So, Is Baby Oil Good for Your Baby’s Skin?

There’s a huge trend going on the internet saying that baby oil is extremely harmful to your system. If that was the case then of course you can’t apply it to your baby. However, it’s been proven that baby oil with no fragrance added is safe to use topically (on the surface of the skin). You can read it about it here on environmental protection group’s website.

Why Do People Think It’s Unsafe?

There are many claims that baby oil is unsafe because it is a byproduct made from refining crude oils. We all know that crude oil is developed from fossils which are dead animals. It’s a type of petroleum product. However, before you start screaming your head off from total shock, let me remind you a couple of things.  A lot of things you use nowadays are made from petroleum products. For example:

  • Your beverage bottle – Did you buy a bottle sprite recently? It’s plastic and it’s definitely made of petroleum products.
  • Your plastic utensils like fork, spoons, and knives
  • Your plastic plates
  • Your plastic takeout boxes
  • Your styrofoam cups
  • Your baby bottles

You’ve most likely used most of the items on this list for many years. You eat and drink with them and you are fine. Many people boasted outrageous claims saying that baby oil can cause damage to you due to the fact that it’s made from fossilized oil.

My question to the community is, why haven’t your plastic lunch boxes, plastic utensils, and and styrofoam cups sent you to the doctor?

When was the last time you heard of someone sue a company because of plastic spoon poisoning? Fortunately, that has never happened, unless that person is stupid enough to swallow the spoon itself. But then again, swallowing any type of spoon can damage a person.

Baby oil is made from the same sources of your plastic spoon, so of course its safe to apply to your baby’s skin. Baby oil is an inert substance. What this means is that it doesn’t chemically react to our system so it won’t cause any irritation.

I Use It For Two Purposes


I mainly use it for two purposes. My baby has extremely dry skin so in order to protect the moisture on her body, I add a few drops of baby oil in her bath tub. My daughter has eczema issues in the past, but after doing this for a month or two, her skin became smoother. Baby oil is good at locking in moisture.

I also use it to protect her bottom during a diaper change. This bottle of goodness is known to be a liquid plastic wrap so it is a perfect barrier against moisture and harmful pathogens.

If your baby has oily skin then you should probably not use it, because there’s really no point, unless you are using it on her butt to protect against moisture.

The Other Uses For Your Baby

I haven’t tried this one yet, but you can also use it to keep your baby to keep her warm and from cracking due to dryness during the winter.


As I mentioned before in a different post, it can be used to kill lice. Just apply it all over her hair then let it sit all day. This substance seals away air and moisture so the lice will die by the end of the day.

If your baby has something known as cradle cap, you can use baby oil to relieve it a little bit. Cradle cap looks like dandruff but it’s a small patch usually and it looks dry on flaky on the head. Another name for it is known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis. It’s ugly but it’s harmless, and it’s pretty common.

Should You Apply It Everywhere?

No, it’s recommended that you don’t apply it everywhere on your baby’s body unless it’s necessary because it’s a substance that your baby can’t absorb through the skin very well.

Use it on specific parts of the body like the butt and thighs or for specific purposes like keeping warm or protecting her butt during a diaper change. If your main purpose is to keep her moisturize then use a fragrance free lotion instead.