Pampers Is Always My Number One

Pampers have not disappointed me so far (except for the cruisers. The cruisers are really bad). That’s why I have decided to make these Pampers diaper reviews to share the love.

They have room to grow, but they have satisfied almost all of my expectations. I said almost because I hope there’s a better diaper that can do even better, however at this point, pampers is the only thing that will work for me.

I have moved from diapers to diapers and every time I do, my confidence in Pampers increases. The reason is because I always have to go back to it.

Maybe it’s because of its high quality or the fact that most hospitals holds utmost confidence in it.

Whichever it is, it has too many good qualities to it. It has some minor flaws too but it’s efficiency more than overshadows that.

For this review, I would focus on three Pampers products:

  • Pampers swaddlers
  • Pampers baby dry
  • Pampers cruisers

Pampers Swaddlers

softnessThey are soft

Pampers swaddlers are the diapers I have used from my Lilyanna’s birth up to now. I liked them the most out of all Pampers because they are definitely the softest diapers.


They Have Wide Range Of Sizes

They are available for all size babies from size N to size 6. Recently, they are also working on the P3 diapers for premature born babies. It’s not available yet but it will soon come out.


They Have a Wetness Indicator

They have a wetness indicator that shows you when a diaper is almost saturated. This is actually a great invention in my opinion.


In the old times you can only tell a baby has peed her diapers based on the “bulge” that the diaper shows. Even though this is a genuinely good technique however the wetness indicator makes it much more precise.

There are plenty of times where I felt a bulge on my daughter’s diaper and I immediately assumed that I had to change her diapers. However, after a closer look at her wetness indicator, I noticed that her diaper is only half full.

Realizing that, I would wait a little longer until the whole diaper is saturated before I change it. The only time I change it immediately is when she is about to go to sleep for the night. For the whole night of six to eight hours, a brand new diaper is more appropriate.


I wondered before if it is alright to not change her diaper if the the diaper is half full. So far I haven’t seen any rashes or issues. Not to mention the diaper is almost dry to the touch on the inside while it’s half full. I even tried squeezing it on the inside.Nothing leaks out. We have to admire the power of super absorbent polymer.


The wetness indicator has another function which is to prevent parents from over saturating their baby’s diapers. We all know that if diapers are soaked beyond their capacity, it’s very easy to cause diaper rashes. The reason is because the fluid gets absorbed by the baby’s skin that comes in contact with the diaper. Since pee and poop itself has plenty of harmful micro-organisms (germs), the moist environment gives them plenty of chances to grow and attack your baby’s skin.


This is another reason why the bulge technique is not reliable. The fully colored wetness indicator is actually not telling you that the diaper is completely full. It’s telling you that the diaper is almost full. This actually makes a big difference.


There was a time where I left my daughter’s diaper on for too long and it felt at least 25% heavier than usual. Normally, I change her diapers when her wetness indicator has completely changed color from front to back so at that point I didn’t realize that the diaper has extra capacity to hold more.


What I am getting at is that if didn’t have the wetness indicator, I would’ve left her diapers way too long and over saturate it.


It’s because I would wait for her bulge to become “obvious” before I take action. At that point, it might already be too late. For many parents this is a mistake often made resulting in many unhappy experiences like:

  • SAP gel leakage (super absorbent polymer ball looking things that pops out of exploded diapers)
  • diaper rashes (red butts, and pain)

It’s not really the problem with the diapers. Parents simply waited too long and filled it up with pee.The wetness indicator is a really cool add on to the diapers.


However, occasionally there will be manufacturing flaws. On amazon, a parent complained that the position of the wetness indicator is a bit too low in the front.


In other words, it’s a bit inconvenient if you want to quickly check if the diaper is wet from the front. You would have to pull down your baby’s pants halfway to be able to check.


So far, none the diapers I bought has this problem, but even if it did, I have a very simple solution to it. Simply check the wetness indicator in the back.

Of course, this doesn’t matter if your baby is still wearing onesies (full body suit that has buttons at the pee area). If that’s the case then you have to pull down the pants to check anyway.


The Size Always Fits

Whenever I visit the pediatrician, the first thing I do is to make note of my baby’s weight and her weight changes. I do this because diaper sizes are based on the weight of your baby. Some people I know actually complain that these diapers don’t fit the baby even though their weight is within the diaper size range. However, is that completely true?

My Lilyanna roughly grows one pound every two weeks so it was pretty easy for me to predict the moment to up a diaper size for her.

Sometimes the diapers can be bit of a tight fit even though you might still have one to two pounds before you hit the limit of your diaper weight range. That’s because every baby is different so you can’t exactly predict every baby shape in the world.

However, that never bothered me because whenever she’s about to hit the minimum weight of the next size, I purchase it ahead of time and move her up. I do that because the minimum weight of the larger diaper size is always smaller than the upper limit of the smaller diaper size.

