Before you read this Kirkland diapers review, you have to know that Kirkland is actually private label that belongs to Costco. The reason I offered this piece of trivia is because personally I believe that the best place to purchase these diapers is at your local Costco.

They are the cheapest at their location, and they have benefits that Costco members gets to enjoy. Sure, you can buy them elsewhere like Amazon, but you will miss out the benefits that Costco has to offer. However, that brings up the topic; are they cheap?

Are These Diapers Cheap?

Yes, it is cheaper compared to other powerful brands like Pampers, or Huggies. However, Kirkland diapers are certainly not the cheapest. Luvs diapers are slightly cheaper than them.

Here is a simple breakdown of the current prices of diapers at size 4:

  • Luvs – $26.98 for 160 diapers or $.17/diaper
  • Kirkland Signature Supreme (full name for kirkland diapers) – $38.99 for 180 diapers or $.22/diaper
  • Huggies Little Snugglers – $43.41 for 144 diapers or $.30/diaper
  • Pampers Swaddlers – $53.46 for 164 diapers or $.33/diaper

At a glance, you can tell that Luvs diapers are currently the cheapest. There are reasons for that. I will cover why later. However, Kirkland diapers have better functionality. Even though that is the case, Kirkland sounds like some kind of generic diaper that Costco came up with. Can you trust it?

Should You Trust Kirkland Diapers?

As mentioned earlier, Luvs are currently one of the cheapest diapers. The reason is because it is actually a downgraded diaper.  You can consider Luvs to be a downgraded version of Pampers diapers. Compared to Pampers, Luvs are thinner, heavier on the scent, and much cheaper compared to Pampers.

In a sense, Kirkland diapers are similar. You can consider them to be a downgraded version of Huggies diapers. Even though Kirkland diapers are owned by Costco, the diaper design is actually made by Kimberly Clark, the maker of Huggies. If you bought both the Kirkland and Huggies diapers, you would notice that they are pretty similar.

Since Kirkland diapers are downgraded version of brand names, then does that mean they are not absorbent?

Kirkland Diapers Are Absorbent

baby sleep

It is fairly absorbent for its price. Unfortunately, it is not as good as Pampers swaddlers in terms of locking in moisture completely. Slight amounts of moisture leaks out of the diaper core when your baby lays down on it. These are not the type of diapers that will keep your baby’s butt completely dry if you left them on for four hours straight.

During the day time, you will have to change them more often to compensate for this problem. These are perfect diapers for daycare if you want something that is fairly absorbent but not too heavy on your wallet. If your baby is a heavy wetter, and Pampers swaddlers seems too expensive for you, you can consider using diaper inserts to help you.

Are They Good With Blowouts?

There are many factors determining whether there will be a blowout. It depend on what the baby or the breastfeeding mother ate, the baby’s shape, and the fit of the diapers. Kirkland diapers seems to receive a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to blowouts.

Some people found it awesome and they had no blowouts, and others found it horrible at blocking poop leak. Another thing is certain is that if your baby had blowout issues with Huggies diapers before, then these diapers are probably not going to work out for you either. In this case, Kirkland diapers are simply not compatible with your baby’s shape.

Nevertheless, the only diapers I am aware of that is best against blowouts are cloth diapers. Cloth is the more flexible material compared to disposables (which have plastic linings and shells), so it has the best fit against poop leaks. However, I still recommend you try them to see if they match your baby shape. It really is no risk. I will explain why later.

Is It Soft?

Compared to Pampers Swaddlers, kirkland diapers are definitely a bit rough to the touch. For the price, it isn’t that bad though.

Does It Sag?

The interesting thing about these diaper is that they don’t sag. The reason they have that capability is because they have double velcro just like Huggies little movers. That is one thing they are better at compared to Pampers swaddlers.

This is important because if your baby starts walking, then at least these diapers won’t lose its functionality. As I mentioned before, if your diapers sag, then it is possible for it to not absorb as well as before.

If you want to see what double velcro looks like, check out this youtube video here:

Does It Have Faulty Tabs?

