If you are in a hurry, the safest disposable diapers are almost all of the diaper brands out there.  Just buy whatever is on the shelf and go home. Before you start cursing me out due to your enraged parental instincts, let me explain the reasoning behind that.

Don’t Be Fooled By Trends

Just like many trends, gimmicks, or whatever social media tries to tell you, not everything you learn on the internet are completely true.

Yes, baby friendly diapers is also a gimmick. There’s no real safe diaper out there. People try to make a name for themselves by forming exaggerated conclusions that doesn’t help anybody. There are always new “studies” that tells you to avoid this, and avoid that.

Of course, I am not trying to deny scientific studies. I am trying to tell you to doubt the people who interpret them for you.

Anybody can learn to read scientific data. However, whoever that makes it into a big deal are people who interpret them and gives their conclusion. If the person who interprets them is a big pain in the butt, then the conclusion you read will be some kind of exaggerated conclusion.

Everything Can Literally Kill You

If you read how everybody concludes studies on the internet, then you will realize that the world you live in is completely hostile towards you. I can give you some facts now that can literally starve you to death. Don’t believe me? Then read this:

  • Do you like root vegetables? I am talking about vegetables like potatoes, carrots, ginseng, turnips, beets, etc. They all contain lead. It is a small amount but there are lead in them. Believe it or not, even fruit juices have them.
  • Do you like fish? There’s mercury in them. This is especially true for fish that lives in the seas. Despite what you think, its not because of pollution. The ocean floor has natural mercury that sea organisms absorbs into their system.
  • Do you like corn? It is mostly genetically modified (GMO). The problem with gmo is that they have higher levels of herbicide which is cancerous.
  • Do you like meat? They come from animals that are fed with GMO corn.
  • Do you like beef and pork? There are scientific studies that links them to cancer.
  • Do you like eggs? There are reports of salmonella contamination. It is contagious too.
  • Do you like spinach, peaches, strawberries, cherries,  apples, and nectarines? They all have high level of pesticides in them.
  • Did you know that the air you breathe has more than 1000 types of bacteria in it? Of course, some of it are harmless. However, if any one type gets a chance to attack you when your immune system goes down, it can colonize and form millions to billions copies of itself.
  • Did you know that steering wheel on your car, and the door knob you touch everyday has more bacteria than your toilet seat?
  • Did you know that the sun gives you UV radiation that causes cancer, aging, and wrinkly skin?

This list is only a small portion of the studies that has been done for our surroundings. There are new studies rolling out right now that might eventually conclude that anything you do can kill you.

What Does This Have To Do With Disposable Diapers?

The disposable diapers you can choose out there have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sure, there are “chemical-free” diapers out there like Bambo Nature, and Naty’s Nature Baby Care. Are they the top when it comes to chemical free? Honestly, yes they are.

Are they the best disposable diapers for your baby? The answer is, no they are not.  Of course, among all the disposable diapers out there, Bambo Nature is still the best in my opinion.

The only problem with them is that they started cutting corners. Over the years, they made their diapers thinner, so it made them almost worthless when it comes to keep your baby dry. What happens when they can’t keep your baby dry? Diaper rashes of course. They are red, scaly, and looks painful. It would make your baby fuss, and break your heart.

You might be thinking it is alright if you simply changed diapers more often right? Yea, that would be true, if you don’t need to sleep at all. How do you change diapers when you and your baby are both sleeping at night?

Don’t forget. Your baby will constantly wet her diapers during those six to eight hours of sleep. Even if you do set an alarm to wake yourself in the middle of the night to change her diapers, do you really want to risk waking your baby up in the middle of her sleep?

What about Naty’s Nature Baby Care? They are even worst than Bambo Nature. In terms of environmental friendliness, and chemical free, they are definitely top notch. However, I would prefer to call them “incomplete diapers”, because they are extremely fragile. Parents have warned on amazon how their babies can literally “rip hole” in them with enough effort. Imagine what would happen when your baby is having a diaper blowout.

You see what I am getting at right? The top green diapers you can buy has problems that might be unacceptable to most parents out there. I am not saying that Bambo’s and Naty’s diapers are not good, but I am telling you not to be blinded by the baby friendly gimmicks out there. If your baby gets a diaper rash from lack of absorency, then your baby won’t really benefit in the end anyway.

However, if you still want to try these top baby friendly diapers despite their problems then go for it.

I don’t deny the fact that many disposable diapers have toxic chemicals in them. However, these chemicals are in very small amounts. The amount of chemicals they have is so small, that the food I mentioned earlier has much more toxicity to them.

Or else, how do you explain why almost every hospital uses pampers swaddlers on a newborn?

Is It Wrong To Be Aware And Careful?

It is definitely not wrong to be careful about what you are buying and using in your daily life. This is especially true when it comes to babies. For example, I don’t recommend baby monitors that can be connected to the internet, because hackers can hijack them and spy on your children.

This is something that can be avoided, because there are baby monitors don’t have wifi capabilities. Not to mention, I don’t endorse allowing babies to sleep alone in their own room with baby monitors as compensation.

I believe it is better for babies to sleep in the same room as parents to avoid SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

However, I am telling you to stop being paranoid about everything.

Don’t Be Paranoid Over Everything You Learned

When you become paranoid, you fall victim for companies or hyperactive friends that tries to sell you shabby products that is apparently “safe” for your baby. However, even though their products have plenty of problems, it will be overshadowed by the fact that they are supposedly “safer”.

Always Doubt What Other People Tell You

Another thing I have to warn you about is to always have doubts in the information you learn from other people around you. This is especially true if the person you talk to seem to “pressure you” into believing something, and they supposedly swear by their so called priceless information. If you have a slight doubt in the back of your mind, then listen to your instincts and don’t overly believe theiir overly energetic explanation.

These kind of people who gets you to follow certain ridiculous trends have a pattern. These people usually talk faster, talk louder, and they always interrupt you very often in the conversation.

They interrupt you so much, you often forget the point you were trying to make. Your beliefs and opinions gets overshadowed by theirs even if you are the one who is right. They are also capable of convincing you into believing the lies they tell you by hinting that you are stupid.

How To Avoid Being Pressure By Other People

The best way to avoid being overwhelmed by these people is to learn to put aside your pride, by admitting that you are stupid.  Of course, don’t just admit that you are stupid. Go the extra mile and smile while you say it.

Of course, in your subconsciousness, you don’t believe for a second that you are stupid, but you are shutting them up by calling yourself stupid. This might sound weird to you, but admitting to other people you are stupid is actually a strong sign of confidence.

When you call out this way, this removes the hostage from the conversation. Who’s the hostage? Your intelligence level of course. Of course, whether your friend can truly judge your level of intelligence is up to debate, but usually the conclusion is your friend doesn’t have the capability of judging you accurately.

They can only get their point across when they can threaten you with, “I will call you stupid if you don’t believe every word I say”. Eliminate that threat by letting them call you stupid (without actually believing so) and talk to them without being overwhelmed.


In terms of chemical free, Bambo Nature and Naty’s Nature Baby Care are definitely the top diapers out there. However, they most likely can’t function as well as Pampers swaddlers when it comes to keeping your baby diaper rash free.

This world is big and “facts” constantly transform. Back in the old days, people believe that tonsils should be removed. However, nowadays, scientists believe they are part our immune system. Learn to trust your information with a grain of salt, and never be paranoid. I hope you benefited from this. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments section below.