The Awesome Baby Shower is Over So Now What?

Baby_diaper_cake and attYou just went through a baby shower, or several baby showers, and now the fun is over. You have tons of boxes of diapers, and diaper cakes. So what should you do with the leftover diapers from a diaper cake?

First of all, check the size of diapers. If the diapers are at least size 2 or 3 then just keep them until your baby is ready to use them. You will actually use these the most. However, if those diapers actually size N, or size 1, then just keep a box of each, because it’s extremely likely that you don’t need any more than that.

Babies grow very fast. So expect them to outgrow size N and 1 quickly. If you have unopened boxes of size N and size 1 diapers, then leave them unopened, because you are more likely to be able to return them for store credit or exchange them for bigger size diapers.

Let’s assume a scenario where your friends gave you several diaper cakes without the boxes. If your friend still has those boxes, then ask them for those boxes. Also ask your friend for a receipt because you can actually return them.

Returning Your Leftover Diapers From The Diaper Cake

Most stores will only accept diapers that are in unopened boxes.  If you ordered from a store that you are unsure of the return policy then give them a call to see if it’s alright with them to pack diapers back into opened boxes.

However, Walmart will only accept diaper exchanges as long it is unopened. Theycostco don’t even need a receipt. Apparently some areas have Walmart that aren’t as nice so you better give them a call before you drive to that specific Walmart. To learn more about Walmart return policy check my article here.

Costco will actually accept any return as long you have their store receipt. If your friend who gifted you the diaper cake ordered from Costco then you are in luck. It doesn’t matter if the box is opened or whatever, they will let you return your diapers no questions asked. I don’t think they have a time limit unless it’s electronics, but give them a call to confirm this.

Why would you want to return your diapers?

  • Maybe you received  too many small size diapers (which is very easy for a baby to outgrow)
  • Maybe the diapers are missing a waist band here or there so the diaper keeps leaking
  • Maybe the diapers are giving your baby rashes

Whatever the reason can be, let the stores help you.

If your friend ordered your diapers online like Amazon for example, then quickly call your friend to contact amazon for an exchange, or you might risk going beyond the time limit. If your friend ordered from amazon, then read the return policy here.

Donate Them – Give Others a Helping Hand

National Diaper Bank Network

diaper bank donateYou can donate to the national diaper bank network. You can choose to donate money or diapers. For your case, you obviously want to donate diapers.

Click here to go to the national diaper bank network page. Just look for the choice stock and click give assets and they will show you where you can mail your diapers. If you want tax deductions, give them a call first to confirm.good will


Goodwill accepts almost any kind of donations. They will then give you a receipt so that you can use it for tax deductions for the end of the year.


There are many other places you can donate to. For example, your nearby women’s shelter or even the church. You can even give them to a friend who will be due soon. All you have to do is to give a little search on google, or make a few phone calls.

Cleaning Up Messes With Diapers

Some diapers used for decorating diaper cakes are actually damaged beyond useful. Maybe your friend added glue to it or other kinds of decorations that wouldn’t come off. That’s alright. In that case diapers can be used as emergency cleaning tools (one time only).

Diapers are made with super absorbent polymer, specifically sodium polyacrylate. According to Wikipedia, this substance can absorb 200 to 300 times its mass. That’s why it’s perfect if you want to wipe up some heavy kitchen mess. However, even though it’s good at that, you shouldn’t rely on it, because it’s simply not cost efficient.

Ice Packs and Gardening (Video)

You can also extract the super absorbent polymer (SAP) and make it into ice packs. To learn more about that, you can actually check out a video I saw on youtube, made by king of random. Click to view this video.

This video also shows you on how to use this as a gardening tool. The reason it works is because it can absorb so much water that it can constantly feed your plants even if you forgot to water your plants for a week or two. However, don’t forget to water your plants for too long or the SAP will actually start sucking water out of your plants.

If you have any ideas for uses of leftover diapers, leave it in the comment section below.