For example let’s say you are about change your baby’s diaper size from size 3 to size 4. The maximum weight a size 3 diaper can hold is 28 pounds baby. The minimum weight for size 4 is 22 pounds. If I predict that my baby will be 22 pounds a month later, I would immediately stop buying size 3 diapers even if she is not close to the max of 28 pounds yet. I use subscribe and save with amazon, so if anything, I would plan ahead of time.

For parents who found that the diapers don’t fit their baby most likely bought too much for a certain size. These parents probably expected the baby to fit in the diaper all the way up to the weight limit of the diaper. Personally I don’t think so myself because there are so many types of babies in the world and no baby is completely alike in shape. Even though the weight range usually works for my baby but I consider it to be a guide more than an iron rule.

This is why when I hear that other parents feel that the pampers are too small for their baby, I think they simply need to stop buying too many in bulk all at once for a specific size. If you do that, then your pampers will always fit your little one.

Their Newborn Size Has Umbilical Notch

When I got these diapers at the hospital, they already come with an umbilical notch. This really helps because I don’t need to fold down the front down like the old times.

They Almost Never Leak

I have been using these diapers for ten months already on my daughter. My daughter was also breastfed so her poop is more runny than formula fed babies. I have only witnessed around five blowouts (poop overflow) in total.

All the other times, there’s no problem. As for pee leaking, that only happened once. The reason for that to happen is actually because I didn’t wrap the diaper right that time so that really is my mistake.

To me, that’s already a great track record, because I’ve heard many horror stories of parents waking up in the middle of the night to change wet bed sheets. Fortunately, none of that has happened to me.

I know that I need enough rest if I want to take care of my family well so I made sure I got the most absorbent diaper, and Pampers haven’t disappointed me at all.

However, one thing I want to point out is to not let the diapers get too full. It’s true that they have high absorbing capacity, but any disposable diaper has a limit. If you see the wetness indicator turned completely blue (blue is wet, yellow is dry) and still refused to change her diaper, then you can’t blame anybody when the diaper bursts open.

There are parents who waited too long to change their baby’s diapers. As an end result, the absorption beads break out of the diapers. It has never happened to me, but I heard it’s a big mess to clean up. Your baby might even eat it.

Of course, I believe the gel beads are completely harmless when they are already saturated with fluids. However, if your baby is eating those beads, then it’s not that different from drinking her own pee, because those beads absorbed her pee.

I highly recommend you change your baby’s diapers every three to four hours. Of course that also depends on how much fluid she took and whether her wetness indicator is completely blue or not. I also recommend you change her diaper if the diaper is at least half full and she is about to sleep for the night.

The Tabs Aren’t That Good

There are good and bad to everything in the world. For my favorite pampers, it’s no exception. I have always had a complaint about the tabs on the diapers.

They are velcro tabs so you can stick and un-stick to the diaper multiple times without losing its sticky potential. It’s perfect when you have to deal with wriggling babies. This is why I love these velcro tabs. They work way better than the sticky tape version of other diaper brands.

However, their design on Pampers is very weird. They are squarish, hard, and sharp. I have no idea why they didn’t design the tabs to be soft. Even my daughter got some shallow cuts once or twice.

Usually I have myself to blame when those cuts happen, because I didn’t wrap the tabs matching the yellow indicators on the diapers. Since pampers everything else so well done, I decided to compromise and put up with this little flaw.

One thing I have to point out is that if the tabs tear off easily, then those Pampers you have are most likely fake. I redo my daughter’s diapers millions of times already. None of the tabs have torn off. If you bought it on amazon, then you are lucky, because you can ask for an exchange or refund.

Another thing I have to point out is that these diapers tabs are not meant for your baby if your baby is super tall and skinny type. The velcro tabs doesn’t allow overlapping each other so if your baby is “heavy bone” then you are out of luck. However, this is very rare.

They Sag

Pamper swaddlers will definitely sag if your little one can already start crawling and walking. This can’t be helped because they are mostly meant for sleeping or rolling babies.

However, a little sag usually isn’t such a big deal. If you really find that annoying that keep your baby’s onesies on. The buttons on the bottom will help at keeping the diaper from being pulled down by gravity.

If you want your baby to stop wearing onesies and have nonstop action, then get the pamper’s cruisers. They are designed to fight sagging.

They Smell Alright

Personally, I don’t find much complaint about their smell. It just smells like a mild baby powder scent. Once again, if you smell some kind of strong chemical smell that is enough to kill all the roaches nearby, then you should really check to see if you got some fake pampers.

The real pampers will come in bags with their own reward codes printed on it. These diapers don’t come fragrance free so if that’s what you’re looking for then this diaper is not for you.

The Mesh Does Not Stick

I have heard complaints that the mesh of the diaper (that net looking thing) sticks to babies bottoms. I’ve been using these diapers on my daughter for a long time, and I have not even witnessed that even once.

