How To Baby Proof Drawers

Not all parents are interested in learning how to baby proof drawers. The reason for that is because not all babies are interested in messing around with drawers in the first place. However, if it is clear as day that your baby can’t resist puncturing herself in the forehead with those nice sharp corners, then it is time to secure them nicely.

Soften The Corners

My daughter actually injured herself with one of the corners of my drawers. She tripped and fell onto it. The area of impact was very close to her eyeball also. I was freaked out, but I managed to learned how to soften the corners. All you need are some balls.

Tennis Balls- Convenient and Inexpensive

Have you ever bought cheap tennis balls from the dollar store by mistake? I am talking about the ones that costs $1 for three balls. My father and I tried playing with it, but it can’t bounce more than two inches off the ground.

These things are perfect for softening the corners. Cut a notch in it then try sticking it on the corner of your drawers. If you find the cut it too short then the ball won’t stay on. In that case, make the cut slightly longer. The point is to enlarge the cut until it fits the corner without making it too big. It has to fit, but you don’t want to weaken the protection of your ball due to a big cut.

Theoretically, any ball would work, but tennis balls have thicker layers and their size usually match the corners better.

Soften The Edges

If the edges at the top your drawers are really sharp or full of splinters, then you will have to soften too, but in a different way compared to corners. Fortunately, there’s also a super cheap way to do this.

Pool Noodles- Cheap and Easy To Install

You can also buy pool noodles from the dollar store. They are also super cheap and long enough to fit any drawer. Simply cut to the length you want stack them together if you want to.

The key to using them is to cut them lengthwise so that you can fit them onto the edges. If this was a normal table, you can simply cut the pool noodle in half to fit it onto the edge. However, since you are dealing with a drawer, you have cut a smaller size than half, or it is possible that your won’t be able to open your first drawer.

First, cut in half lengthwise, fit into onto your drawer to see if you can open smoothly. If it doesn’t fit, then shave away the extra part to fit it properly. Next, simply use duct tape to it in place.

Make The Drawers Harder To Open

Why Are Drawers Dangerous?

Drawers are extremely useful for everybody. For babies, they are pretty dangerous. They can pinch their fingers with it. They can climb on each drawer like some kind of step ladder and fall by accident.

They can also spread your secret stash all over the house. They can also find their favorite toxic drinks and their favorite sewing needles to play with.

If you want to prevent all of that, you will have to make your drawers harder to open for their tiny hands. There are several methods you can use. They each have their advantage and disadvantage.

Before I get into the methods, I have to point out is that if your drawers are old, lack lubrication, and difficult to slide out, then you most likely don’t have to baby lock them. To be absolutely sure, tell your baby to open the drawer in front of you. If she can’t open it no matter how hard she tries, then I doubt it would be a problem.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are one of the more perfect safety locks for drawers. They are very convenient. You can install one lock for every drawer or cabinet door you want to baby proof, and you can open all of them with the same magnetic key. It works by having the magnet lock the drawer or cabinet door on the inside. When you use your magnetic key, the mechanism unlocks and you can open your drawer.

If you want to see what a magnetic lock looks like, check out this youtube video below:

The disadvantage of using them is that you have to pay more money, and you have to install it yourself with drilling and screwing. This brings up my next point. Never trust magnetic locks that requires no drilling. They usually claim that you only need tape and no screws are required. They are scams. Don’t believe them. They suck and they don’t last.

Use Sticks Instead

Theoretically, if your drawers have handles that are shaped like hoops, then you can stick a long stick into it so that your baby can not open each drawer individually. A variation of this is using a broom stick, yardstick, tension rods, or whatever stick you can think of. You can use copper pipes if you want. Of course, this method only works on specific types of handles.

Even if your drawer qualifies for the stick method, there is a major flaw to using this method. Depending on the size of your hoop, thickness of your stick, and the maneuverability of the drawers, your baby can still crack open an inch or two of your drawers and stick her little fingers inside. She might not be able to reach for the contents the drawers, but she can still pinch her fingers.

Using this method depends heavily on your child’s personality. If she would do anything she can to stick her fingers inside, then the stick method will work against you. If she is the type to give up after realizing that opening an inch is the best she can do then this method is still doable. Once again, ask your child to open the drawers in front of you and see how she reacts. If she gives up after a few tries then you know she probably won’t bother from now on.

Last Resort – If None Of The Above Is An Option

If you really don’t want to spend another dime on magnetic locks, and you know your child is adventurous enough to intentionally pinch her fingers despite the stick trick mentioned earlier, then it is time for the last resort.

It is time to remove the handles. Use this method if you seriously have absolutely no choice. The advantage of this method is that it is absolutely free. You don’t have to purchase any extra equipment. Maybe you do if you don’t own a screwdriver. Unscrew the handles from the inside and you are good to go.

You might wonder how you are going to open your drawers from now on. This is why you should check first before you remove your drawer handles. LIke I mentioned earlier, if your drawers are stiff and difficult to open, then you wouldn’t need to baby proof them in the first place. If your drawers can open as smooth as tofu, then opening them without handles shouldn’t be an issue either.


No matter what methods you use, choose the one that suits your situation. If any of these methods inspire to think of a new solution then use your own solution instead. I hope this is was all helpful. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments section below.