What Is The Purpose Of Baby Oil? – Most Likely Not To Be Used On Babies

petroleum oil


Theoretically, it’s meant to be used on baby’s skin in order to keep their bodies moisturized and soft. Unfortunately, you can’t use it like that. At least, not low quality baby oil.

Baby oil is another name for mineral oil. It’s type of byproduct formed from digging oil just like petroleum jelly. We are not talking about any kind  oil. We are talking about oil that you can burn to create electricity at the power plants. According to Wikipedia, it’s already been proven that low quality mineral oil is classified as a group 1 carcinogen.

Carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer, and the smaller the group number of carcinogen, the more dangerous it is. In other words, group 1 carcinogen is more dangerous than group 2 carcinogen. Group 4 would mean that the substance is not carcinogenic, or in other words not cancerous.

Baby Oil Is Scary – Why Is It Still Being Sold?


Like I said earlier, only low quality baby oil is considered a group 1 carcinogen. High quality mineral oil is actually considered to be group 3, which means that it’s not carcinogenic, but there still isn’t enough evidence to prove it safe.

High or low quality baby oil is still being sold on the market because it has many of other uses other than being used as a skin lubricant.

What Other Uses Can There Be For Baby Oil?


makeup removerEven though I am not a doctor, but I don’t think using baby oil on your skin once in a while will actually get you killed. It’s kind of like passing by a smoker and breathing in second hand smoker. If you don’t consistently let yourself get exposed in large amounts, you should do just fine.

Our body’s immune system is not created by nature just for show. It has the ability to self regulate and defend against toxins. Don’t panic like crazy just because you got a little baby oil on your skin. Baby oil actually has a lot of uses. Baby oil can be used as a:

  • makeup remover – baby oil and makeup has one thing in common. They are both oil soluble, or in other words, can be dissolved in oil rather than water. Rub a little baby oil on a cotton ball, and you will notice that you can easily clean the makeup off of your face.After cleaning your makeup with baby oil, just quickly wash it off with whatever cleanser you have. If you are too scared to put it back on your skin, then go for some organic extra virgin olive oil instead.
  • makeup remover for your tools – Using baby oil to remove makeup from your brush is another way to do it. Combine it with a little dishwashing liquid, and you will be able to wash your makeup tools and condition your brushes. Do this only once per week so that your makeup tools can retain some of their rigidity and hardness
  • paint remover – baby oil and paint are both oil soluble so obviously removing paint stains from your skin would be a piece of cake. However, you might have to do it several times to completely peel the paint off your skin. Just don’t do it on clothing because it will leave a weird oily stain.
  • stickies remover – Have you ever peeled a sticker off of glass, ceramic plates, metal plates just to have leftover adhesives remaining. Sure, you can use a flat head screwdriver to scrape the gunk out, but that takes forever, and you will leave scratches on your precious belongings. Instead, leave some baby oil on the adhesive and let it dissolve. Wait ten to fifteen minutes then rub it off with a hot cloth. If it doesn’t remove completely then repeat several times until you get everything out
  • gum remover from your hair – you can definitely use the ice cube trick to harden the gum on your hair, but baby oil isn’t a bad idea either. Rub on the affected area of your hair and let it soak in, then simply pull the gum out.
  • bandaid remover on hairy areas of your body – it is extremely painful to remove a bandaid from a hairy part of your body. It doesn’t feel any different from waxing your legs. Don’t have a courage to yank out your bandaid in one swift tug? Rub some baby oil on it and let it sit. It will easily without a cinch.
  • shaving cream –  baby oil is extremely smooth. There really isn’t a better shaving cream than this
  • earwax remover – earwax is also oil soluble so baby oil will dissolve it. However, do not do this more than once every two weeks. Earwax might be disgusting but it’s meant to protect your ears. If you have some serious ear problems, then consult a doctor first before trying this.
  • grease remover – Have you ever messed around with a door part, office chair, or the inside of your car? If you have then you would most likely have dealt the lubricating grease. Try baby oil instead of WD 40 to remove it.
  • lice killer – Does your children have lice problem? Apply baby oil all over their hair and let it sit for the day. Baby oil naturally seals away moisture and oxygen. Those lice will slowly and steadily be sent to their graves. That’s why baby oil is also known as a liquid plastic wrap. However, if you are a vegan and believe lice just has many rights to live as your child, then don’t try this method. Good luck finding them with a magnifying glass and picking all of them out with a pair of tweezers.
  • ring remover – Baby oil is so smooth that even a wedding ring that got stuck on your hand should be easily removable from your hand.
  • protection against the cold – if you live in an extremely cold and dry environment, then rub some baby oil on your face before you head out the door. A lot of people protect themselves from frostbite with this method.

What Should You Not Use Baby Oil For?


You shouldn’t drink it of course.

That is just common sense. It’s a byproduct of crude oil extraction. In other words, it’s made from fossilized oils (which is made from decayed dead animals.). You probably should consume something that’s been dead for more than thousands to millions of years long.


Unless it’s highly refined, don’t use it on your baby. drink

I once again emphasize that unrefined baby oil is cancerous. In other words, the baby oil you purchased from the 99 cents store. If you really want good quality, buy it from a pharmacy or local drug store. However, even if it was not cancerous, it is also known to cause rashes on some babies. Why take the chances?

Don’t use it as a lubricant

Baby oil is very smooth, but it’s oil soluble like the condom you are using. It will dissolve your condom. In other words, your condom will break much easier now because baby oil is destroying it. Besides, why would you want to use use it inside of person’s vagina when it’s meant to be used on the surface of our skin?

What’s Your Understanding of Baby Oil?

I would love to hear your feedback about baby oil. Share some of your experience with me by leaving a comment below. Thank you for reading.