Are Honest Diapers Right For You?

Honest diapers have been around for a very short time since their creation by a famous actress. Their promise in the beginning is to make sure that the diapers are beautiful, safe for the children, good for the environment, and affordable. Unfortunately, almost none of these promises were honored except for the beauty part. Unless getting the most beautiful diapers is your goal, you probably won’t be purchasing these diapers for practical purposes.

I have heard of Honest company a couple of times. It mainly came to my attention when my wife purchased their baby bath soap. Not too long later, it came to my awareness recently that they sell diapers also. In the beginning I was a bit misleaded by their brand name. The reason is because”Honest” really does sound like a name that you can trust yourself to. However, later on, I found out that they are not as trustworthy as their name claims to be.

First of all, they are not environmentally friendly
They claim to be environmentally friendly diapers. Generally, products around the world have that claim because they are biodegradable. Unfortunately, their reason for being environmentally friendly doesn’t isn’t because they are biodegradable.
Being biodegradable means that the waste products will turn back into something useful like soil to be used to grow plants and crops. An example of something biodegradable would be something like 100% cotton clothing. If you bury this shirt in the ground for a year or so, theoretically, the microorganisms (like bacteria and fungi for example) will break it down into dirt. This dirt can be used as nutrients for plants like apple trees, and potatoes for example.

If honest diapers aren’t biodegradable, then how are they environmentally friendly?
The reason they are even considered good for mother earth is because they use sustainable resources to produce their diapers without cutting down too many trees. In other words, they are growing more trees than they are cutting down. This is important for environmental friendliness, but many cheaper, and better diapers like bambo nature and earth’s best diapers contains even more eco-friendly benefits.

Are Honest Diapers Good For Sensitive Skin?

They have wheat in them
As mentioned before, if your baby has allergies to wheat, or something like celiac disease, then this diaper is definitely no good for you. If you really need something that is wheat free, try bambo nature’s diapers.

Honest diapers also claims that their diapers have no latex.

That might sound like they are putting a lot of thought into their products. Even though it sounds like common sense to take latex out, but latex itself isn’t that harmful.

Latex normally triggers allergic reactions because it contains impurities. The reason latex contains impurities is because it is made from natural tree rubber. If you purified latex then you will not have any allergic reactions.

Another method to make latex that doesn’t cause allergic reactions is to synthetically make it. Since it is artificial, then there is no chance that impurities can come with it in the first place. An example of this kind of diaper would the pampers swaddlers. This is why I have never heard of people babies being allergic to pampers swaddlers due to latex allergies. They are still the number one choice among hospitals afterall. Of course, synthetic latex is not as strong as natural latex, but we are talking about one time use disposable diapers here, so that doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day, even though Honest diapers took out latex, it doesn’t mean they are better for your baby.

Honest diapers also claims to not have chlorine processing or chemical bleaches in their production of diapers. The reason this matters because dioxins are biproducts of bleaching and they cause cancer. However, according to this scientific study, even though dioxin exists in a lot of disposable diapers, the quantity is such low concentration that you probably get a million times more in your food anyway, specifically, at least 30,000 times more dioxins are found in food compared to diapers.

Honest also claim that their diapers are not made with fragrances or lotions.
If that is actually true, then really does matter a lot. Some children are extremely sensitive to fragrances and lotions in diapers.Instead of using that, Honest thought of using odor blockers that comes from citrus or chlorophyll (these come from plants).

So what has Honest company promised for their diapers?

  • No dioxins or bleach related stuff
  • No latex
  • No fragrances or lotions
  • Make diapers by growing more trees than they are cutting

If this is enough to have you convinced into buying their diapers, you should reconsider.

The reason is because Honest Company has been suspected for dishonesty plenty of times before. You can read about the lawsuits that Honest Company has gone through.

Basically, the news article talks about Honest company being sued for:


  • Misleading consumers about not using sodium lauryl sulfate (for laundry) – Honest company used sodium coco sulfate instead which is practically the same thing
  • Organic baby formula that is not organic (this case was dismissed but still…)
  • Baby powder causing skin, eye irritations
  • Baby wipes containing mold
  • Sunscreen that doesn’t work

America is a country famous for people suing each other on a consistent basis, and Honest company is a pretty new company so it is still possible that Honest company hasn’t done anything to harm its consumers. However, since they have so many things going on with their products, it is better to use their products with caution.