The mesh is meant to block off your baby’s butt from touching the moist part of the diaper itself. I think it’s uses are extremely helpful. Once again if your diaper mesh acts weird then you should really check to see if you got something fake.

The Gel Beads Are Harmless

I mentioned this earlier and I will mention this once again. When you wait for your baby’s diaper to be so full that it bursts open, you will see these tiny gel beads roll out.

Those petroleum based balls known as sodium polyacrylate, which is a type of super absorbent polymer. You find them almost everywhere in the world. Companies add a tiny “silica gel” thing to potato chips or other snacks to keep it fresh and crunchy.

The reason it works is because it can literally suck up water hundreds of times its own weight. Personally, I swallowed some once by accident many years ago.

No, I did not end up in the emergency room. I simply followed online instructions and drank as much water as I can. These things can suck you dry and dehydrate you if you don’t give it enough water. Of course, I’m not saying that you should eat them.

Some people say that they cause burns and irritation to your baby’s skin. Fortunately, that is a complete urban myth. They only cause irritation to the lungs during the manufacturing process. The reason is because they were still fresh out of the oven. However, even though that’s the case, there’s been no reports of factor workers suffering from it’s damage.

In other words, even if they bust out of your baby’s diaper due to oversaturation, they are not harmful even they are eaten. The reason is because it’s already full of water so it can’t dehydrate your kid anymore. Since the balls are full of your baby’s pee, you should still not let your child eat it.

Pampers Baby Dry


If you got really excited over the the Pampers swaddlers earlier, then you must have high expectations for the baby dry version. Unfortunately, I would have to tell you that the baby dry aren’t as good as the swaddlers.


From the name of it, you would probably imagine something like the swaddlers, except even more absorbent. However, that is actually not true.


The Baby Dry Does Leak Overnight

It’s very weird how supposedly the “drier” version of pampers actually hold more fluids. It really doesn’t. There’s been many parents who had to wake up to change bed sheets and clothes because these diapers leaked.


It’s Because It’s Too Thin

These diapers are very thin itself. According to the ad, it has three absorbent layers instead of two compared to swaddlers, but it isn’t thicker. It’s actually thinner. There are parents that mentioned that they can see through these diapers when their babies are wearing it.


Their Tabs Are Short

They also have shorter tabs compared to the swaddlers. If your baby happens to have a big butt, then these diapers will always feel a little too small for you.


The Tabs Go Missing Sometimes

Something you will find tabs missing. I haven’t bought these diapers myself so it’s a little unclear whether it’s because there are fake pampers baby dry in circulation or these diapers itself are full of flaws.


Wetness Indicator Disappears Early

These diapers have wetness indicator only from size N up to size 2. Starting from size 3, you have to rely on yourself to judge whether the diaper is full saturated or not. Personally, that’s a deal killer for me.


They Tend Irritate the Baby’s Skin

It’s not a lot but some people complain that they caused redness with their babies. If you want to confirm to be sure, buy a small pack and give it a try.


Sag Just Like the Swaddlers

Parents complain that the baby dry sag with just a little pee. Like I mentioned earlier, if you want to avoid the sagging, then get the cruisers during the day. At night, just go back to the swaddlers.


The Weird Polka Dot Design

Parents complain that the greenish polka dot design makes it confusing when determining whether their baby has pooped or not. For the swaddlers I also try to “see through” the diaper to see if my daughter has pooped or not. It would be a little frustrating if you want to figure out whether that’s the diaper’s design or poop itself.


They Are Not As Soft

Pampers swaddlers are designed to imitate cloth diapers’ cottony softness so you can’t expect that with the baby dry. They just don’t have it.

Pampers Cruisers

Why Use Cruisers?

Cruisers are meant to distribute wetness evenly throughout the diaper to prevent sagging. Ideally, it’s meant for babies that has started crawling. However, they don’t really work. They sag just like other diapers especially at size 5.


Missing a Tab, Again?

It’s very strange why even the Pampers cruisers are also missing tabs. Just like the pampers baby dry, it’s not just one or two diapers, but the entire box is missing one tab for each diaper.


If that happens to you then contact Amazon (if that’s where you ordered it) and ask for a refund or exchange. If you are willing to compromise then prepare some scotch tape or duct tape nearby


Don’t Use Them Overnight

They are not meant to be high capacity. They are really light and thin. Use the cruisers during the day and the swaddlers at night for full protection. They also tend to leak more because they tear really easily.


They Seem to Have More Fragrance

They also seem to scent these diapers stronger than swaddlers. But then again, all pampers diapers are pretty much scented so it’s not surprise there.


Redness and Rashes

The cruisers also seem to cause red rashes which you don’t see in Swaddlers. My daughter got a big red rash on her genitals whenever she use these.