My Story

Before I show you my choice for the best backpack diaper bags for dads like you and me, let me tell you how stumbled onto it. I am currently a father of a fifteen month old daughter. Recently, my little one began walking around faster and faster. She’s fast to the point where she can literally chase me into the bathroom even though my intention is to not let her in when I do my business.

Our family heads out a lot, especially over the weekends to have some family time. Even though it’s a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of headaches for me. Travelling out requires bringing a ton of stuff for “just in case” scenarios for my daughter. Examples of that would be things like:

  • extra diapers
  • baby wipes
  • clothing (in case of blowouts)
  • a hat
  • water bottle
  • baby food
  • her favorite blanket (or she throws a tantrum when she is sleepy)
  • some rattle toys
  • baby snacks

Remembering to bring all this stuff is already a pain, but to make it worse, it’s a pain to find it in the bag we packed it in. You see, the bag we use is a regular purse looking bag with only two pockets. There’s a side pocket for some little stuff the rest of the bag has no more compartments.

We were at a shopping mall once, and my wife smelled something funny. A chill went up my spine because I know my daughter had a diaper blowout at the mall. I had no choice but to lay her down on bench in the shopping mall and changed her diapers there.

I don’t know about you, but my daughter isn’t very cooperative when it comes to changing her diaper. She struggles, and kicks as if I am trying to take away her favorite snacks. To make it worst, it’s a nightmare to hold her down with one hand trying to prevent her from scratching her poop infested butt while I search our unorganized bag for diapers and baby wipes.

This happened once when I visited a mall in New Jersey, and once in an outlet at Long Island. Finally, I became frustrated and made my decision. It’s time to get an actual diaper bag. At first, I was skeptical about their uses, because I don’t feel anything wrong about using an ordinary bag that’s lying around. However, seeing how a bag has ruined my every weekend, it’s time to do something before I lose all hope in enjoying family time.

The Search For The Perfect Diaper Bag

I began researching for a diaper bag that can make my busy life easier. At first I thought of getting a cheap diaper bag. I mean as long it works, then who needs to spend all that extra money on it?

However, after doing days of research, I realized that not any bag would actually work. You see, we put a lot of baby stuff in our bags when we head out. Many parents who bought cheap diaper bags noticed that they eventually have to buy another one, because they don’t last long from being lugged around. The reason is because the bag holds a lot of stuff, as I mentioned earlier. Sometimes, it feels like the amount of stuff we carry is almost the weight of our baby.

I don’t want my diaper bag to tear into pieces when I need it the most. I also don’t want to go for dumb brand names just to look cool with it, not to mention they are way too expensive for no reason.

This is the quality of the diaper bag I am looking for:

  • have lots of pockets (I like being organized)
  • looks relatively normal (I am tired of carrying my wife’s purse like bag)
  • it has to be tough (so it doesn’t break down into pieces)
  • I can still use it for other purposes after my child has grown up
  • the price is balanced (I prefer quality function over fancy brands that have no meanings)

This sounds like mission impossible at first, because maybe I am asking for too much from a diaper bag. However, I found it anyway.

The Perfect Diaper- I Could Hardly Believe It

This bag has so many pockets. They are also very intelligently compartmentalized so I can easily reach for what I want. Of course, the most important items I need to reach for in times of emergencies are the diapers and the wipes. The front pocket is actually a convenient flap in which I quickly open to get my baby wipes. Check out this video to see what the bag looks like:

I can easily reach for my diapers at the top of the bag without fumbling through the my other stuff. This is pretty important for me, because nothing’s more scary than searching for a diaper in case of emergencies.

The side pockets can hold my huge thermos to keep hot water so I can mix formula. The middle pockets also has mesh compartments so I can easily find my diaper ointments.

The most interesting thing about this bag is that I can open it 180 degrees flat so it’s easy to see where everything is without taking everything out of the bag.

One thing I definitely don’t like about the bag is the fact that it’s slightly on the heavy side. I didn’t take that flaw too offensively though, because it’s made of tough quality material so no wonder why it can be a bit heavier than cheaply made bags. I like it tough anyway, because I can keep a laptop in it without worrying about damaging the bag with its weight.

For Future Purposes

Seeing how nicely organized and tough this is, it would be useful for the future too. Once all my children have grown up, I will use it as a travel bag. I can put a bunch of stuff in it and go anywhere with it. Do you want to get yourself a bag too? Grab yourself a backback diaper bag too. It will make your life much more convenient.

Try the bag and give me some feedback below. It will not disappoint you.