What’s That Slimy Stuff?


Green poop and mucus might imply viral infection

You’ve been changing your baby’s diaper for a while now and you already believe you are an expert. There’s no longer anything that can shock you. However, one morning you wake up and find your baby’s poop has some slimy stuff over it. It is shiny, stringy, sticky and a little bubbly.

That stuff is known as mucus, which is pretty much the stuff that comes out of your nose when you are sick or suffer from allergies. However, normally it should not come out of anybody’s butt or pee pee. If you see it then something is out of balance with your baby’s body. There are many possibilities.

It Could Be Diarrhea

All baby poop looks the same. It is runny and mushy. The obvious reason for runny poop is because your little one is drinking milk. It is easy to digest and it slides down the intestines quickly so no wonder it’s runny.

However, does this poop look more runny than usual? Almost to the point looking seedy? If that’s the case, your baby might be suffering from diarrhea. If she is suffering from diarrhea, then you might even notice a little blood.

What causes your baby to suffer from diarrhea? There can be many reasons. For example:

  • Your little one is sick – When your baby is sick, her gastrointestinal system will most likely be thrown out of balance. If that’s the case, she might trying to get rid of toxins by pooping it out. If her poop is green along with the mucus then it might be viral infection.
  • She is having and allergic reaction to things she is eating – Some allergies are not discovered until years later. I know someone who has been eating shrimp for thirteen years. One day, out of the blue she became allergic to shrimp. It’s mysterious why that happens but it can happen. If your little one is allergic to what she is eating, then her intestines will be irritated and inflamed which disrupts intestine functions. Our intestines mainly exists to absorb the nutrients and water we take in. If it doesn’t work, then the extra nutrients and water gets passed right out as diarrhea
  • She could be having too much juice, or having juice too early for her age – Juice itself, might not be easy for a little life to digest. If she has too much juice too early, then diarrhea will be the end result. Her poop will probably smell stronger too because the bacteria in her intestines will feed on the extra sugar and make extra bacteria poop. Bacteria poop is what makes poop smells so bad.

It Could Be Too Much Drooling


               Too much drooling

Yes, you read that right. Too much saliva can cause mucus to end up in her diapers as well. You might thinking that mucus going through the gastrointestinal system will be completely reabsorbed by the body before it can even reach the poop.

However, what you don’t realize is that mucus is harder for your little one to digest than you think. Not to mention your baby most likely don’t have a very strong digestive system in the first place.

Swallowing too much mucus is definitely one reason why your child has mucus in her diapers in the first place. However, why is she drooling more?

The reason is simple. It could be because of teething.

While your precious little one is teething, she will want to chew on things a lot. That’s why there are so many toys on the market that warns not to let children under three years old to play with it. It’s because they will definitely chew on it.

When your baby chews on things, it stimulates her mouth to produce more saliva than she can reabsorb into her system. As an end result, it ends up on her butt instead.

It Could Be Due To Breast Feeding


breast feeding can cause mucus in diapers also

Our intestines (the area in our body where the food we ate is officially called poop) normally secretes mucus. Breast milk is very easy for your little baby to absorb. The reason is because it’s liquidy and all your intestine enzymes recognize it.

As an end result, your little one expels most of the mucus that naturally flow in her intestines. In this scenario, seeing mucus in her diapers is a normal thing.

However, sometimes breastfeeding can lead to your baby having allergies. The reason is because whatever the mother eats is passed directly into your baby. Let’s say for example that your baby is allergic to shrimp. The breast milk your baby is drinking comes from someone who ate shrimp, then your baby will develop an allergic reaction.

Sometimes allergic reactions can be life threatening. If you see your little one feeling irregular pains, while having blood in poop  along with the mucus, then contact your pediatrician right away.

If you have any questions regarding mucus then please it in the comment section below.