Introduction: Before you begin potty training your child, make sure you already noticed all the signs that she is ready. If you don’t know those signs already, then please read it here. Once you feel that your child is ready, then its time to make some preparations.

Preparations For Your Child

It’s to get some equipment ready. It’s possible to do this with no equipment and just rely on your toilet alone, but the task itself will be much more difficult. Getting your child to be ready for the real deal will have to wait until she realizes that it’s safe, fun, and “adult” to attempt to do so.

You will need the following:

Potty Chair

This is a mini toilet seat where your child will practice with. You will be emptying and cleaning this very often.

Don’t go out and buy this on your own. Take your child to the actual store (or look at the actual images online) to find the one that she actually wants.

The more she likes it, the more she will play with it, and less likely to make a mess with it. Let’s say she likes winnie the pooh, she wouldn’t want pee all over her favorite winnie the pooh toilet.

If there’s no potty chair with her favorite color or cartoon character, then go back cartoon stickers and stick it on.

Adapter Seat + Stool

This is a seat on top of your toilet seat. What it does is that it tailors itself to the size of your child’s bottom so that they fall straight into a giant toilet “hole”. Also grab a little stool so that your little one has a way to climb onto the toilet itself.

Let your child choose her favorite color, and add her favorite sticker to this one too.

Her Rewards

Even if you don’t plan on buying her rewards, you should think about rewards ahead of time. If you are low on budget, then it’s not necessary to go out of your way to buy something extra. Besides, there’s plenty of things you can do with your child to make her feel like she has been rewarded.

Draw a new medal with her. Use construction paper, or whatever cardboard paper and make a reward with her. You can also make a new song with her. Sing it together from time to time when you potty train her.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can always have a chart recording how many times she successfully went to the bathroom on her own. Every time she does it right, give her a sticker on the chart. Once she gets ten stickers or more, give her a “grand prize”. Get creative.

Preparations for Yourself

Mental preparation

Being a parent is hard. However, being a good parent is much harder. When you potty train your kid, keep in mind that your parents had just as much trouble training you back then. If you are lucky, your kid will go through the process easily. If you are not lucky, then get ready for massive amounts of work.

Your child will make mistakes. Not only will your child make mistakes, she might even make lots of mistakes. Prepare yourself for it. Get your mop, and rags ready for action. Get yourself some of soda washing detergent which is perfect for cleaning your clothes, and cleaning the floor. If you have leftover diapers that no longer fits your little one, then use those to clean messes. They have SAP (super absorbent polymer) so they are extremely absorbent.

Get a face mask. When we clean messes, the biggest problem is not seeing the mess (poop, vomit,etc). It is smelling the mess. Get yourself a face mask so that you can’t smell the mess when you clean it. Make it mandatory to get one. Even though the mess is still gross, it won’t feel as gross. Trust me, you will find it very helpful during the process.

Get rid of your negative emotions. Don’t yell, grunt, nag, or do anything that’s even slightly annoying. Treat your child with respect and realize that your are dealing with a living being with developing intelligence and emotions. If you scare your child during the process of potty training, then you just officially doubled the amount of time it will take to train her.

The Process – How to Implement the Actual Training

Now that have physically and emotionally prepared yourself and your child, it’s time to get into the actual process. The process is actually more simple than you think.

Pay attention to her signals. Learn your child’s signals so that you can sort of predict when she needs to go to the bathroom. If she knows how to tell you, that’s even better. However, if you are potty training her early, then you will have to rely on yourself to learn her signals. Usually your child will most likely need to go in the following situations:

  • She just woke up – sleeping slows down her bowel movements and blood circulation. During sleep her “stuff” will gather into one place. The moment she wakes up, her movement will trigger her body to be ready to “release it”.
  • She just got fed – children have an extremely sensitive stomach. The moment she eats, she will most likely need to go within five to ten minutes.
  • She just got burped – Burping releases the gas, so expect her to feel the urge after she gets burped

I most likely didn’t cover all the situations where your child will have a need to go. If you can think of one, leave it in the comments below.

Bring her to her potty seat, the moment you notice that she needs to go. Teach her to take her own pants off and sit on the potty chair. Let her sit for around ten to fifteen minutes. If nothing comes then just let her get up, and put her back into her potty training pants, and try again later. Be patient, because this is new for her.

Feed her normally. What you should not do is to feed her less so that she needs to go less. If you do that, then it will take longer to actually train her. In fact, I recommend you feed her food and drinks more often (not so much to get her overweight of course) so that she has more chances to practice. Like the old saying goes,”practice makes perfect”.

Train her in the morning until afternoon. Leave her in her diapers at night, because night training is actually much more difficult compared to day training. Save night training to when she masters day training. Feed her often during the morning and afternoon and bring her to her potty chair often.

Get her some potty training pants. There are disposable potty training pants out there, where your child can slip into easily like normal underwear.The only difference between this and underwear is that it absorbs messes like diapers. However, it allows your child to detect wetness better.

Give her rewards every time she succeeds. Cheer and praise for her occasionally when she succeeds. Don’t do it too often, or she will feel pressure and fear when you don’t praise her when she fails. Make a chart, and put a little sticker every time she succeeds. Give a big reward for every ten little stickers. If she fails, don’t show anything negative to her. Simply say, “it’s alright, try again next time”. Don’t nag and give a lecture either. Keep it short and simple.

Make her bottom “naked”. Prepare an area with something water proof to hold the messes on the floor. Let your child play around this area “butt naked”.  It’s easier for your child to feel wetness when there are no diapers wrapped around her bottom. Do this in the morning and afternoon then put her back into her diapers at night.

Get pants with elastic bands. Let her wear pants that can easily come on and off in case of emergencies. This will be very helpful and decrease the likelihood of “accidents”

Youtube. Show her some youtube videos like this one so that she visually learn what it is like to go to the bathroom correctly.

Notify her teacher. If your child is already going to school, notify the teacher taking care of her so she is alerted about it. This way, she will be more mentally prepared to assist your child when she needs to go. Don’t assume your teacher will know because she has a lot of students to attend to.

Conclusion – It Can Be Fast Or Slow

Believe it or not, it’s common in third world countries to potty train their little babies when they are only six months old. The reason they do that is because it’s not practical to purchase diapers considering how expensive they are. They simply let their babies walk around butt naked.

In other words, it is humanly possible to potty train your child at six months old. If it doesn’t sound possible, it’s simply because you don’t have as much time and patience as those people in the third world countries. They have very little money, and plenty of time. Patience is unquestionable, because it’s common for them to deal with baby messes.

Find the time to do this. A lot of people delay their children’s potty training until they are two or three years old. First of all, that’s not healthy for your child considering how her butt is always soaked in pee and poop for two to three years. Second of all, it’s not healthy for the planet, because you are adding more diapers to the landfill. If you believe using green diapers like bambo nature is good enough, then you are wrong. No matter how biodegradable a diaper is, it still parts to it that is not biodegradable. The only way to save the planet is to potty train early.

Good luck to you. Sometimes, children are slow learners no matter what you do. If you have a very nasty attitude as a parent, that makes the process even slower. However, persist, stay positive and keep going until you and your child succeeds. If you have any questions, leave it in the comment section below.