My Situation

Personally, I have been using my own favorite baby wipes (more on that later). They work perfectly well. I have been using them on my baby’s butt, thigh, legs, and even arms. I didn’t notice any irritation. However, they were also the first wipes I bought, so they are the only wipes I used so far. I don’t have any complaints about them, but I started thinking more about it recently.

I thought whether there will be something cheaper, and superior quality compared to the wipes I am using right now. I really have no complaints about my current wipes, but if there’s something better, then I am up for it. This is how I got into researching for huggies baby wipes.

My Standards for Baby Wipes

I don’t settle for any kind of wipes. Even though the wipes I am using right now are the only wipes I used so far, but I have done months of thorough research before I allowed myself to buy them. I looked through every forum possible where busy moms talk about their daily challenges.

I realized that the wipes should at least  have the following qualities:

  • It should not cause irritation
  • It should not have a scent (which usually leads to irritation)
  • It should not have harmful substances
  • It should not rip easily no matter how hard you wipe (while not hurting your baby of course)
  • It should be easy to separate one wipe from another wipe, or at least not annoying to separate
  • It should be soft
  • It should be big and wide (because my hands are big)
  • It should be able to endure time (not dry up easily while I store it aside)
  • It should not be overly expensive

Do Huggies Qualify Then? – The Good And Bad

Once again, I woke up early in the morning to research baby wipes that are made by Huggies. I was thinking that it shouldn’t be a bad idea to give it a try. They are a famous brand so I thought their wipes would at least be on par with their diaper quality.

As I was doing my research, I was feeling more and more discouraged to buy them, because, these wipes seems to have so many flaws. There are merits to them too, but I will get to them later.

The size of Huggies wipes are small  so that was already a no no for me. A wipe should be decently big or else I would run out of “room” very quickly. This is especially true when you are wiping some diarrhea poop. You might need four to five wipes to finish your job, and that sounds extremely inefficient. It’s also annoying. While you are grabbing your wipes, your baby will be squirming around spreading poop plague everywhere. This brings me to the next worst thing this wipe has.

Here’s what some people are saying on Amazon:

It’s Very Hard To Tear Apart With One Hand

It’s very hard to tear apart. These wipes are perforated unlike the wipes I am using right now. Perforated means that all the wipes are connected together by these “dotted lines” just like toilet paper.

The moment you tear it, ideally it should rip at the perforation (the dotted line). Unfortunately, many people complain that it often does not do that. Imagine tearing struggling with your baby’s poop while taking the half of the roll out of the dispenser.

That happens because you are using one hand to pull it out while your other hand is trying to prevent your baby from rolling off the bed, or doing other crazy baby things, and yes, normally sane babies also do crazy baby things.

If I have to rely on two hands to get a wipe out of the dispenser, then that’s a definite no good. Speaking of dispenser, it brings me to the next point.

It Doesn’t Come With A Dispenser

When you buy these wipes, make sure to confirm that it comes with a dispenser. A dispenser is a little box to store your wipes, and it has an open top where you can pull the wipes out. Huggies Natural Care does not have that. Their wipes come in three gigantic bags which are zip loc sealed. Unless you want to pull wipes out of the large bags all the time, then you are in trouble. Not to mention pulling wipes out of the large bags all the time will potentially dry up that whole bag of wipes faster.

Here’s what the reviewers said:

They Leave Behind A Residue

These wipes also have another problem of leaving behind residue after you wipe your baby.  That might be a small problem, but my current wipes don’t do that. It’s just annoying to see wipe fragments all over my baby’s butt after I finish wiping. Not to mention those fragments absorbed some of the pee and poop, so I don’t really want to leave it on my baby’s butt to get moldy.

Someone mentioned about the wipe residue on amazon:

The Might Have Glass In Them? – Maybe Not

According to this article on, parents claimed that Huggies Wipes have glass in them. This was claimed last year by a parent living in California. Some parents believe that these wipes have glass in them, and some parents don’t believe so.

Let’s be fair here. If Huggies baby wipes really did have glass, then why wasn’t there reports of:

  • scratches on baby bottoms?
  • blood on baby bottoms?
  • baby bottoms needing surgery to remove the glass particles?

The glass scare of Huggies made absolutely no sense, because many babies should be hurt by now if they were wiped by glass.

Huggies Baby Wipes Do Have Merits

These wipes do have their merits as they generally don’t cause anybody irritation. There is even a family who are allergic to everything. They used it and they felt just fine. It also doesn’t leave behind a sticky or greasy residue which can can cause irritation from other baby wipe brands.

Here’s what one reviewer said on amazon:

However I Recommend Something Better

Remember how I keep mentioning the baby wipes that I use personally? I can guarantee you now that they are much better. They are the:

Name: Berkley Jensen Ultra Sensitive Baby Wipes

Price on Amazon: $37.40 (and free shipping)

Smell: No scent

Texture: Super soft

Wipe Size: Large

Individual Dispensers: Definitely a yes

Perforated: Not perforated, individually stacked together and very easy to come apart

My Rating: 10/10 (can’t complain)

I can almost guarantee that you will love these wipes. Give them a try if you haven’t already. You will definitely not regret it. If you have more questions about them then please leave me a comment below, and I will definitely answer it for you.