My Story

Once again, we touch on the topic of pampers vs huggies diapers. Before you read my review, please hear my story. My daughter is currently 18 months old, and I am currently using Huggies little movers combined with pampers swaddlers. As you might already know, I used to be a big pampers swaddlers fan. I thoroughly explained the reason in my other article, Huggies VS Pampers Reviews – For Year 2016,  I am still a pampers swaddlers fan, but unfortunately I can no longer rely on on them to solve all my problems.

If I had a choice, I would be a pampers swaddler user forever. Reality is just too cruel to me, because I reached a changing point in my daughter’s development. She is now walking so the pampers swaddlers tend to sag. It is the sad truth. I tried solving the sagging problem by making my daughter wear only onesies (baby overalls with buttons near the diaper area) to try to secure the diapers and prevent them from sagging. Unfortunately, clothing is very flexible material, so instead of holding the diaper up, they “stretched” and sagged down along with her swaddlers.

The problem with diaper sagging is a bigger than you think, because it influences the absorption ability of the diaper. Normally the pee pee hot spot is located right next to the source of the pee. However, now that the diaper has sagged, the hot spot (which is almost the strongest absorption point of the diaper) has also sank. This is why that even my daughter was suffering from leak problems while using pampers swaddlers.


My wife and I originally decided to try “pampers cruisers” since they are technically the diapers that fights sagging by contouring to the baby’s waist and thigh locations. That was a horrible decision, because my daughter started developing this giant rash in her private area. We tried all the creams, but they had minimum effects on it. Surprisingly, even aquaphor did little to relieve it.

Later on, we switched to huggies little movers. Unfortunately, they weren’t that much better. The rash that developed from the cruisers before disappeared, but occasionally, my daughter’s private area will turn firey red. We could avoid the redness developing if we change her diapers often enough. However, it is not easy to change her diapers, since she is a super wiggly, and fussy whenever we try.

In the end, we combined pampers swaddlers along with huggies little movers. The idea is to let her use little movers during the day when she is running around, and to use swaddlers at when it is her nap time. The swaddlers makes the redness completely disappears, and the little movers prevents the sagging.

Which Contains Blowouts Better?

In terms of blowouts, there is really no winner between Huggies and Pampers. In my opinion, they both do a fairly good job. My daughter has been through several “close calls” where the poop almost made its way out of the back of the diaper. Of course, you almost can not tell when you look at diaper on the outside. You will notice it the moment you unwrap the diaper.

My wife and I have each taken turns changing my daughter’s poopy diapers whenever we smell it in the air. There were many times where Lilyanna’s poop almost reached the waistline on her back. It was literally one inch below the top of the waistband. Fortunately, these close calls were way more common than actual blowouts so plenty of times, pooped were contained in the diapers rather than leaking out.

This close call situation happened pretty often whether we used Huggies or Pampers with our daughter. It can’t be helped after all, because disposable diapers are not entirely flexible like cloth. They are partially inflexible plastic. Fortunately, there never enough blowouts that got serious enough to force us to rely on cloth diapers.

Another common area where blowouts can happen is down one of the thighs. That didn’t happen too many times whether we used pampers or huggies. Occasionally, it can happen if we didn’t wrap the diaper correctly by pulling out the “frills” at the thigh gusset area.

There’s no perfect diaper in this world. Every single type of diaper will have a chance of a blowout leak. It is a matter of luck, and prevention combined. Things you can prevent are factors like:

  • Diaper fit (if the size is too big or too small, the poop will leak out)
  • Correct diaper wrap (if its not wrapped correctly, there will be gaps)
  • The types of food the baby ate (fruits, and watery foods tends to cause diarrhea)
  • The types of foods the breastfeeding mother ate (passes on to the baby)
  • Oversupply of breastmilk (yes, that is actually possible and it causes bleeding too)
  • Infection (your baby might be sick)
  • Allergies (to the food that your baby is eating or breastfeeding mother is eating)

Luck is one thing, but prevention usually helps a lot. My daughter hasn’t had a blowout for a very long time (almost a year). The last time we had a blowout was when I wrapped the diaper wrong. I forgot to pull out the frills where the diaper wraps around the thighs. This created a big enough gap for the poop to flow out one of her legs. As you imagined, I had to wash those poopy clothes by hand (oh, poor me).


In other words, no matter what diaper you use, even cloth diapers, if you don’t do the right prevention, blowouts will be your problem no matter what whether it is Huggies or Pampers.

Which Has Better Fit?

When it comes to fit, you will have to experiment on your own to find out which diaper works for you. When it comes to fitting, it is all about proportions between your baby’s butt size and thigh size. Generally speaking, Pampers are more for babies with bigger butts, and Huggies are meant for babies with thicker thighs.


When my daughter grew bigger, her thighs got a lot thicker too. Her legs are so tough, then when she kicks me (by accident of course), it hurts a lot. However, whether it was pampers or huggies, both diapers fit her just fine. You can tell that a diaper fits well if there are barely ever any leaks. Fitting is important because it seals the “mess” into the diaper.


