What Is The Best Baby Diaper?

Before my baby daughter was born, I researched heavily on this topic. I went through every “diaper guru’s” website and read everything I can possibly get my hands on. Unfortunately, I came to one conclusion. There is no such thing as the best baby diaper. Well, at least there’s no best that can fit every age, family situation, and body conditions of the baby.

There’s too many variations. However, there is a way to narrow it down so that you can find the most compatible diaper for your baby a she develops, and gets bigger. In the end of the day, you simply have to figure out your priorities.

Figure Out Your Priorities


For many parents, price is a big deal. I can understand, because it feels unnecessary to spend extra money on diapers when you will throw them out with one time use. For parents that prefers the inexpensive route, disposable diapers like luvs, kirland’s supreme diapers, and cloth diapers might be your thing.

Cheap disposable diapers are made by cutting down productions costs, so the absorbency is definitely not a guarantee. However, this probably doesn’t matter if one of the parents, or grandparents are taking care of the baby for the whole day.

You probably don’t mind spending every two hours changing your baby’s diaper. Diaper leaks and blowouts are not an issue for you, because you have all the time in the world to clean it up. This is especially true if you already have all your waterproof stuff all set up, like your baby’s waterproof mattress for example.

If you want to deal with blowouts better, cloth diaper is a cheap (in the long term) and efficient answer. However, not all types of cloth diapers are cheap. Depending on when you potty train your baby, cloth diapers can end up more expensive than disposable diapers. If you want to know why, you can read about it here at my cloth diapers article here.

However, if you still want to do top brand names like pampers swaddlers without going broke, amazon’s subscribe and save is a great option. If you combine subscribe and save with amazon prime, you can literally save 25% off your diaper purchases.

leak yellow


For many parents I know, absorbency still ranks higher in terms of importance. Not many people have the time and patience to change their baby’s diaper ten times a day. It is time consuming and nerve wracking. Not to mention, doing laundry every three days for cloth diapers doesn’t seem worth the effort either.

For parents like these, you need quality diapers like pampers swaddlers, and huggies little snugglers plus. They absorb well, fit well, and are commonly used almost everywhere. In terms of skin rashes they almost have no complaints, unless your baby’s skin is extra sensitive. If sensitive skin is your priority, then these diapers won’t necessarily work for you.

diaper rash

Sensitive Skin

If your baby has real sensitive skin, then diapers like cloth diapers (washed with baby friendly detergent), and bambo nature would be the best diapers for you. Bambo nature is certified to be completely chemical free, but in terms of quality, they have sort of downgraded over the years. They are still really good diapers, but when it comes to absorbency, diapers like pampers swaddlers and huggies little movers plus is better. However, in terms of environmental friendliness bambo nature would still stand at the top.

Envrionmental Friendliness

As I mentioned before in other articles, diapers are not environmentally friendly whether they are disposable, cloth, or labeled environmentally friendly. Cloth diapers are not environmentally friendly because they require a lot of water and electricity to wash them.

Not to mention cotton production is not an environmentally friendly thing. Cotton is grow in dry environments with lots of water. This is why in terms of environmental friendliness, cloth and disposable is about the same. However, in terms of water usage disposable far beats cloth.

As for the environmentally friendly diapers like bambo nature, and earth’s best. They are only environmentally friendly if you compost them properly (let them break down back into soil). That is because wrapping them in a trash bag and letting them end up in the landfill is creating more garbage for the planet anyway.

However, composting yourself is impossible because you simply don’t have the land space and resource to do so. It takes at least one year for the diapers to completely break down, not to mention you can not use earthworms to help. The best way is to spend more money to have companies compost it for you with high heat.

To choose the best baby diaper, choose the one that you are most comfortable with whether it is dependent on the:

  • Price
  • Absorbency
  • Good for senstive skin
  • Environmental Friendliness

However, even if you chose the diaper type you wanted, it still best to remember that you have to keep with the diaper sizes.

Keep Up With The Diaper Sizes

diaper size chart

As I mentioned in a different article, diapers should fit your baby based on their weight not their age. If you want to learn more about that you can read about it here. However, even the weight ranges are nothing more than a guideline.

Depending on your baby’s shape, sometimes, you might have go up a size ahead of time. Another situation you have to go up a size before your baby reaches the minimum weight range of the diaper is if you have an extra heavy wetter. In this case, you would probably have to purchase an extra diaper insert to make your diapers more absorbent. If you want to learn more about that, you can read about diaper inserts here.

Sometimes you might believe you are perfect, you found the right diaper and you got your diaper inserts, but in the end, the diaper doesn’t work because of an “upgrade”. That is the biggest disappointment you can have.

Pay Attention To Diaper “Upgrades”

When diaper companies grow bigger, they often try to cut down costs by making the quality of the diaper lower. This has happened to bambo nature, earth’s best, pampers, huggies and everybody else. Quite often what I noticed is that diapers like bambo nature was good and perfect, but suddenly it started performing terribly because of an upgrade. If your favorite diaper suddenly leaks like crazy all of a sudden, then an upgrade probably happened.

Watch Out For Diaper Gimmicks

As mentioned before, environmentally friendly diapers are only friendly if you go the extra mile and compost them properly. Unfortunately most people assume that as long you use them, then you have protected mother earth. That is not true as I mentioned. In the end, if you don’t do it properly then it becomes another gimmick.

Another gimmick I have to mention are Honest Company Diapers. I mentioned them a lot due to their dishonest practice and their nonfunctional diapers. They make their diapers looks beautiful, but they don’t function like a diaper. Don’t fall for gimmicks like these.

Watch Out For Your Baby’s Development

If your baby is beginning to crawl, then some adjustments would have to be done as I mentioned here. For example, lets say you fell in love with pampers swaddlers like me. However, once your baby start walking or crawling, you notice that the diapers no longer absorb very well.

It is not because pampers swaddlers don’t function well, but their design makes them sag when a baby moves around. To compensate for that you, you need to get something like huggies little movers plus. However, mover diapers tend to give my daughter a rash when I let her sleep with it, so I used huggies little movers in the day, and pampers swaddlers at night.

If you plan on potty training your baby, there are training pants available. However, they are useless and kind of expensive. If you really want to potty train your baby then practice elimination communication training as i mentioned here and let her go butt naked during the day.


So what is the best baby diaper? There is none. In the end of the day, you have to find what is best for your baby depending on your priorities. If you find what’s compatible with your baby then that diaper is always the best. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments section below.