Your little one is born into this world, and now comes the first challenge. What diapers should she wear? It’s a question that traumatizes many parents because changing diapers itself is already a scary task not to mention using a diaper that’s low quality. Don’t get me wrong. Just because a parent has gained a lot of experience, it doesn’t meant that any diaper would work. If that was the case, then you can simply put your baby in your old underwear and make it work (gross, nevermind about that).

When my daughter was born, I directly jumped into the embrace of Pampers swaddlers, because I believe it is the best disposable diaper for my newborn not to mention it’s also the first diaper the hospital gave us. I still believe they are the best nowadays, but as time passed, I realized that there are other options available that are just as awesome.

Efficiency Comes First

I mentioned many times before that a diaper  has to work in order for it to qualify as an option for parents. There are brands of diapers out there that simply looks good on the outside and unreasonably expensive (cough, honest diapers).

The most absorbent diapers I have seen so far are the pampers swaddlers. They are incredibly soft, and almost leak proof. I have used them on my daughter for over a year now and I barely ever see a problem. There was a bad rap with pampers because of the pampers baby dry max being out in the market back then. However, not all Pampers diapers are made as well as the swaddlers. The swaddlers line are definitely the best.

There are also other kinds of diapers that are environmentally friendly and just as good as pampers. The only problem with them is that they are more expensive. However, if you are scared of the fragrance the diaper companies add to their diapers, and want to do mother earth a favor then you can try some environmentally friendly diapers.

A good example of that would be andy pandy. They are made of biodegradable bamboo so they are definitely gluten free for those who are allergic to gluten. They are also extremely soft and absorbent. There’s even been claims that they are so absorbent that the pee doesn’t touch the wetness indicator fooling parents into thinking that the diapers not wet even though they are.

Naty’s nature baby care is also extremely absorbent and environmentally friendly. The only bad part about them is the fact that they are not durable enough to abuse. If you tug just a little too hard, then you might rip it into pieces. However, in terms of absorbency and environmentally friendliness, they are definitely top notch. Their material is made of non GMO corn which also means that you won’t be dealing with wheat gluten that causes allergies.