Maybe back then, Pampers and Huggies contour to different baby shapes, but I believe that is slowly changing. Pampers and Huggies are slowly changing their diaper designs (sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way) to fit all babies better. In terms of fit, I would say that both diapers are on equal ground.

Which Diaper Is Softer?

Things might have been different back then, but nowadays, both Huggies and Pampers are pretty soft on the inside. The outside is still hard plastic, which makes sense unless you want your baby’s pee to penetrate the exterior. Personally, I feel that Pampers swaddlers is the softest to the touch. It is no wonder my daughter almost never develop diaper rashes while using it.

Don’t get me wrong. The Huggies diapers are soft too, but they are not as soft. If I have to describe it, pampers swaddlers is like soft cotton balls, and Huggies is like a soft mattress. You know what is ironic? Huggies has more “cotton content” compared to Pampers. I don’t really understand how that works either. Maybe it is the method used to manufacture the cotton is the secret as to why Pampers can be softer than Huggies with less cotton.This is analogical to car tires. It is not solid rubber. It has air in it which makes it run smoothly.

Which Diaper Has Better Locks?

When I talk about locks, I am talking those sticky tabs that keeps the diaper wrapped on your baby. Back then, there were variety of sticky tabs that differentiate Pampers and Huggies. However, nowadays, they both use velcro. So technically, they are both on equal ground most of the times when it comes to locks.

However, the interesting thing is the Huggies little movers. Instead of one pair of velcro tabs, they have two pairs of velcro tabs. These are very interesting. It is pretty helpful because you get two times the grip along the length. If I have to describe how these tabs work, I would say that the normal velcro tabs are little hands that wraps the diaper tightly. The extra grips are like sticky armpits that assists the hands with wrapping.

these two grip strips don’t touch each other

While Huggies little movers double velcro lock might seem cool, you can love it or hate it. You will love it if you sort of “get” the technique to wrapping the diaper. It really does become a lot more secure. However, you will hate it if you are clumsy and have trouble wrapping diapers. The extra velcro might get in the way sometimes when you are are wrapping, and you get the wrapping angles wrong. Nevertheless, if you are good at wrapping, and you practiced a lot, then this could become your favorite feature.

Which is Better For Rashes?

Pampers, specifically the swaddlers are the best when it comes to avoiding rashes. Of course, diaper rashes don’t depend entirely on the diaper itself. However, if you use pampers swaddlers, you can avoid diaper rashes 99% of the time.

If you want to avoid diaper rashes, the following should also be done right:

  • Don’t wait too long to change a diaper. (You would be able to tell that you waited too long if the diaper is heavy like a brick)
  • You must change your baby’s diaper after she has pooped immediately.
  • Try to limit the amount of citrus fruits and vegetables to your baby (like oranges, tomatoes for example)
  • Check with your doctor to see if your baby has any food allergies. Avoid foods that your baby is allergic to.

Which Diaper is Better For Overnight?

Both Pampers and Huggies are pretty good when it comes to keeping your baby dry overnight. The swaddlers does a slightly better job. When I wake up in the morning, my daughter is completely dry in the swaddlers. As for the Huggies, I see a little moisture left on my daughter’s skin. It is not a lot of wetness, but it is still not as dry as the swaddlers.

This normally doesn’t matter if my daughter didn’t eat anything acidic like spaghetti sauce. However, if she did, the unabsorbed pee will give her a rash.

Diaper Variety

In terms of variety, pampers and huggies are pretty much on equal ground also. They both have diapers for different stages, different needs, and different situations to support your baby’s needs and development. Both companies pretty much covered every stage of development. However, be warned, because not all their products are good. Throughout the article, I have been comparing pampers and huggies, but I was referring to their good diapers. If you really want to try their diapers, whether it is huggies or pampers, don’t for their crappy ones. I will give you all the details here.


Pampers Swaddlers vs Huggies Little Snugglers

Usually, pampers swaddlers it the first diaper your newborn will ever wear in most hospitals. It is soft, absorbent, and extremely reliable so no wonder most hospitals use it. Personally, I used it on my daughter from birth till now. It has never failed on me in terms of absorption, leak prevention, and rash protection.

As for Huggies little snugglers, I have never truly tried the little snugglers. In fact, I use the “huggies little snugglers plus” with my daughter. The “plus” version of huggies are only available at costco. The little snugglers plus were actually just as absorbent as the swaddlers. They were also very soft. The inner material was designed to look a bit like a mini mattress which was interesting. I guess it is done that way to prevent most of the wetness of the diaper from touching the baby’s skin. However, I like the the liner “net” of the swaddlers better in comparison, because it really feels like the the liner can isolate my daughter’s skin from the wet absorbent core itself.

I only used one box of huggies little snugglers plus, and then I continued my diaper journey with pampers swaddlers. The main reason is because I believe the “liner” design in the swaddlers truly prevents the pee from touching my daughter’s skin so that was very helpful. Another reason is because swaddlers can be ordered on Amazon with subscribe and save options. I like how they automatically deliver diapers to my door without me worrying about it every month.

