Why Huggies?

The reason why I made this Huggies diapers review is simply because Huggies is too popular. I have already made a Pampers review, so I might as well make a review to the competition too.

If you have read my Pampers review, then you would know that I am big fan of Pampers. I really like them because they are simply so good. I’ve also used Huggies before. They are alright with my daughter, except for the fact that the blowout occasionally comes out the thigh area.

To be fair, I would list all the good points and bad points of several Huggies diapers here. Let’s check it out.

Huggies Little Snugglers

Elastic band

Huggies tend stand in my eyes, because they have an elastic band that protects the back. I basically get the concept of this design.

This basically secures poop from flying up the back. However, I have to say that poop still leaked out the back once before. Maybe it’s how I wrapped the diaper, or maybe it’s my daughter’s body shape.

This elastic band is nice, but it’s not really any kind of guarantee. Interesting enough, poop tends to leak down my daughter’s thighs more when she is using Huggies.

However, I think my daughter simply has skinny thighs so the fit makes it difficult.

Thigh Fit

Parents will find themselves a little disappointed when they have babies that have thin thighs. As I mentioned before here, Huggies are meant to be designed for babies with thick thighs. As an end result, the leg cuff area will feel very loose on babies with skinny legs.

Material bunches up when wet

Parents find that sometimes the diaper bunches up when it is wet. However, that hasn’t really happened to me when I was using the Huggies Little Snugglers.

Quite often, diaper companies upgrades their diapers in strange ways and this might be one of them. If that’s the case, the diaper has become less absorbent, because bunching up reduces the surface area of the absorbent layer. This bunching up also makes the diaper more stiff and uncomfortable.


leak yellow

Leakage Problems

When I was using Huggies, none of my diapers actually leaked pee. We experienced a few diaper blowouts (poop overflow) out onto my daughter’s leg, but that’s pretty much it. Pee is pretty much locked in. If the diapers leaked for some parents, then it’s possibly through the thigh area too, because it tends to be loose for babies with skinny thighs.

The Problem With Tabs

When I was using Huggies Little Snugglers, I didn’t find any tabs breaking off from the diaper. Huggies have been in business for so long so it’s hard to believe that they will use cheap materials that can make their diapers break so easily.

As I mentioned before in my Pampers review, there are possibly fake imitations being sold. If you find the tabs break easily, then it’s most likely fake. If you bought on amazon, then it’s easy to ask for a refund.

Another problems with the tabs on the little snugglers is that they tend to be difficult to stay put unlike the pampers sticky tabs.

If your baby is already walking or crawling then this could be a problem, because the diaper can literally undo itself and fall off. This is possibly because the tabs on Huggies diapers are smaller, giving it less surface area to attach tot he diaper.

The tabs itself are also sharp velcro tabs just like Pampers. If you wrap the diaper carefully, then you should be able to avoid scraping your baby.

Umbilical cord cut

The little snugglers also has a cutout area for the cord stump from size premie to size newborn. Some people mentioned that the shape is different from Pampers.

Honestly, I didn’t feel any difference at all. I didn’t literally compare them side by side, because I finished the Pampers before I tried the Huggies. However, even if I did, I doubt I would find too much of a difference.

Wetness indicator

As I mentioned before in my Pampers review, the wetness indicator is a blessing to all parents in the world. It’s usefulness prevents diaper rashes, exploding diapers, and gives you an idea as to the right timing to changing your baby’s diapers without any guesswork. For many stressed out parents, this is definitely a big plus.

Smell like urine?

Some parents complain that the little snugglers have a heavy chemical smell. When my daughter wets her diapers, no matter which diaper brand she uses, I would notice a very faint urine smell.

However, that’s the only smell I can make out. Maybe my nose is not as sensitive as a dog, but I would definitely notice a weird smell if there is one. As for Huggies, I really don’t smell anything.

Huggies Snug and Dry

No Wetness Indicator

A thing about the snug and dry version and the little movers is that both of them don’t have the wetness indicator. I am assuming that in the diaper world, the wetness indicator is actually a way of implying that a parent is still an amateur.

Personally, I don’t believe that wetness indicator is an indication of weakness of a parent. It’s simply a very good tool that gives a parent absolute precision when it comes to balancing the frequency of diaper disposal along with protecting a baby’s health. Outside of the pampers swaddlers, and the huggies little snugglers, wetness indicator is no longer an option.

That’s why you decided to purchase Huggies snug and dry, wetness indicator is not there.


Personally, I have never tried the Huggies snug and dry before, but sometimes I feel that the complains about the odor is a very subjective thing.

Parents on amazon complains that these diapers have a very strong urine smell when wet. I don’t feel it’s too much of a big deal though. If you smell urine, then simply change it. It’s even better since you can use your nose to judge your baby’s diaper wetness.

The New Version

The deal killer most parents would be the fact that the Huggies Snug and Dry has a diaper design change. This is probably to fit environmental protection guidelines. Currently, the new version has less fluff padding and more super absorbent polymer.

I am a big supporter of super absorbent polymer gel that absorbs most of the fluids in the diaper. However, I didn’t realize that the padding decrease can actually lower a diaper’s absorbency. It’s probably because the fluid has a higher chance to leak out without the padding getting in the way, before it can be fully absorbed by the gel. It’s just my assumption though.

Huggies Little Movers

Just like the Pampers cruisers, these diapers are meant to accompany a baby that is transitioning from a sleeping/sitting back to a crawling/walking baby. Normally, diapers sag after getting wet due to the weight of the absorbed pee. However, the design of the little movers is to prevent this kind of gravity involved sagging and keeping the diaper attached to the baby.

Double Velcro Design

One thing that’s worth mentioning about the little movers is that they have two sets of velcro tabs that keeps the diaper firmly attached. While this is a very good thing, because as a baby moves, it’s possible that movements can tug the diaper off.

One problem with this design is that some parents complain that because of the extra tab locations, it scratches the baby skin as they crawl around. The reason is because the external velcro tab, which functions as a security to stop the internal tab from coming out is made of extremely hard plastic.

This easily scratches the baby and leave red marks. On the other hand, Pampers cruisers didn’t have this problem. They are made of soft materials on the flaps.


The huggies little movers are made with the intention to be comfortable so that stretchy waistband and the thigh cuffs really helps. It gives that feeling of a tight fit that tailors to a baby’s curves.

However, it can also get a bit too tight on the thigh area, depending your baby’s shape. If that’s the case, you might notice red marks and chafing on your baby’s skin.


Huggies are pretty good. However, they aren’t as good as Pampers in my opinion. I didn’t mention this yet, but both Pampers and Huggies occasionally have parents complain of diaper rashes. That hasn’t happened to my daughter.

This would depend on how sensitive your child is to the materials in diapers. If you are in doubt then try these diapers in a small pack first so you don’t have any regrets.

Huggies tends to lean in the direction of trying to be a perfect fit, like an elastic underwear. It’s pretty impressive, but not as good as Pampers in my opinion. It’s simply not as leak proof, and they are more expensive nowadays.