Good baby diapers are more than just diapers. They become a part of your life. What you need are high quality diapers if you want baby time to be more enjoyable and fun. Do not assume that quality diapers are always more expensive. Sometimes, it could be the other way around. There are diapers out there that are expensive, but do not function as a quality diaper.

An example this kind of expensive diaper would be the Honest company diapers. They put a lot of effort into making good looking diapers. However, it feels like they spend more time marketing their diapers and making it look nice rather than making it function better. What is the point of diaper if it does not absorb messes? They are also much more expensive compared to quality brand name diapers like pampers swaddlers.

If price is not a good indicator of quality then what is a good indicator? Even if it sounds a bit abstract, a quality diaper should make your life convenient. As a parent, there are millions of things to worry about, and the reliability of your diapers should not be one of them. It should be taken for granted, because your baby gets involved. What qualities should a high quality diaper have?

Make Sure They Are Comfortable

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Your baby’s comfort comes first, because she will be the one wearing it twenty four hours a day. When your baby is comfortable, you will enjoy quality time with her. This might seem simple, but it is very important. Babies can not talk, so she will resort to crying for every little thing. If she is uncomfortable in her diapers all the time, imagine how much extra work you have to go through to make her feel calm.

When she is comfortable, she has one less reason to be fussy. Make sure you get comfortable diapers like the one my baby daughter uses. It is the soft, and extremely absorbent pampers swaddlers. It is all you can ask for in a quality diaper.

Pampers have a big variety of diapers. Some of them are seriously full of crap. Some of them are simply alright. However, the pampers swaddlers is about the best you can find in the diaper world. They are so soft and comfortable, and it literally feels like very soft clothing. They have some flaws, but you don’t have to worry about that before your baby starts crawling. If you want to know more about pampers swaddlers, read about it here. Softness is not their only merit, they are also extremely absorbent.


leak yellow

This is one of the most important qualities in a diaper. I still ranked it second in terms of importance here, but It impacts a lot of things like:

  • keeping your baby as clean as possible
  • keeping your baby dry (reduces chances of infection and diaper rashes)
  • keeping your baby clothes as clean and dry as possible – this reduces the chances of doing extra laundry
  • changing less diapers throughout the day – less diapers to buy and less diapers to change

This is why cheap diapers like walmart brand diapers are not worth your money. You will spend a lot more because they would leak all the time. It is not any better than buying a roll of bounty and wrapping it on your baby’s butt.

However, even though quality diapers can prevent leaks and blowouts most of the time, accidents still happens even if you are using powerful diapers like pampers swaddlers. Nobody wants these accidents, but when they happen, they happen. For example:

  • you wrapped your baby’s diaper incorrectly therefore leading to a leak
  • you waited too long to change a diaper (usually four hours or more) leading to a leak
  • your baby is sick so she has runny diarrhea (very easy to leak no matter what diaper you use)
  • your baby or your baby’s breastfeeding mother ate too much fruit (also leads to diarrhea)

There are other reasons for blowouts too. If you are interested, read about blowouts here

Some parents might throw in the towel and say, “even the best diapers leak, so why bother buying better quality diapers, when I can use the same money to buy more cheap diapers in bulk?”. Let me tell you. You are right. You can just buy the cheapest diapers in bulk and use it like you are using water. However, whether you want to do that or not depends on the type of lifestyle you are looking for.

It is kind of like some guys I know who prefers to buy expensive cars over cheap cars. We all know that cars will lose value once you start driving on the road, so isn’t it illogical to purchase expensive cars? Some ladies I know would prefer to buy the more expensive makeup instead of the low priced makeup set they can find in their local stores. We all know that makeup is simply a bunch of colors you add to the face. So why bother buying the more expensive ones? Instead of driving to work, or taking a train, people can wake up a couple of hours earlier and walk to work. The sky’s the limit. People can always go for the slightly downgraded option. So why don’t everybody do just that?

The reason is simple. It makes your life better, easier, and everything is more convenient to choose options that are more efficient. As I mentioned earlier, cheap diapers do not absorb very well. If you decide to use them, you will have to change your baby’s diapers more, most likely a lot more. Not to mention, it will most likely not absorb everything she pees or poops out overnight.