Huggies Little Movers Plus vs Pampers Cruisers

When your baby becomes a toddler, one of the first things you will definitely have to worry about is sagging diapers. The main reason why it happens at toddler stage is because your little toddler is standing on her two feet most of the times. Diapers sag because as it collects pee, it gets heavier, and it sinks down between her legs.

This is a major problem because the absorbent material is located further away from the private area, where the pee is the strongest, and the wrap around the thighs becomes a wider gap so pee can leak from that gap before it gets to be absorbed by the diaper.

Huggies little movers plus and pampers cruisers are both designed to combat this problem by spreading the flow of pee differently in the diaper. They also make the waist band, thigh gussets a little stretchier to allow the baby to move around freely.

If you have to choose between the two, choose Huggles little movers plus. They are definitely designed better than the pampers cruisers. They also have double velcro to secure the diaper better. I have used both but, the cruisers created a major rash on my daughter’s private area. As for the little movers, I only see a little red in the private area.

To be honest, neither of them could prevent my daughter from developing redness at her private area, but at least the little movers plus didn’t make my daughter get a rash.

One thing you have to keep in  mind is that neither cruisers or little movers are good sleep diapers. When your baby is sleeping, the pee in her diapers are in contact with her skin way too long. This is why I combine pampers swaddlers with huggies little movers plus. Use pampers swaddlers when your baby is sleeping, and use the little movers plus when she is moving around and playing. The reason I do that is because pampers swaddlers does a wonderful job of isolating pee from your baby’s skin so she doesn’t develop any redness. Don’t bother with the pampers cruisers,they are a waste of money

For Huggies little movers, they also have a variation, which is the huggies little movers slip on. These are basically little movers “prewrapped” so that you can help your baby wear it while standing up (kind of like an underwear). However, don’t confuse these with Huggies training pants. Huggies training pants are designed to be easily “ripped off” in emergencies, but little movers slip on doesn’t have that feature.

Pampers Splashers vs. Huggies Little Swimmers

These are diapers that are meant to be used only in water scenarios. You definitely should not use these outside of the pool or beach time.. The reason I say that is because they are less absorbent compared to regular diapers.

You might be wondering then what’s the whole point of these diapers then? Well, the idea is that they are designed to be less absorbent with fluid so that they don’t get swollen in the pool or beach scenario (you are surrounded by water after all). The reason this is important is because their main purpose is to block poop from flowing out of the diapers.

My daughter has tried these, and no accidents has happened so far. Pampers splashers and Huggies little swimmers seems to be on equal ground so take your pick and choose anyone you like.

Pampers Easy Ups vs Huggies Pull Ups

Theoretically, these potty training pants (diapers in my opinion) are meant to be used for potty training your toddler. They are designed like underwears. Instead of having two sticky flaps like regular diapers, they have a fully elastic 360 degrees waistband. The idea behind this is that your child will have the ability to pull down this “underwear” herself if she actually needs to go to the bathroom. However, if she doesn’t make it to the toilet or potty chair in time, at least this “underwear” will absorb the mess.

The main difference between the pampers easy ups and the huggies pull ups is the ability to change them. For the Huggies pull ups (there’s a boy and girl version), there’s a velcro opening on the side in which you can “open” to change when your toddler’s has pooped or peed in it. The easy ups don’t have this function. You literally have to tear them apart to change it.

If you send your toddler to daycare, and you are potty training her, you will probably have to purchase the Huggies pull ups, because it is more convenient to change with the side openings. However, if you are potty training your toddler at home, the pampers easy ups is actually slightly better. The reason is because the Pampers version are softer and more comfortable. The velcro opening in the Huggies pull ups are actually very stiff and uncomfortable to wear. They actually poke your toddler. So if you use Huggies pull ups, you are literally sacrificing comfort for convenience.


Diapers That You Should Not Bother Trying – Because They Are A Waste Of Money

Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive  

These diapers are supposedly for sensitive skin, but it still causes rashes. This seems to be heavily perfumed. The fragrance is a big reason why babies get more diaper rashes using this. Just get the the regular pampers swaddlers.

Pampers Swaddlers overnight

these are the “updated” version of the Pampers Extra Protection Nighttime diapers. Theoretically they are supposed to be more absorbent compared to regular pampers swaddlers, but they are very leaky. Don’t bother with them. The old extra protection night time diapers are gone. You might still find the old version (which actually works well) at Babies R’ Us if you are lucky.

Huggies Overnites

Unfortunately, they have also changed their design like the pampers overnights so they aren’t that good. Don’t bother with these either.

Pampers Baby Dry

This supposedly has extra absorb channels and 3 layers compared to the 2 layer swaddlers. However,they aren’t as good as the swaddlers so don’t bother. Even though they are called baby dry, they don’t keep your baby dry at all.


If your baby is still a crawling baby or a baby that lies flat, pampers swaddlers is your answer to all your problems. As your baby grows into a walker, you might have to combine both swaddlers and huggies little movers. The swaddlers is for your baby’s sleep, and the huggies is for when your baby moves around. At least, that’s what I find to be working right now. I hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section below.