If you want to know what is the best jogging stroller for tall parents like you and me (I am six feet 2 inches tall) then the answer is definitely the Bumbleride speed jogging stroller. If you are as tall as I am, I can totally feel what you are feeling when you are pushing your stroller. I have been through horrifying experiences with short strollers before. It was a compromise between either bending over all day and hurting my back or kicking the wheels as I was running. Neither was a very happy option for me.

My wife is about a foot shorter than me, but she enjoys dumping the responsibility of pushing the stroller on me whenever I have a day off from work. To be fair, my wife takes care of the baby more so I didn’t really want to buy a stroller adjusts to my height and not hers. This changed when I found the speed jogging stroller by bumbleride. The interesting thing about this stroller is that we can make it tall enough for me, and short enough for my wife.

The Perfect Handlebar

It Works For Tall and Short Couples

The handlebar seriously had me sold, because I can push it comfortably with my hands and fingers completely wrapped around the handlebar with my elbows bent and relaxed. With my old stroller, I had to rely on the tip of my fingers to push the handlebar or my feet will keep kicking the wheels.

The experience is awesome and refreshing. It gives a feeling similar to pushing a shopping cart at the supermarket. It is comfortable and I definitely like I was in control of the whole ride.

There’s more to the handlebar that I really liked. I can point it up and down to change the angles so that even my wife can comfortably “drive” it. This makes it so that it doesn’t compromise the comfort for me or her. I was a little shocked at first that the handlebar cannot extend or contract. However, this angle adjustment feature completely makes up for it.

What If You Are Taller Than Me?

Of course, if you are taller than me (I am 6′ 2″), then I am not too sure if this stroller will work for you. It might work for you because taller people like you also have longer arms. However, there’s a way for you to measure the exact number before you make any purchases.

To Measure Your Ideal Stroller Height, Do The Following:

Extend your arms in front of you in a relaxed and comfortable position as if you are pushing your ideal stroller. Stay in that position and have your partner measure the distance between the floor and the tip of your elbow. If the number is lower than 46 inches then the bumble rider jogger stroller will definitely work for you.

The Handlebar Grips Onto You

Another feature of the handlebar is that it has really good friction. It doesn’t slip even if your hands get sweaty. By some rare chance, even if you do lose your grip, there’s a handlebar strap that connects your wrist to it. The strap is included in the purchase.

Warning Other Walkers

There’s a bicycle bell included in your purchase, so that if you are jogging, and out of breath, you can click the bell to warn other pedestrians that you are coming.

The Badass Canopy

This stroller benefits you a lot as a tall parent, but it also benefits your child. I will you tell the rest later, but let’s first talk about the canopy.

The canopy or the hood of the stroller has a lot of angles you can adjust so that your child is completely protected from the sun, except for her little feet which is sticking out from under the canopy. Bumbleride has gone the extra mile and made the canopy UPF 45+.

UP…What? – UPF vs SPF

I am sure you have heard of SPF (sun protection factor) before. Those are ratings for sunscreen in terms of how much protection you get from the sun. It works like this. SPF measures how long it takes before your skin starts getting cooked by the sun.

For example, let’s say your skin normally takes 15 minutes before it starts burning and getting red. If you are using an SPF 40 sunscreen then it will take 600 minutes (15 x 40) or 10 hours before you get burned. In other words, time it takes for you to get a sunburn is delayed by the SPF strength sunscreen you use. However, SPF ratings doesn’t guarantee full protecting unless it declares itself to be broad spectrum. If SPF rating doesn’t include broad spectrum, then you are technically only half protected.

When the sun beams down on you, two harmful wavelengths are attempting to nuke you. One of them is UVA (ultraviolet A) and the other is UVB (ultraviolet B). Most sunscreens only protect you against UVB if it is not broad spectrum. It is not like UVA is any less harmful.

UVA also causes cancer, aging and wrinkles and they penetrated deeper into your system, so you are better off with a sunblock (contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) while taking vitamin D3 supplements. SPF ratings are not required to protect you against UVA.

This is why UPF ratings are so cool. UPF ratings guarantees that your baby gets strong protection against UVA and UVB radiation. As mentioned earlier, the canopy fabric in the Bumbleride speed jogging stroller is UPF 45+. Unlike the SPF is based on harmful rays absorbed by the fabric of your canopy.

