A Baby Shower Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive


If you want to know how to plan for a baby shower on a budget, then the first thing you have to realize is that creativity can make up for the lack of money. If you can borrow something, then borrow it. If you can get something for free, then use it.

Just because something is free, or cheap doesn’t mean that it will be ugly or lack quality. It’s all up the creativity that you and your companions have. A good example would be people who made a whole building out of recycled paper. Nobody would say that it’s any less cool compared to regular mortar and concrete buildings. Fortunately, you don’t have to do make something so complicated. You simply need to plan a baby shower.

Of course, no matter how simple something is, it’s best to ask for help. This world doesn’t literally run with one person alone. It’s a conglomerate effort of many people. If you want to succeed, then the first thing you will have to do is find a partner. If you don’t want to find one, it’s fine, but it will be a lot more work.

Gather More Heads – Team Up


Planning a baby shower is a lot of fun, but if your budget is limited, then you might feel like your head will explode from all the stress. You don’t have to do this alone. Get more friends, and let them share part of thinking for you.

If you have friends who are the smart and shy type of personality, then simply have all your friends write their ideas on a piece of paper then read it from there. You will be surprised by how creative some people are even if they don’t look like it on the appearance.

Some of your friends might have hosted their own baby shower, or been to a lot of baby showers themselves. This is another reason why you should ask your friends for help. Quite often, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so asking someone who has already “been there, and done that” would take a huge burden off your chest.

What if none of your friends have any ideas for baby showers? That’s fine. Just because they have zero ideas and experiences with baby showers, it doesn’t mean they can’t contribute (willingly of course).

If they need help with baby showers (or some other kind of event in the future) then repay the favor. Your friends could be a great helping hand even if it’s just a little help like:

  • cleaning up the garbage afterwards
  • ordering the food for you (you can contibute to the entire cost of food or your friend can help share the burden)
  • setting up the event (organizing the chairs, picnic blankets, food placements, centerpiece placements)
  • coming up with a little speech for you (optional)
  • printing out the decorations like animal or color flags (depending on your theme)
  • bringing more friends (some of your friends might have more friends who have experience and expertise with party events)

Ask Family For Help

Does any of your family know how to cook? Ask them if they are willing to help out. Ask the expectant mother’s family too.  Supply them with the food ingredients.

Cheap Premade Food


Let’s say that none of your family members know how to cook and they have been ordering takeouts for their entire lives. No problem. Order some food that is premade.

In my area, there’s a big store in the form of a warehouse known as Costco. They sell everything for cheap. They do that because they don’t sell their merchandise in plastic bags and people who purchase from them are Costco members. If you or anyone you know has membership, then go there and start stocking up on party foods.

They sell a lot premade food that can compete with restaurant in terms of taste yet they are a lot cheaper. You might have a store that’s similar to that in your neighborhood like BJs or Sam’s Club.

 You can get:

  • danishes
  • croissants
  • cakes (you can also ask for custom made ones. You simply have to order ahead of time)
  • cheesecakes
  • apple pies and strudels or other fruit flavors
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • different kinds of breads for sandwiches
  • hotdogs
  • bacon
  • smoked salmon (if you want to do sushi)
  • the list goes on

What you order also depends on what time you invite the guests. You can also invite people right after lunch hour so most of them would’ve ate already, then you simply have to stock up on simple pastries and you are good to go.

Do It At Home

I’m sure you have heard of this one before. Doing a baby shower at home might be a little more work, but it’s definitely a lot cheaper. You don’t have to pay for any restaurant or tipping the waiters. You also don’t have to purchase any chairs if you don’t want to. If you feel that you don’t enough seats at home, then simply borrow some from friends and family, or you can always go for an outdoor picnic style baby shower. Just double check the weather forecast first.

Do It Outdoors

Is there a really big park near your place? Try hosting your baby shower there. Hosting in a park also provides a nice scenery. If you want to do it like a picnic, you don’t even need to rent any chairs. Just bring the food, picnic blankets, and decorations, and you are good to go. If you are worried about rainy weathers, then go and borrow some beach umbrellas, or something like large canopies. However, if it’s very windy, then you better change your plans to indoors. No matter how prepared you are, winds will blow everything away.

Send E-mails

If your guests are saavy with technology then use email invites instead of snail mail. If emails sounds too “outdated” for you then post your invites to social media like facebook, or wechat if you tend to party with Asians. Just design one nice pdf or jpg file then send it to your group of invites.

Doing this can save you a lot of paper purchases and a lot of time and effort.  Of course, for the guests who aren’t as tech savvy and elderly, reserve a little time to send them paper invitations. However, you don’t really have to do too much extra work. Simply print out the “virtual” invite you used for your emails or social media and mail to them. You simply need an extra envelope and stamp.

Cheaply Creative Party Favors

Want to give out great party favors without breaking the bank. Here’s somethings you can try:
* cheap flashlight keychains (get them on amazon for cheap. Just make sure they don’t ship from china or it will take forever to ship)
* chocolate minis (you can get a large pack for cheap at costcos)
* mini toys (if you ever went to the 99 cent store you can get a whole bunch for cheap)

origami (do you know how to make your own paper craft, get some colorful square paper and make a bunch of paper stars. The sky is the limit)

Display Cute Baby Clothes

If you purchased any cute baby clothes, then display them as decorations on the wall. This seems to be a common thing among baby showers. You are  going to buy clothes for your baby anyway so you might as well hang them on the wall for other people to see.   It makes your wall less boring, give a snapshot of what your baby will look like in those clothes, and save you a lot for the decorations on the wall.

Cheap Party Activities

There are plenty of ideas for cheap party games.  Here’s a couple for you to think about:

  •  The gender guessing game –  this is one of the most common games among baby showers.  Pass everybody a piece of paper and have them guess whether they expect a child to be a boy or a girl.
  • Baby bloopers –  have everyone share their funniest mistakes that they made with their children.
  • Parental advice –  have everyone share their advice in taking care of little kids.
  • Baby name find a word –  have you ever played “find a word”.  It’s basically a bunch of letters jump over together to form a square.  I’m on those letters words are formed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  You can print this out and pass it to every guest and see who can find your baby’s name first among those words.  To make it interesting you can add more than four names in there to see who can get it right
  •  Hangman –  uses this game to let your guests figure out what your baby’s name is supposed to be. Of course, instead of really showing a hangman you can draw a rope being tied to the baby’s butt  if your guests cannot figure out your baby’s name in time.