When parents like you think of changing a baby’s diaper, your first thought is probably to change your baby’s diaper at the slight hint of wetness so that she doesn’t suffer from any diaper rashes. However, generally babies pee around 10 to 30 times a day for the first few months, so if you changed your diaper every time she peed, then you would suffer from extreme exhaustion and a lot of wasted money.

High quality diapers like Pampers, and Andy Pandy are designed to absorb wetness and lock it deep into the diaper core so that it won’t stay in constant contact with your baby’s skin. Due to this design, your baby won’t get a rash even if she wetted her diaper a little. However, this is assuming that you didn’t oversaturated your baby’s diaper. This is obvious from observation. I your baby’s diaper has swollen to the point of looking like a white rounded brick like structure then you know you left it on for way too long. If that’s the case, then that’s a totally different problem.

This doesn’t apply to poop though. If your baby pooped on the diaper even a little tiny bit, you must change it right way. The reason is simple. Poop can not be locked deep into the diaper, and it’s full of bacteria which could cause rashes and damage your baby’s skin.

The Theory

Theoretically you should be changing babies diaper around 5 to 6 times a day to confirm that they are drinking enough fluids from breast feeding. It’s hard to determine whether a baby drinks enough from breast feeding unless you bottle the breast milk and feed it to your baby indirectly. Bottled formula has no guess work because you can measure it.

However sometimes you end up using more diapers a day or even up to 8 to 10 diapers a day depending on factors like:

  • Diaper blowouts which can create a big mess and extra laundry
  • Your baby drinks a lot
  • The breast feeding mother drinks a lot of fruit juices and smoothies which causes the breast feeding baby to have diarrhea
  • You didn’t wrap her diaper correctly so she creates a mess for you to clean up
  • The quality of your diaper. The worst it is, the more often you will have to change it.

What If Your  Baby Isn’t Born Yet?

If you are planning how many diapers you should purchase ahead of time, and you have no idea how many diapers your baby would be using then approximate around eight diapers per day.

However, do not purchase too many size N and size one diapers, because babies outgrow these fast. If you are preparing for a newborn, then buy one small box of newborn size diapers and one small box of size one diapers, then purchase a large box of size two diapers. You should be good to go. If there are any gaps in between (which is pretty rare) then go to your local store and buy a small box to fill it in. This way, you save money and you are plenty prepared.

Unpredictable Situations

Unfortunately, life is actually much more complicated than that want to comes to things like this because there are many unpredictable situations that you cannot allow yourself to change your babies diaper.

In order to prepare for those situations you’ll probably have to do one of the following:

  • change your baby’s diaper ahead of time
  • Make your baby eat or drink earlier

For example let’s say you are about to go on a long trip which involves a whole hour of traveling. You noticed that your baby’s diaper is half full either by eyeballing it or checking the wetness indicator. Normally you should change it an hour or two hours later depending on whether your baby is a heavy wetter or not. However,  under these circumstances you should change the diapers right now. There are several reasons for it:

  • babies can get fussy during long trips so their pee and poop time becomes harder to predict and come randomly
  • it’s pretty difficult to change diapers in a car because of the cramped space and the angled seating
  • if you are on a high speed highway and there’s no stops then poop blow outs will be your biggest nightmare because of the messiness and the smell