Imagine that your baby had a blowout in the middle of the night. Your baby starts crying like crazy because that is her only viable form of communication. You force yourself to wake up to check on her or both of you won’t be going back to sleep. You checked her diapers to see what is wrong just to notice this sludge that ran up her back. Some of it even soaked through onto the bed sheets she is laying on.

Fortunately, the mattress is waterproof so you can just wipe it clean later. You carefully removed your baby’s clothes, but accidentally got a little poop on her hair. You have no choice but to give her another bath. After two hours of work, you got your baby dressed, and your baby fell asleep in her crib once more. You also pre-soaked her poop stained clothes with baby friendly detergents, hopefully that it does not stay brownish yellow permanently.

Seriously, that is a big load of work. Accidents like this still happen when you use a good diaper. However it does not happen that often. For non-absorbent diapers, you can almost literally go through that blowout scenario every single day. My daughter is currently twenty months old and she has been using pampers swaddlers since day one.

I can count the amount of blowouts she had with one hand. As for pee leaks, I can barely recall it happening at all. We also change her diapers roughly four to five times a day. The reason is because we push her to drink as much fluids as she can tolerate.

For diapers like pampers swaddlers, this kind of quality is taken for granted. On the other hand, there have been testimonies out there claiming that cheap diapers push parents to change baby diapers up ten to twenty times a day. That sounds like a lot of work. Not to mention, there are extra leaks and blowouts to worry about due to lack of absorbency.

If doing double the work and wasting big piles of diapers is your thing then go ahead and buy whatever diaper you want. However, if you want to save yourself some headache then get pampers swaddlers for your baby. My daughter uses it and I enjoy quality time with her everyday.

Cost effective

Cost is definitely important when choosing a good diaper. However, the other qualities I mentioned earlier takes priority. As I mentioned in the beginning, quality diapers doesn’t necessarily make you go bankrupt. There are plenty of options out there that helps you save a lot of money without compromising your baby’s butt, your baby’s clothes, your sleep, and your energy.

First let’s talk about the options for disposable diapers. On Amazon, if you join prime for $100 per year (comes out to be roughly $8 per month), you can save 20% on baby products. You know that you will be needing diapers, baby wipes, baby clothes every single day for roughly two years and more, so this is the best deal you can get.

There are also subscribe and save options on Amazon that gives you an extra 5% saving on top of the 20% saving you get from prime. With this amount of savings you can buy the diapers that you want without compromising your life. Do not be fooled by cheap price tags and use your money strategically and wisely. You don’t deserve suffering while taking care of your baby.

Many people are tempted to cut corners by purchasing the cheapest diapers they can possibly find. However, do not forget that if your diapers are crappy, you will be:

  • ending up changing more diapers than necessary, assuming your baby is drinking normal amounts of fluid (which means more money)
  • paying more visits to the doctor for skin rashes(which wastes your time and money)
  • buying and using extra diaper rash cream to compensate for the rashes (more spending here)
  • more laundry and powerful baby friendly laundry detergent needed(due to diaper leaks and blowouts)
  • throwing away cute baby clothes because they permanently stained with poop
  • more stress that you could have avoided by buying better diapers

As you can see here, some costs are hidden. You might thought that you got a great deal when you purchase cheap diapers in bulk. However, you are literally doing that at your own risk. Do no be fooled by the extra diapers you get and feel that you got a bonus. You are simply purchasing more diapers to waste rather than to use.

What about cloth diapers? Cloth diapers sounds like a viable option right? You just need to pay a one time expensive upfront cost and you are set for many children to come. Not to mention it is claimed to be more environmentally friendly compared to disposable diapers.

However, none of those claims are true. As I explained in my article about cloth diapers, they are definitely not more environmentally friendly compared to disposable diapers. Unless you buy only prefold diapers and water covers for them, you are actually paying more for your cloth diapers. The more classy cloth diapers like the all-in-one diapers or hybrids are way more expensive, and they do not last forever.

The button downed cloth diapers might last through several of your children. However, they are inflexible in terms of sizing so there is a high chance you have to deal with more leaks and blowouts with these.

For the velcro types of cloth diapers, the velcro will wear out within a year after many washing, so you will have to purchase new ones again. Cloth diapering is a huge topic so I want discuss all of it here. If you want to learn more about cloth diapers, read about it here. One word of advice is that it is not worth the effort unless price, extra work, and extra laundry is not a problem for you. After you got the type of diapers you want, it is time to think of diaper bags.