If a piece of fabric is has at least UPF 15 rating then your toddler is already getting at least 90% sun protection. Since the this stroller’s canopy is UPF 45+ rating, then you are getting at least 97% sun protection. This is why you can jog as long as you want during the summer months, and your child will be nicely shielded. Of course..you would need some sunblock yourself.

The Sky Window Feature Of Your Canopy

Another cool thing about this canopy is that there’s this little “sky window” cover you can open on top to check and see if your child is sleeping. The interesting thing about this cover is that it closes shut based on the magnets embedded inside, so it won’t ever wear out like velcro. You can avoid making that loud ziiiip noise that velcro makes.

Can You Take Apart The Canopy To Wash It?

Yes, if you bought the 2016 and newer models then you can take it apart and wash it. Just remember to not use a dryer to dry it. Hang it up and line dry it. Even though you can wash it, I really don’t recommend it because it can be a pain to reassemble. Just wipe it when you see dust and dirty.

Does It Come With A Rain Cover?

No, it doesn’t. You have to purchase an optional rain cover. I highly recommend you do that because you never when it will suddenly rain while you are jogging. This is also out of stock easily on their website, so either buy it locally or on Amazon.

If you are planning on buying a third party rain cover, then just be warned that you will cover up the cool parts of the canopy like the sky window and the extra pockets on the back of the stroller.

Your Child’s Seating Comfort

As mentioned earlier, the sun will pose practically no threat to your child. However, during your bumpy jog, would your child feel comfortable sitting there? Definitely.

The Almost Infinite Recline

Unlike most strollers out there, the recline is based on a strap and clip located at the back of the stroller. This kind of strap and clip readjustment kind of reminds me the shoulder straps you use for a regular backpack. Instead of having the recline “click” at different settings, you can adjust the recline based on your child’s needs with lots of flexibility.

This might seem like a cool feature, but personally I prefer the recline to lock into set angles for specific settings. The reason I say that is because the strap and clip strategy might not last long as the clip and fabric wears out. With the click settings, I at least know that they are more stable and last longer. However, this is a high end stroller so maybe Bumbleride has done something to the material to overcome that weakness.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t matter, because you probably don’t need the in between settings. Your child either enjoys sitting all the way up to enjoy a good view, or laying completely flat to take a nap.

The good thing about this kind of strap and clip recline is that it is much easier to adjust, especially if you have a heavy toddler. For strollers that involves adjust the recline with switches on both sides of the stroller is a total pain in the butt. The strap and clip makes it much easier to raise your child up from a laying down position to a seating position with little muscle strength.

The Flexible Bumper Bar

After you strap your child into the five point harness, there’s also a bumper bar in front for your child to play with. This usually puzzle a lot of parents because it doesn’t seem to serve a purpose. Well, actually it does, but it is more for convenience rather than for necessity.

First of all, this bumper bar is nicely padded so that it is nice and soft if by some chance your child wants to bite onto it. Just like the handlebar, and the recline, it can adjust to different angles. You can fold it completely flat on the seat or raise it all the way up so that it doesn’t get in the way when your sits your child into the stroller.

The main purpose the bumper bar serves is that you can strap toys to it so that your child can play with the toys without losing them. However, children in general tend to use it to raise themselves up to a sitting position to get a better view of the world or to use it as a leg rest when they are laying down. I guess these are so called “bonus features” to the bumper bar. It might sound silly to have your child rest her legs on top of the bumper bar. However, this can be helpful if her shoes are dirty and you want to keep her feet suspended in the air.

The Mesh Pocket

Next to where your child is sitting in the stroller, there’s a small mesh pocket for you to store a water bottle or whatever you like. This is convenient if your child is thirsty. She can just grab the bottle next to her and re-hydrate herself while you are jogging and losing your electrolytes. The mesh pocket prevents the bottle from rolling around and spilling during your child’s ride.

The Tires Makes The Ride Smooth And Sweet

Like most jogger style strollers, the tires are filled with air. This is important because you can be running on any terrain, and air filled tires will be great shock absorbers. If you happen to be on a rocky path, at least you know your child’s head won’t be bobbing up and down with every pebble you run past.

