What Kind Of Baby Book Should You Look For?


When you found out that a baby is coming, the first thing you want to do is to be as ready as possible before the baby arrives. Suddenly you realize through your search that there’s hundreds of baby books out there in different varieties.

Certainly, you can purchase all the baby books available in the world, and read through all of them. However, that will be a big waste of time, effort, and money. Not to mention, you most likely have other businesses to attend to.

You should narrow your search and find the ideal baby book that’s:

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Rich with information
  3. Has genuinely reliable sources
  4. Not filled with common sense that you can figure out on your own
  5. Specific and to the point
  6. Updated with the latest research

This is the Ideal Baby Book

When it comes to taking care of babies medical language, and knowledge is unavoidable. Most parents would probably have to go through a learning curve to learn some vocabulary  in order to take care of their baby. For example, what’s eczema?

If you are some kind of scholar, or know someone that has this skin condition then that’s fine, but if you are a regular person like me, then that word could be rather intimidating and scary.

Fortunately, this book is designed in a way so that everybody can understand it, no matter how knowledgeable they are. This is amazing even though this book is jam packed with medical knowledge and information.

Most mothers find it to be a very good reference even though it’s filled with a lot of technical information. This is what you want. You are already stressed out with a lot of things. You don’t need another book to attack your brain for whatever reason.

The contents itself is very easy to skim through, because it’s not in a lecture format. It’s in a nice question and answer format. The author also has a bit of humor so it’s not boring.

It’s Rich with Information

This book has so much information, it takes a lot of little worries away and prepares you way ahead of time so that you know almost everything you need to do after your baby is born.

However, no matter what baby book you read, there will be times that the book doesn’t cover your specific issue. For example, let’s say that  your three month old baby can suddenly talk like he’s the president all of a sudden. You will probably have to call your pediatrician to see what’s wrong.

One thing is for sure, Baby 411 will make you much less likely to contact your pediatrician.

What does it cover?

  • Umbilical cord problems
  • Baby poop problems (including meconium of course)
  • Irregular things like yellowish skin problems (jaundice)
  • Normal eating and poop schedule
  • Pre mature babies issues
  • Twin babies issues
  • Choosing a pediatrician, and critical situations that requires you to see one
  • Balancing work and parenting
  • Taking care of baby private parts
  • Rash problems
  • Bathing your baby (probably one of new parents’ biggest fears)
  • Diaper changing (another biggest fear)
  • The types of supplements your baby needs (vitamins, minerals,etc)
  • breastfeeding (very thoroughly covered)
  • Solid food introduction, and allergies
  • Sleep issues
  • Vomitting issues
  • Way way more

There’s a reason why this book is full of information which would probably require months of research all over the internet.

However, it’s much more reliable than researching online, because you don’t have to sort out all the good information from the bad information from scratch. The reason is because the material is backed by the team effort of many medical professionals and experienced parents. 

That team includes:

  • pediatric dentists
  • ENT (ear nose throat) medicine specialist
  • pediatric urologist (pee pee part problems, and related private part problems)
  • lactation consultant (breast milk expert)
  • pediatric nurse (hands on experience with newborn babies)
  • orthodontist and cosmestic dentist (important when your child needs teeth braces in the future)
  • allergist and pulmonologist
  • speech language pathologist
  • pharmacist (expert on medicines)
  • gastroenterologist (expert on stomach and intestinal problems)
  • professional mother (daily care issues that a mother face)

There’s No “Common Sense” Information

Nowadays, we can figure out a lot of things with common sense and an educated guess. However, this book has almost none of that. Unlike a lot of other baby books out there, this book is only filled with information that is straightforward, to the point, and heavily researched.

For example, a common sense piece of information would sound something like this:

If you want your child to be healthy, you should change her diapers often.

That is obviously common sense. Who in the world couldn’t figure that out? Nobody wants pee and poop to stick their own butts all day, not to mention their cute little ones.

An example of a heavily researched piece of information extracted from the book itself:

Your baby’s doctor will look for dimples or tufts of hair near the buttocks. Abnormalities on the skin can be a clue to a spine abnormality underneath the skin.

If you say that you can figure that out with common sense, you are either lying or you are some kind experienced medical professional. This book is full of information like this that educates you on everything you need to know about your child. You should get it now and start reading.

How Do Other People Review It

Here’s what one person has to say on amazon:

Baby 411 review

Problems With Baby 411

Just like every other baby book in the world, no matter how perfect it is, there’s bound to be a flaw here or there. Baby 411 is no exception.

Even though this book is jam packed with information and is very user friendly, it’s slightly biased in some parts of the book.

Here’s what one reviewer on amazon has to say about this:

Baby 411 - comment2

Like this review mentioned, if you find issues related to cirucumcision, and vaccinations offensive, then simply ignore them. The rest of the book pretty much covers everything you need to know about your little one and how to take care of her. Every baby book has some kind of strong opinion that will be a little offensive, and this book is no exception.

How Do Knowledgeable People Feel About This Book?

You think only regular mothers are impressed by this book. Here’s what a medically knowledgeable person said on amazon:

Baby 411 Review D

If you are ready to start learning all the important information on your baby then click here and get yourself a copy now. If you have any questions then please leave it in the content section below.