Honest Diapers  Are More Expensive Than Better Diapers Out There

On at size 4 Honest diapers cost $55.96 for a pack of 116 diapers. That comes out to be $.48 per diaper.
Pampers on the other hand costs $44.84 for 144 diapers for the same size. In other words, Pampers costs $.31 per diaper.
Let’s say that your baby uses 5 diapers a day, then it will cost you roughly $72/month to use Honest diapers. It would cost $47/month for Pampers.
In another words with that kind of money you can buy twice the amount of Pampers.
Even Bambo Nature doesn’t cost that much and it used to be rated as the best green diaper by babygearlab. It costs $75 for 180 diapers. That’s roughly $.42 per diaper. It’s still cheaper than Honest brand.
Of course, as long the quality can justify the price of the diaper, then everything is alright. In other words, if a diaper is more expensive, then it should be higher quality. Unfortunately, Honest diapers can’t satisfy that requirement.

Honestly Not Absorbent – These Honest Diapers

I’ve mentioned earlier that Honest diapers are even more expensive than Bambo Nature (one of the best environmentally friendly diapers), and their so called green benefits don’t really make them stand out either (not to mention, we’re still not sure if their health claims are actually true). Another problem with Honest diapers is that they are not absorbent.

Good quality diapers should have the following basic qualities:

  • they should feel almost dry to the touch even when soaked – or it might cause bacteria to grow on your baby’s bottom because of the heat and moisture
  • they should stay in one piece even after being soaked – or else you will be doing laundry like crazy all the time which is a waste of time, and environmental resources
  • they should be soft – it’s a baby after all. Their gentle skin can’t take abuse.
  • they should be secure – if the diaper keeps falling apart after wrapping it, then long trips is no longer an option, not to mention sleeping since you don’t know when poop-zilla will start firing at you.

Unfortunately Honest diapers have none of the above.

First of all, they aren’t very absorbent. The very likely reason for that is probably because they use less sodium polyacrylate in their diapers. This is a type of super absorbent polymer (SAP) that keeps a diaper dry.
With SAP in place, extra moisture will be wicked away from the skin. Moisture and heat is the main contribution to diaper rashes. If there are more moisture then there will be bacteria growth. In other words, if the moisture is drained away, diaper rashes is almost impossible.

There are claims on the internet that SAP causes irritation. However, that’s simply not true. Their existence actually reduces irritation in diapers with their drying ability. That’s why every disposable diaper including the green ones actually use them. I even know people who use SAP to grow their plants.
Honest diapers actually chose to use less SAP in their diapers which is basically making their diapers less functional. To make it worst, Honest diapers are made with rough materials
It’s true that they are made of corn and wheat, but Earth’s Best diapers are made from the same resources, but people found it soft and comfortable. People complain that Honest diapers actually feel like cheap and rough paper towels.
Their Methods Are Unethical

Why Do People Still Buy Them?

Believe it or not, people buy them because their diapers looks cute. I checked it out too, and I was amazed by the variety of designs they have. However, that definitely didn’t have me convinced to buy them. Disposable diapers are meant to be thrown away after few hours of use, so who cares about what they look on the outside.
Once I open up a diaper, all I see is pee or poop. Besides, most of the time, my little daughter wears pants or sometimes a little skirt. Even if my diapers have designs on them, I won’t be able to see them anyway until I change it.
I don’t think I will deliberately take off my daughter’s clothes to show off her diaper design either. In other words, diaper designs are almost completely pointless to me. My pampers have sesame street print on them. I barely even notice them.


Personally, I don’t recommend Honest diapers yet unless they seriously put effort into improving their products. Their company was found in 2011 which is relatively new compared to diaper experts like Procter and Gamble (the maker of pampers swaddlers) which was found in 1961 (50 years difference). Even Bambo Nature, one of the best environmentally friendly diapers has 30 years of diaper production experience.
It is possible that Honest company is still young and immature when it comes to making baby products that are practical, effective, and completely natural. When it comes to effectiveness, absorption, and leak prevention, they are still nowhere as good as Pampers swaddlers. When it comes to being environmentally friendly, they are still nowhere as good as Bambo Nature. Not to mention, both Bambo Nature and Pampers diapers are cheaper than Honest diapers.
Honest company seems to be rushing their production too much. Personally, I believe that Honest company is overconfident in their products. It is possible that they believe that starting off the company based on the fame of a celebrity was enough to convince people that their products are high quality. It is also possible that they believe that having a product look nice is enough to cover for the fact that it is not entirely functional. Nevertheless, their products don’t have enough merits to prove that they are useful so buy and use their products with caution.

If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section below.