You Need To Pump Air

For every week or two or possibly more frequently, you should pump your tires to at least 25 to 30 psi (air pressure). The instructions say 35 psi but that is way too much. In the basket under your stroller, there’s a mini zippered compartment that you can use to store the air pump they included in your purchase. This is done so that even if you are in the middle of your run, you can still pump air in in case you forgot to do it beforehand.

You Can Choose For Your Tires To Spin Or Not Spin

The front tire has three settings in which you can use. They are:

  • Stiff setting – your stroller can mostly run straight. It makes turning extremely difficult
  • Full Spin setting – the front tire on your stroller can turn 360 degrees. This is rather dangerous if you run into obstacles on the road. Highly not recommended when you are running
  • 30 degree turn setting – This setting locks your tire so that you can only turn 30 degrees while running. Most parents choose to use this setting so that can run freely without compromising safety.

The Brakes Are Awesome

Almost every stroller I see have a dedicated brake for each wheel. This stroller has a brake bar connected to the two back wheels for easy access. In other words, instead of stepping on each brake individually, you just need to step on a wide bar to brake your stroller. With this wide surface area, you can easily brake and un-brake anytime you want. This is a rather nice feature.

What Age Can Your Child Start Riding This Stroller?

In theory, your child can ride this stroller as early as when she is eight pounds heavy. However, you can not jog with a baby in the stroller unless she is at least eight months old (eight months after expected due date if you have a premie baby).

Theoretically, your child can ride this stroller up till she is 65 pounds, but that is a bit too cramped. By the time your child is around 50 to 60 pounds (around five to six years old), you should see that the stroller is a bit too small for her. However, at that age, I think she should be running alongside you anyway instead of riding on the stroller anyway.

This Stroller Is Huge

Since this is a jogger we are talking about, this stroller is definitely big. When folded, the dimensions are 33″ Length, 25″ Width, and 15 ½ “ Height. Make sure this can fit in the back of your car trunk before you make a purchase. Compared to other strollers, this stroller is pretty light weight. It is only 26 pounds, due to the full aluminum body.

Is It Easy To Fold?

It is very easy to fold. It has to two switches, one on each side of the handle, you simply pull it up and you fold it in one motion. If you want to see what that looks like, check out this YouTube video here:

Once it is folded, it can stand upright without toppling over. This is a cool feature if you are in a dirty area, and you don’t want the fabric of your stroller to touch the dirty ground.

It Also Has A Huge Basket

The basket, or the storage area under this stroller is huge. You can practically put a loaded knapsack in there with no problems. If you happen to run by a supermarket, you can dump your groceries in there with no problems.

It Is Child Safe And Environmentally Friendly

This stroller ensures that it is not made with the following harmful materials:

  • PVC – this substance is carcinogenic
  • Phthalate – this substance causes reproductive problems in rats as I mentioned in my bambo nature diaper review
  • Fire retardants – contains bromine which causes brain development problems, and affects the thyroid of pregnant women
  • Polyurethane foam – this is normally an inert substance, but most companies chemically altered it to be fire retardant, which contains harmful chemicals

On the other hand, their fabrics are definitely made of the following

  • Recycled water bottles.
  • Bamboo charcoal

In a sense, when you purchase the Bumbleride speed jogging stroller, you are sort of offsetting the pollution humans make on this planet. Not only are you doing it for yourself and your child, you are doing it for the planet. Isn’t that cool?

Easy Assembly

The stroller comes mostly pre-installed for you. All you have to do is to attach the three tires and the canopy, and you can start jogging with it.

How Much Does It Cost?

On amazon, an older model costs $475. The newer model will cost $569. This is a high end jogger, and almost always goes out of stock easily. If you are purchasing it from their website, it will probably be out of stock by the time you reach them.

Your best bet is to purchase it from Amazon, or to look for a local Bumbleride store. This is also why this stroller has extremely high resale value because there are lots of people that puts their faith to it’s quality and features.

Is There A Warranty?

There is a three year warranty. They also have extremely nice customer service representative, so if anything fails on you, they will definitely help you. I hope this guide was helpful for all the tall parents out there. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments section below. Happy jogging.