This is one of the reasons why I didn’t like Pampers cruisers. There has been complaints that tabs are missing. Not to mention, the cruisers gave my daughter an annoying rash. However, Kirkland diapers don’t seem to have this problem. The tabs are flexible, strong and functional.

Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Kirkland diapers never openly explained what ingredients they used to make their diapers, and they didn’t even mention anything about chlorine free, so you can assume they are not environmentally friendly.

However, as I mentioned before, if you don’t compost your diapers properly then there’s no real environmental friendliness. Diapers being thrown into airtight plastic bag isn’t going to break down in the landfill no matter what.

Besides, cloth diapers are not environmentally friendly diapers either. If you don’t believe me, you can google it.

Does It Cause Skin Rashes?

diaper rash

As I mentioned earlier, Kirkland diapers are made with mostly unknown ingredients. If your baby has sensitive skin, then I highly recommend against using this diaper. It’s better if you don’t want your baby to develop a diaper rash.

Do Other People Use It?

Compared to Pampers swaddlers, there are definitely much less people who use Kirkland diapers. You can pretty much figure it out by checking out the amount of reviews these diaper brands have.

Pampers swaddlers has 9000 reviews on Amazon. However, Kirkland diapers only have around 1000 reviews. Even though Kirkland diapers aren’t as popular, there are still plenty of people who uses them and loves them.

Can You Trust The Reviews?

These numbers actually mean something because the amount of reviews also reflects the amounts of accounts, and purchases (and credit cards) required to make them.

No company would be willing to hire 1000 people just to make a bunch of reviews for one product. This is especially true when it is an economical product. This is why you can pretty much assume that they are all genuine buyers. Another thing I have to point out is that not everybody takes their time to give reviews on a product.

If you see 1000 reviews, then you can kind of assumed that that is only 25% to 50% of the people that actually bought the product. In other words, there were probably 2000 to 4000 people that bought Kirkland diapers.

Should You Still Try These Diapers? – Certainly

Absolutely. I did mention that they don’t prevent blowouts for some babies, and they might cause skin rashes. However, that depends on your baby’s shape and sensitivity. Nothing might actually happen to your baby. You simply have to give it a try. There’s actually a no risk guarantee to it. Let me explain

If you buy them from Costco, then it is definitely worth a try. The reason I say that is because Costco has a no questions asked policy for its members. As long you don’t use more than half the amount of the diapers in the box, you can return it for a full refund.

Of course, I am not telling you to abuse Costco’s genuine helpfulness. I am telling to buy them with confidence if you are not sure if it is worth your money. You literally have nothing to lose.

My Story

If you are not convinced let me tell you my story. Last time I bought some whole grain snacks from Costco. It tasted so bad, I went back for a refund. They gave me full refund for food.

For your diapers, it would definitely be refundable too. Of course, after you return them, Costco will throw them into the trash because it is unethical to sell products that have been used. They are so nice so that’s why I tell you not to abuse them.

What To Do If You Tried Them And Don’t Like Them

You should definitely buy your baby Pampers swaddlers. I know you are looking for a cheap diaper that can work just as well as name brands, so that’s why you searched up for Kirkland diapers. However, they are most likely not as good as Pampers if they are not compatible with your baby.

If costs is what you are concerned about, I highly recommend you try prime membership. Sure you have to spend $100 on annual membership. However, you need diapers everyday. The membership will literally pay for itself.

You can combine subscribe and save along with prime membership to save roughly 25% on your diapers purchase. In the end, instead of spending $.33/diaper, you will end up spending $.25/diaper. It is still not as cheap as Kirkland diapers of $.22/diaper. However, it is very close, and this is high quality Pampers swaddlers we are talking about here.

There’s a little trick you have to do though. You can not save the extra 20% with amazon prime unless you subscribe to five things together on the same month. The easy solution to that is to buy four other items you need normally like baby wipes, baby shampoo, adult shampoos, baby snacks, etc.

I hope that was helpful. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments section below.