Learning Baby Diaper Sizes By Weight is the Best Method

light babyFiguring your baby diaper sizes by weight is the most accurate method.The reason is because the other method would be judging by age. Maybe you thought that when a baby reach a certain age, then a specific diaper size is guaranteed. However, it certainly doesn’t work that way.

Children usually grow up in unpredictable speeds. It really depends on how quickly your child develops. I have friends who have two years kids that look like five year old kids. I also know kids that are ten years old, but looks like five year old kids. Some babies grow faster and bigger, and some grow slower.

There are lot of factors involved, which affects the baby diaper sizes. For example:

  • what you feed your baby and how often you feed your baby
  • Whether the baby was born prematurely, or delayed
  • Genetics (some babies simply grow a little faster and bigger or smaller naturally) According to Wikipedia, genetics is simply something the parents pass on to their children.
  • different hip and thigh sizes

Use A Scale

You should use a scale to figure out your baby’s weight, but don’t do all too often,  or you will stress yourself out. Some parents are concerned that their baby has developmental problems simply because she doesn’t seem to be gaining any weight. Just follow what your doctor recommends and you should be alright.

You don’t have to get a fancy scale that’s designed to weigh babies. In fact, you can simply use the scale that normally lies around your house. Simply weigh yourself on the scale first, and write down your weight. Next, hold your baby in your arms and step on the scale again.

Now, you will have your own weight combined with your baby’s weight. Simply use this number and subtract your own body weight, then you will get your baby’s actual weight. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s summarize it here:

Combined Weight (You carrying your baby) – Your Weight = Your Baby’s Weight

Now, look at this chart below to figure out your baby’s diaper size.

diaper size chart

Lets say that your baby is around 9 pounds heavy, then according to this chart, your baby will need to wear size 1 diaper. You should also notice that the diaper sizes will actually overlap a little bit. The reason for that is so that your baby will have room to grow into the next size.

Let’s say your baby is hitting 13 pounds soon, and you are about to finish using your size 1  diapers, then now’s a good chance to pre-order a pack of size 2 diapers.

Also check out this youtube video to see when to know that your baby is ready to move up one diaper size. When you watch this video, just skip the first three minutes. The reason I say that is because in my opinion, the first three minutes are not important information at all.

Sometimes even the weight is not a good indicator. Eventually, you will find your baby getting red marks on their thighs, because the diapers are officially too tight for her. This might even happen before your baby hits the upper weight limit of that diaper size.

Sometimes a Scale is Not Good Enough – You Need a Sample

Weighing your baby is just one part of the game. Some diaper brands simply don’t fit well with your baby, because it really depends on your baby’s body shape. After you figured out your baby’s weight, you should reach out to a friend who is willing to let you try a specific sample diaper size.

Diapers can stretch very well nowadays. While trying out the diapers on your baby make sure the elastic sticky bands are not too difficult grip onto the diapers. Try to lift the diaper at the waist area to see if you can fit two fingers. If it can’t then it’s officially too small.

However, you don’t have to freak out if there are no friends who can lend some diaper samples. Just use your baby’s weight and try a pack of diapers. Even though the diaper size might not be perfect, but it should be pretty close. This is especially true if you get diapers with adjustable waist bands so that your baby won’t grow out of a certain size too quickly.

Your Baby Grows Fast – So Don’t Go Crazy

One thing to remember is not to buy too many packs of diapers for your baby ahead of time. Babies grow very fast. Sometimes you might think you are smart buying three to four extra packs of N sized diapers just to find out that you only needed one pack.

Your baby might look very cute and forever small, but that changes quickly. However, you don’t have to be to scared, because a lot of places actually allow you to return diapers that you didn’t use. If you want to learn more about that, check out this article I wrote here. This article is written about what to do with diapers leftover from a diaper cake.

Have more questions about baby diaper sizes? Leave it in the comment section below.