What is potty training?

According to Wikipedia, potty training is process of training your child to to use the toilet for peeing and pooping. Their definition is more formal than that, but you get the idea.

My Story

My mother is a fan of potty training her kids early. That’s why my sister and I already potty trained when we were about nine to ten months old. I don’t know how I was potty trained, but I sure remember what it was like to potty train my sister.

At that time, we have this tiny toilet looking thing for my sister to sit on whenever she needs to “go”. At one time, I helped my sister sit on the mini toilet. After she finished peeing, I accidentally toppled the little toilet and pee was spilled all over the floor.

That was pretty disgusting, especially the part I where I have to clean the floor.

Fast forwarding eighteen year later…

Now that I am about to be a father in four months, it’s time re-live that nightmare. However, this time to buy a mini toilet that’s difficult to spill no matter how much you knock into it. Do you have any problems that you are running into while you are potty training your baby? If you do, leave a feedback in the comment section below.