My Recent Horror Story

Before I tell you what is the best diaper rash cream for babies, let me tell you my recent experience to show you how I got to it. Actually, several things happened at the same time so let me tell you one by one.

My daughter got sick

Believe it or not, this the first time that my daughter got sick. I was pretty sad seeing her out of energy and coughing. She did not even have the energy to get up. She was simply laying in bed all day.

You might believe that it is normal for a typical 15 month old baby to quietly lay in bed most of the times. The funny thing is, typical definitely does not describe the type of person she is.

Before she was sick, there would be nothing in the house that she won’t play with. I am not talking about your common chew toys and food grade silicone duckies. She likes to go to the bathroom and pick up the largest empty tide laundry detergent jug and lug it around the house while giving her “baby speech” of “doh goh guah guah gee ooooh”(secret baby language). She enjoys doing that a lot. I guess she believes that it is never too early to pretend to be a business sales lady.

In the past, I was a bit uncomfortable with her lugging around an empty tide jug while pointing her tiny little fingers at random places as if she is a tour guide introducing the parts of the house to us. However, after she got sick, she could do none of that. She looked really silly before when she moved around to give her baby speech, but I realized that it was still much more adorable than her laying in bed all day sick and energy-less.

While she was sick, she coughed a lot, and she had a major runny nose problem. We wiped her nose so much that she finally screamed and kicked due to the pain of over rubbing the skin around her nose. My wife and I felt very bad because we can not simply ignore her runny nose and let her simply “drink” it while it drips into her mouth. However, her nose is already red and irritated from too much tissue wiping.

Finally, we tried to apply more lotion to the nose area to see if we can relieve some of her pain. Unfortunately nothing worked, and we definitely did not want to rely on the steroids for something simple like this. In the end, we tried applying aquaphor on her nose. Our friend recommended it to us.

My wife and I waited for our daughter to fall asleep. We followed our friend’s instructions to apply the ointment to my daughter’s nose area. We had to wait for her to fall asleep because that area is so painful, it was literally off limits to touch. We applied an extremely thin layer on her nose, because this stuff felt extremely oily. It felt inappropriate to apply more anyway.

When we woke up the next morning, my daughter’a nose was no longer red and irritated. Even the peeling skin was almost gone. My wife and I both thought that this aquaphor is seriously like magic. No matter how many lotions we applied before, we could not see any result. We only applied a thin layer of aquaphor once, and her nose was about 90% better.

We also bought the “tub” version just in case we run out of this stuff. However, in the end we barely used any. My wife and I both agree that this tub of aquaphor will be lasting us a very long time before we even need to buy a new tub.

It Was Also Our Life Saving Diaper Rash Ointment
After our daughter’s almost instant recovery on her nose, we realized that we can apply this ointment on any part of her because it does not irritate her skin. In fact,it almost has an “instant” recovery kind of effect.

Right now, we are trying to use aquaphor like a diaper rash kind of ointment. Before, we didn’t actually need that much diaper rash ointment, because pampers swaddlers didn’t give our daughter a rash. These never gave her bottom any redness or irritation. However, once we switched to pampers cruisers, everything changed. Our daughter developed a crazy rash which won’t go away no matter what we do.

In order to counter that problem, we switched to huggies little movers. Unfortunately, they are not that much better, because her bottom is still red. The good news is, the rash went away. At this point, aquaphor was our only choice left. We tried applying a layer of aquaphor on her bottom before putting on her diapers, and the redness went away almost instantly in a couple of hours.

I Also “Steal” Some Aquaphor From My Baby – Because It Is Irrestible

I work in a place where I have to wash my hands a lot. That is why my hands are always dry, cracking, and peeling. When night comes, I would wait for my wife to fall asleep then “steal” some of the aquaphor to moisturizer my hands. The next day, my hands will be nicely moisturizer and all the cracks will be completely gone. I know it sounds a bit immoral to use my daughter’s moisturizer, but it was too good to resist.

It Is Pretty Popular

I researched into aquaphor a little bit, and it is actually pretty popular. Many people use it for many different skin issues, especially when it comes to dry and irritated skin.

Here is what one parent had to say on Amazon:
aquaphor comment

Most doctors will highly agree that this ointment is good for babies in general even if the baby has sensitive skin. Personally, my baby literally transformed overnight so I have a lot of faith in it.

Does It Have Any Toxins?

This is the rating on the

If you did not know, is an organization that analyzes tens of thousands of skin care products to see if they have toxic chemicals in there. They don’t care what the FDA saids. They analyze every chemical carefully to make sure people are not being cheated by products.

They rate products based on numbers and color code. The code goes from very safe to very severe in this order, green, yellow, red. Green means that the product is relatively safe for public use. Yellow means that you have to be more careful of the product. Red means that the product is pretty toxic and dangerous for you.

For aquaphor products, almost all of them are color coded green which is pretty much the safest you can get in a product. Aquaphor is rated number 2 from 1 to 5 scale, with 1 being the best.

It was no surprise to me that aquaphor didn’t have a perfect 1 rating. I realized that there are a lot of sham products out there that has number 1 rating in terms of health, but has no actual effectiveness when it comes to taking care of your baby’s skin. In other words, it is no different from ordering a bottle of water and applying it to your baby’s skin. Not only is it a waste of money, it is also a waste of time trying it.

Most effective products have a tiny bit of flaw to it. As long the benefits more than outweighs the minuscule flaws, it is definitely worth it. This is why my daughter is more happy than ever. Normally she would give me an upper cut with her tiny little feet if I try to touch her irritated skin, but after using aquaphor, she is daddy’s good little daughter again. Being able to see her this lovely, I was truly happy.


Give It A Try Yourself

If you want, you can give a try yourself. You can buy it here.