Is There Really Lead In Baby Food?

Lead is known to be a great danger for children’s development for a long time. This is why houses that are older 1978 will have to be tested for lead in their paint. Recently, there’s even evidence that the food you buy for your baby can also contain lead.

The FDA (short for food and drug administration) constantly monitors the baby food that goes onto the shelves for sale. They found that 1/5 of the baby food actually contains lead compared to other foods. In other words, “baby food labeled” mashed carrots contain lead unlike regular labeled mashed carrots.

The Harms of Lead

Lead impairs a child’s IQ and brain development. Lead damages IQ, and it causes permanent damage even if your child is only slightly exposed to it. Kids affected by it are usually more aggressive, and lack the desire to focus on learning.

Where Does The Lead Come From?

Where do you usually find lead? It’s more common for to be among vegetables that grows under ground because they have more contact with the soil. An example of that would be potatoes, and radishes.

It’s also very common among fruit juices which little kids shouldn’t be drinking too much anyway because of the sugar content and lack of nutrients.

This also means that the water and soil is contaminated with lead. This may also apply if the environment or the equipment used to handle the food is contaminated with lead.

Why Did FDA Allow This To Happen?

You might be wondering why FDA didn’t do anything to combat this problem. The reason is because the lead amount is actually below the FDA’s allowable limits. In other words, as long the lead concentration doesn’t go past the FDA limit, then it’s considered “safe”. Most often, the lead amounts are so low, that detection is practically impossible.

Even though that’s the case, science is improving everyday and scientists are beginning to notice that lead is unsafe in our system no matter how small the amount is. The FDA needs to reanalyze their allowable amounts of lead.

What Should You do As Parents?

 You might thinking that you can remedy the situation simply buy your own vegetables from the supermarket and make your own baby food. Unfortunately, even the fruits and vegetables from your local market might contain lead, if the farmers grew their crops with contaminated soils even if the food you got is organic.

The best solution for now is to let your child even different variety of food. Even though vegetables and fruits might be slightly contaminated with lead, they still contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that your child needs to live healthily.

For example, sweet potatoes, especially the skin contains a lot of nutrients that your child needs to grow and develop. The idea is to make it different everyday so that your child doesn’t get overexposed to one vegetable.

Another reason to do this is because consuming a lot of calcium, vitamin C and iron can reduce the absorption of lead into your child’s system. Also limit the amount of fruit beverages for your kids.