My Personal Horror Story – Just A Little Scary

baby bottle

It was just like any other day. My wife went out with her friends that day and I was at home with my baby daughter. At this time, she was getting closer to eight months old. As usual, I held her and carried her around the apartment we live in.

It’s not a big apartment so it wasn’t much of a walk. I checked the time and noticed that it’s her feeding time. I measured the baby formula and fed her a little. She took a few sips, then she froze and stared at the ceiling while the baby bottle was still in her mouth.

I thought that it was funny that babies can self hypnotize while drinking milk so I didn’t pay much attention as to why she did that. However, that was my big mistake that I learned later.

She drank about an ounce of milk and then started pushing my bottle away with her tiny little hands.  I thought she wasn’t in the mood to drink, because usually it’s my wife that does the feeding. I held her up while getting ready to be in position to burp her.


However, I suddenly took note of a slight odor that smells almost like a fart. I also noticed that my daughter’s back was slightly moist to the touch. I turned her over and I finally noticed that poop has gone up her back. It’s a diaper blowout. Oh dear.

To make it worse, when I lay her down to change her diaper she was squirming, and struggling and ready to rub poop all over her face.  She never liked laying down on the bed, because she likes to be held upright to see the world around her, not to mention being tied down by a diaper.

My daughter and I had a little kung fu fight with each other.  I finally wrestled her pooped shirt off of her, however, she also gave me poop on my arms and a  little bit of poop on her hair in the process. I guess that means bath time.

 Are Diaper Blowouts  Normal ?


It is very normal for diaper blowouts to happen. One thing I have to remind everybody is that it’s never the baby’s fault whenever there’s a diaper blowout. I see some parents who get extremely angry at their baby and brutally yell at them.

It’s a good thing that they don’t beat their child, but the verbal abuse is definitely unnecessary. I understand that being a parent can be stressful at times, but nobody should disregard their respect for another person, especially a baby, when frustration occurs.

If anything, it’s definitely the parent’s fault or the guardian’s fault whenever there’s a diaper blowout. However, even if that’s the case, there’s no reason to be upset about it. If anything, find out the source of the problem to prevent the same problem from reoccurring.

What Causes Diaper Blowouts? – Fitness


There are many causes to diaper blowouts, but the first major reason you should keep in mind is the diaper fit. In other words, is the diaper the right size for your baby?

I mentioned in a previous article, that diapers are designed to be based on the baby’s weight rather than their age. This is done because different babies grow at different rates. You should also realize that from one diaper size to the next, there will always be a weight overlap. For example, let’s say your baby is 24 pounds. You should normally stay at size 3 diapers, but you can also use size 4 diapers.

If you feel that the diaper is too small to fit then you should move up a size. How can you be sure that the diaper you use is already too small for your baby?

You should look for chafing marks, which is a fancy way of saying red marks caused by tightness. Check the thighs and the waist for red chafing marks. If you see cuts and chafing marks, and you find yourself pulling on the sticky tabs too hard to close the diaper,  then it’s time to move up a size.

Also be aware that sometimes you might be moving up a size too fast. Normally moving up a size solves blowout problems because the bigger size have more absorbent material and surface area. However, if the diaper is too big, then it won’t wrap tightly enough around the thigh and back areas, so leaks are guaranteed.

Diaper leak

Make sure they are pulled out

Also keep in mind that there are these feathery looking things that extends out of diapers around the thigh areas. Make sure to not let them stay tucked in. If you don’t pull them out, they create a gap for poop to leak through.

Sometimes the diaper size you chose is actually correct. It’s your diapering technique that has a problem. If you are at the right size with no gaps or redness, and blowouts still happen then you probably wrapped the diaper wrong.

wrong way

First of all, make sure your diaper is facing in the right direction. The area of the diaper that touches the butt of your baby should be where the sticky tabs are located.  The front area of the diaper that covers your baby’s genitals should have no sticky tabs, because that’s where you attach the sticky tabs at the end. In other words, the sticky tabs wrap from the back, towards the front, not the other way around.

Second of all, make sure the diaper wrap is symmetrical. In other words, both sticky tabs should be attached equal distance from the center of the diaper. If this is not done right then one side will have a gap and blowout will leak out on one thigh.

Last but not least, make sure your diaper is not too tight or too loose. The ideal wrap is to make the end result look like a custom fit underwear.

Other Causes Of Diaper Blowouts – Food



Let’s say that you wrapped the diaper perfectly, but blowouts still happen.  If that’s the case, then it’s time to double check what the mother or the baby has eaten. If the baby is breastfeeding, then double check what the breastfeeding mother is eating. Breastfeeding is already makes the poop more runny. If the mother eats the wrong kinds of food, then the poop will get even more mushy.

Babies have immature digestive systems, so feeding them anything inappropriate will lead to extremely runny poop. This kind of poop is not easy for any kinds of diapers to absorb. The reason is because it’s more like a gel like substance rather than pure liquid or pure solid.

That sounds pretty gross, but you have to keep that in mind. Usually after a mother gives birth, one of the first things that comes to her mind is how to get her body back into shape, and to get the vitamins and nutrients that both her and her baby needs.

Fruit smoothies are probably the first thing that comes to mind because they are healthy and extremely easy to make. Fruits itself like oranges for examples, though healthy, are concentrated with sugars, which is not easy to digest for your little one.

When left undigested, it goes down the intestines and forms a gel, because the undigested sugar interacts with the good bacteria in the intestines.  This also applies to foods that are high in fiber, like broccoli for example.

Also avoid spicy foods like onions, or hot peppers, because they can also cause colic with the baby.

Changing what you feed your baby can also lead to diarrhea. For example, let’s say you decided to change your baby’s food at some point, like:

  • breast milk to formula
  • formula to breast milk
  • adding fruits to her diet
  • adding proteins like eggs or meat to her diet

then diarrhea might also happen, because she has to adjust to the food. Usually, once she adapts to the food, it should be no problem. However, if she has food allergies to the food, then it would be a problem no matter how many time you’ve already fed her.

That’s why it’s important to test out one type of new food per week. Let’s say that you want to try half an egg yolk with your baby, then feed her that everyday for seven days to check for allergies. Don’t give her egg yolk today then chicken meat the next day. If there are allergic reactions, then you won’t be able to tell which food is the source of the problem.

Other than food, sometimes it’s also because your baby’s diaper is simply too full of anything. Whether it’s full of pee or poop, the diaper is saturated and can’t absorb anymore. If your diaper has a wetness indicator, then double check on it every two hours to be sure.

What To Do When You Suspect Runny Poop?

When you are holding your baby upright and you suspect runny poop coming out, then do the following:

  • Keep holding her upright or have her sit down somewhere if she is strong enough to sit on her own.
  • Prepare a waterproof or water resistant sheet on the changing area.
  • Make sure your baby is secure and won’t fallover while she is sitting. A changing table would actually help.
  • Make sure the room is warm, then take of her clothes while your baby is upright
  • Now lay her down on the water proof changing area

The reason I want you to keep your baby upright is because extremely runny poop will most likely blast up her back the moment you lay her down in face up position. If you take her clothes off before it happens, then at least you don’t have to go crazy washing poop off her clothes. You simply have to wash her.

It’s a type of compromise, but it’s less washing to deal with.

I hope this helps prevent a mess the next time your baby has a diaper blowout. Have fun with your little one. If you want to learn even more about blowouts, and the type of diapers to counter it, you can check out my next blowout article here.

If you have any questions then please leave them in the comments section below.