My Story With My Buddy

What is the best backpack diaper bag for twins? That is the question that came to mind when I was hanging out with a special buddy one day.

My wife likes mahjong, and she met many new friends at the mahjong table. One of those friends happens to be mother of twins. That lady and her husband were pretty cool people, so we eventually became good friends.

One day, my wife and her new friend wants to go for a full mahjong game (in the mahjong world, that pretty much means the whole day). So both ladies (my wife is one of them) pretty much dumped the responsibility of watching the children on our shoulders (the father of the twins and me).

I didn’t particularly mind since I like hanging out with my daughter. The father of the twins decided that since both of our wives pretty much ditched us, we might as well start some activity of our own. We decided to head out to toys r us together, and see what cool stuff we can get for our kids. At this moment, this father of twins became my special buddy for the day.

It was roughly 8:00am in the morning, and I was ready. I messaged my special buddy and he told me he would need a little more time to get ready (since he has to prepare for two babies instead of one), so my daughter and I headed out to his house to hang out a bit.

My daughter was hanging out with his twin daughters. The twins were pretty open to have a third baby (my baby) join the party. They played a little “catch”, hide and seek, and exchanged some weird baby dialogue.

It sounded pretty funny when they were giving each other the “goo goo ga gaaas”. My daughter is normally not the social type, so I was surprised that the twins could break the ice with her. As our daughters were enjoying their baby girl thing, I went to help my special buddy pack his diaper bag.

My Buddy’s New Diaper Bag

As he was packing, I got curious and checked out the type of the diaper bag he was using. I was shocked to learn that he used the same backpack diaper bag that I am using. It turns out that he just purchased it recently after trying many different “failures”. I asked him whether my diaper bag was suitable to hold all the stuff for his twins.

His reply was:

“Of course. Your bag is awesome. I packed all I needed for my twins and there are still plenty of room to spare too.”

Honestly, I wasn’t that surprised. The backpack diaper bag that we are both using right now is pretty roomy and organized. I just never imagined what it would be like if I had to double the contents like my special buddy did (since he has twins after all).

He Didn’t Want My Bag In The Beginning

What surprised me the most is the fact that he is using my dad gear backpack diaper bag. I actually recommended it to him way back when we first met. He told me that my bag is “not his type” and he “didn’t like it”.

His main complaint is that the bag I am using is too heavy. I reminded him that my bag is made of super durable materials and it is pretty big so of course it feels heavier than a regular diaper bag.

However, he told me that if he bought such heavy backpack diaper bag, his wife will make him carry it all the time. The funny thing is that, no matter what diaper bag he bought, his wife still made him carry it all the time.

His Failure to Find His “Perfect” Diaper Bag

He tried researching for his own diaper bags. Unfortunately, he wasn’t happy with any of them. Some bags had too little pockets which makes it difficult to organize and find different baby stuff he prepared for his twins.

Some bags he tried had lots of pockets but the pockets were located in awkward and inconvenient places that requires too much effort to reach in case of emergencies (emergencies like blowouts for example).

He told me that he got really pissed off once because one of his daughters had a diaper blow out (poop leaking out of a diaper) and he could not find the baby wipes as he was fumbling in his previous diaper bags with both hands. It was so frustrating, he almost wanted to throw his diaper bag away at that point.

To add oil to the fire, he accidentally tore a small hole in that diaper bag later on while rushing to do something. He felt that before using the bag that I am currently using, all of this previous diaper bags were fragile, and inconvenient.

He Changed His Mind

He got desperate and researched my diaper bag backpack. He was convinced to buy it after learning that the baby wipes were stored in the most convenient location in the world; a front flap in front of the bag.

It was so convenient, he could naturally and effortlessly pull baby wipes with one hand. The bag naturally comes with a baby wipe “slot” in which you can pull out the wipes without opening up the whole bag. It looks almost like a kleenex tissue box, and there’s a convenient easy to open velcro flap covering it.

If you want to see what that looks like, check out the video here:


Another thing he really liked about my bag is that it was made of tough materials. That didn’t matter to him before because he was confident that he takes care of his bags well.

Unfortunately reality can be pretty harsh. He is tired of fragile bags that only looks good, so durability became more important to him. He doesn’t want any more compromised bags.

A compromised bag, or a torn open bag would welcome dusts from the outside and ruin the cleanliness of the contents. He doesn’t have to worry about that anymore because he is currently using diaper bag made by dad gear. It is made in USA, so the materials are durable and high quality.

Last thing that he found very helpful for this diaper bag is the fact that it is not a purse. One of the things that frustrated him the most was the fact that most diaper bags on the market are basically in the form of a pretty, and stylish purse. My backpack diaper bag literally looks like a backpack.

It is almost a perfect camouflage among regular backpacks. Since his wife is making him carry it all day, he might as well make it look like he is carrying a regular backpack.

What Backpack Diaper Bag Are We Using?

My buddy I am are both currently using this backpack diaper bag made by dad gear. There are other features to it on top of what I mentioned earlier.

It Has A Lot Of Space

First of all, it is very spacious. There are many compartments to it. There would be no problems even if you are storing two sets of your:

  • sippy cups
  • bottles
  • diapers
  • baby wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • extra baby clothes and socks
  • your clothes
  • bibs
  • burp clothes
  • socks
  • blankets
  • diaper changing pads (one is included with the bag)
  • snacks
  • ziploc bags (keep things clean and avoids spills)
  • regular plastic bags (to store smelly stuff like poopy diapers and stained clothes)

This Bag Has Bonus Features (Pros)

It also include bonus features like:

  • an insulated pouch included to keep hot water warm for mixing formula. Just don’t leave it at home by accident.
  • a ring strap to allow you to hang it over your stroller so you don’t need to carry it around all day
  • the main pocket can be fully unzipped 180 degrees opened so you can easily access the contents inside your bag
  • All pockets are located in convenient locations. These are pockets that are designed to be most convenient to reach into when you are in an emergency (child needs a quick diaper change)

Check this video again to see what the bag looks like if you missed it earlier.

Things We Didn’t Like About This Diaper Bag (Cons)

  • It is rather bulky. My bag is huge. Everything is a trade off in this world. This bag has lots of space so there is no way that this bag can be small.
  • It is rather heavy. Even though the bag is ergonomically designed so that the weight distributes easier on the shoulders, it still feels a bit heavy. I notice that tough materials usually makes anything heavier. This applies to this bag also. Once again, it is a trade off. I want my bag to last for years so this is a compromise I would have to make.
  • There are no waterproof pockets. This is a bummer, but it wasn’t the end of the world for me. There is a reason why I carry ziploc bags and plastic bags in my diaper bag backpack.

Are you interested in getting your own durable backpack diaper bag? You can read more about it here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. Enjoy your new backpack diaper bag.