Everybody Knows Seven Or Do We?

seventh generation diaper

Everybody knows seventh generation diapers. At least that’s the first thing that pops up when you research green disposable diapers.  That’s why I thought it’s a good idea to give Seventh Generation diapers a thorough review. For those who don’t already know, this is a brand  of  diaper  focused on being environmentally friendly

The fact is that seventh generation is the first green diaper that I came across when I was looking for the best diaper for my little baby.  It got me interested because there are a lot of moms that gave it a lot  thumbs up all over the internet.  At first, I thought I have found a great diaper.

Unfortunately it is not as good as before. To make it worst it didn’t have that many good points to begin with.

It Leaks A Lot

leak yellow

Back then it used to be good.  A lot of people mentioned how much they loved it and how well it performs.  Unfortunately that has changed.

They make changes to the diaper design and  made it a lot thinner, or to be a little blunt about it, made slightly cheaper than before.  This is why that when a baby wears it,  it leaks pretty easily.

This is especially true when the baby lean to the side. Some parents  even complain that it leaks the moment they put it on their baby not to mention that their babies aren’t even heavy wetters.

Personally, I try to share some of the diaper duties in the house, because I don’t want my wife to handle all that stress. Nothing would be more annoying to find my little baby soaked from her own pee.

If my baby gets soaked, I immediately have to be responsible for all of these things:

  • I have to take off my daughter’s clothes completely – This is something my daughter really hates. She cries really loud to prove that.
  • I have to change her diaper again – This is annoying to my daughter also because she does her cha cha dance just to fight my diaper wrapping
  • I have to put new clothes on her– If my daughter plays karate with me when I take off her clothes, then she plays taekwondo when I put on her clothes. Trust me, it’s not fun to be brutally kicked by her little feet
  • It’s not over yet– Now I have to wash those clothes that got soaked. Overally, if the combat with my daughter took long enough, this process could’ve taken at least half an hour to finish
  • If that doesn’t sound too bad, imagine it happening more than ten times a day.

With more leakage, simply means more change of clothes for babies. As an end result, it’s also more work for the parents. also means more laundry which also means more water and more money spent.  Needless to say this is very bad for the environment which offsets  any green advantage it has.

This rarely ever happens with my daughter because I am using Pampers swaddlers right now.

Another issue with Seventh Generation diapers that the diaper is very narrow  and small.  The problem with that is that even if your baby is in the labeled weight range,  it’s probably too small for her.

If you are already a veteran parent, then you should probably know by now that diapers that are too small of a size won’t be capable of absorbing much. The reason is because there isn’t enough absorbent material to absorb the extra pee and poop from a relatively heavier baby.

This is even worse if your baby enjoy the moving around.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s pee or poop,  nothing will stay inside .

They Add Color To Their Diapers

The diaper itself is a weird paper bag color. You would think that this is the result of no bleaching the diaper correct? Unfortunately, it’s actually a pigment they added in order to make it look like that.

On the internet, there are claims that this is a method used to prove that they didn’t bleach their products. The purpose of a green diaper is not only to be good for the environment, it’s also to be healthy for the baby at the same time. The point is to make it natural.

However, the moment a pigment is added to the diaper, that purpose has been destroyed, because you and I both know that the more artificial stuff you add to a diaper, the chance of side effects becomes higher.

According to babygearlab,  there’s no purpose to this color pigment other than to mislead people into thinking that the diaper is more natural than it really is.

One big mistake of Sevength Generation made is that if they simply want to prove that their diapers aren’t bleached, then just add a big fat label on the box. There’s no need to make a pigment that will stay in  constant contact with baby butts twenty fours a day.

It’s Not Soft


Seventh generation diapers are rough and uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want these diapers to sandpaper my baby daughter’s butt.I have seen what diaper rashes look like. There was a time when I forgot to change her diapers. I left it on for at least seven hours. That was my mistake since I let the diaper get over saturated.

It Sags

These diapers also tend to sag once it gets even a little wet. It basically bulks up when wet forming a giant knot. At this point, it feels less likely a diaper and more like a wad of newspaper.

They Are Not Fully Green

They might claim to be biodegradable,  but they aren’t entirely that way.  It is true that they don’t use chlorine bleach and fragrance in their diapers.

However they use a lot of synthetic materials so their diapers are only about half biodegradable.

In this sense Bambo Nature is much better because their diapers are about 90%  biodegradable.

Seventh generation free and clear overnight characteristics.

Conclusion- Get something else

In terms of being biodegradable, they are not entirely green, and  in terms of functionality, regular brands like Pampers is better.

I  highly don’t recommend you buy them.  If you still aren’t sure what diapers yous should get yet, just get some pampers for now.

It’s true that Pampers aren’t biodegradable but they excel being absorbent, leak free.  They are also  cheap when you subscribe and save on amazon.