless steel needles yet people get better from it. No science can explain it. However, amber teething necklace is a different story. Acupuncture has gone through double blind trials to tests it’s effectiveness, but no experiments have ever been done on the necklaces. The point I am getting at is that acupuncture was effective enough for people to actually put in the effort to conduct experiments with it. On the other hand, amber teething necklaces have such unclear effects that nobody even bothers to experiment with it to prove its efficacy.

Teething Toys Are Much Better

There are plenty of teething toys being sold on the market right now. They are colorful and safe for your child to play with. As mentioned earlier, the whole point of these teethers is to sooth the painful gums that your child is suffering through right now. Some people use doctor prescribed medications to help their child, but I highly recommend against that unless it’s an emergency like a fever.

You should make sure that the teether you buy sticks to the following standards:

  • It should be BPA free
  • It should phthlates free
  • It should be PVC free
  • It should big and long so that your baby does not choke on it.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments section below.