Diaper Bags

Diaper bags might seem to be an expensive extra piece of equipment. However, it is actually pretty important. It is the major tool you will need outdoors to keep everything organized so that you can find whatever you need fast. As you take care of your baby more, you will realize how annoying it is when you can’t find something immediately. The role of the diaper bag is be sure that you can find everything when you need it the most.

There are some situations where a normal bag would suffice as a “diaper bag”. That would usually be the ideal situation. For example, you head out on a trip and your baby is mostly asleep during the day, no blowouts happened, and everything went smoothly. In this kind of ideal situation, bringing any bag with you would have worked out.

Unfortunately, reality can be cruel. At one point or another, you will have to deal with blowouts when you are with your baby outdoors. Blowouts happens randomly so they are usually the nightmare of most parents.

This is what my buddy went through when he was using crappy diaper bags. One of his twins had the worst blowout ever. He was frantically searching for his baby wipes with one hand while holding down his squirmy, poop filled twin with his other hand. His baby was struggling and kicking as if she is going through some kind torturing ritual. After that incident, my buddy began using the diaper bag that I am using. After you got your diaper bag, let me give you some tips.

Never Buy Too Many Diapers

No matter how good a diaper is, never buy too many in bulk. This especially applies to diapers that are sized P, N, 1, and 2. These sizes are usually newborn sizes. Babies outgrow these stages really fast. They can usually outgrow size N within two to three weeks. For some babies, it might happen even faster. Just buy one box of each and that’s it. If you bought extra ones by mistake, make sure you do not open them so that you can exchange or return them.

If you want to learn more about returning them, you can read about how to return diapers to walmart. Even if you did not order from walmart, I showed you other ways to deal with the extra diapers that you can no longer use.

Other Kinds Of Diapers

There are also other kinds of diapers that you don’t use on a daily basis. They are for special occasions only. A good example of that would be swimming diapers.

Swimming Diapers

Swimming diapers are meant to be used at the pool or the beach. You might be wondering how swimming diapers actually work. You probably imagine them to be waterproof on the outside while the inside absorbs whatever mess your baby delivers.

However, that is absolutely not true. Swimming diapers are not waterproof. Sure, like all diapers they have a waterproof exterior plastic. However, they can not stop water from pool or beach from seeping into the diaper core itself.

You might be wondering what is the purpose of these diapers then if pool/beach water can seep inside?I explained this thoroughly in the article where I compared Huggies and Pampers diapers. The main purpose of swimm diapers is to prevent poop from leaking out of the diapers. If you want to learn more about how that works, click here.

Slip on Diapers

For babies that refuses to lay down for their diaper change, something called slip on diapers has been invented. They are simply pre-folded diapers that you can help your baby wear while she is standing up. You do not have to purchase these if you don’t want to.

These are totally optional. If you potty trained early or if your baby is always cooperative during a diaper change then you do not need these. However, if you want to learn more about them anyway, you can read about it here.

Training Pants

Training pants are special diapers that allows you to open or tear off at the moment’s notice so that your child learns to use the potty or bathroom. It designed to let your child get out of them as quickly as possible.

They seem very similar to diapers like huggies little movers slip ons. There are claims out there that training pants are less absorbent than slip on diapers. They are also designed to look and function like underwear with very little liquid absorption abilities.

Personally, I didn’t buy them for my daughter and I am not buying them in the future either. These training pants has practically no liquid absorption capability. In other words, the do not serve a purpose. Their claim is that they help the baby “feel their wetness better”. I do not see how that is different from just letting your baby go butt naked.

In fact, potty training with your baby butt naked is better. She can see and tell that she is about to pee and poop. You can also rush her to the bathroom faster if she is willing to go. Of course, you will have trade off of cleaning up more messes. Try to let her play more on top of waterproof mattresses or simply clean the floor more often. Potty training has to start somewhere.


Good baby diapers are comfortable, absorbent, and fairly priced. If you do not know where to start, pampers swaddlers is the way to go. Once your baby starts crawling, you will have to get huggies little movers to assist the swaddlers you bought.

Whether it is disposable diapers or cloth diapers, neither of them do any good to the environment. Your best bet is to potty train your child early so you use less diapers or less water and electricity.

If you ever get confused as to what diapers to choose, read my review on my comparison between Huggies diapers and Pampers diapers. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section below.