When do you start potty training girls? Most experts will probably say around two to three years old, but the truth is that you should start as soon as your baby is born. Different experts agree that it’s better to potty train your baby early because they are certainly capable of doing so in a healthy way, and it’s also better for our planet.

Most parents go through this strong debate about whether babies should choose disposable diapers or cloth diapers. However, it’s already been proven they are just as damaging on the planet. Disposable diapers fills up the land fills more and they are very difficult to degrade naturally. Cloth diapers requires a lot of water and electricity to clean. Electricity comes from burning fossil fuels which damages our atmosphere causing global warming.

Potty training your baby early is the real solution. No matter what type of diaper you use, you are damaging mother earth. However, if you work and take care of the family like all city families do, then it’s inevitable that you will have to use some form of diaper. The idea is to use less so your baby can stop relying on them earlier.

I wasn’t kidding when I said you should potty train her as soon as she is born. You are not really potty training her but you are preparing her for potty training ahead of time so that when she is ready, she will be able to go through the process as flawlessly as possible.

What do I mean when I say waiting for her to be ready. Even though your baby can be mentally, and emotionally ready, it doesn’t mean she can be physically ready right away. There are several physical limitations she has to overcome before she can successful be potty trained.

First of all, her bladder and anus needs to be strong enough to hold the pee and poop. If her muscles around those organs are not strong enough to hold the pee and poop, then no matter how well she can understand the concept, her pee and poop will leak out and she can do nothing about it.

Second of all, her neck and back muscles must be strong enough. Peeing and pooing on a toilet requires you to sit. Sitting requires a lot of muscles to support you. If your baby can’t stay in a seated position on her own, then that is pretty much impossible task.

Babies don’t actually want to pee or poop on to themselves. Another reason you want to train your baby as soon as she is born is that you will notice that she will start peeing or pooping as soon as her diaper comes off. This usually happens a few weeks after she is born. It’s natural for a human body to resist pooping or peeing herself no matter how old she is. You want to nurture this natural instinct and train them using something known as elimination communication.

What is elimation communication(EC)Believe it or not, elimination communication is not potty training. However, it’s not unrelated. Elimination communication is a positive training routine that helps your child consciously control when she needs to pee or poop.

How does EC work? It works by assimilating some kind of signal that your baby is peeing and pooping. You want to engrave this signal into your baby’s subconscious memory so that you can almost literally command her to pee and poop.

How do you start EC? Start paying attention to your baby’s habits, behaviors and cues that she is about to pee or poop. Once you take note of it, associate a sound to it like shhhhh, or psssss, or whatever that works for you. Keep making that sound until she finishes so that she can associate that sound to peeing and pooping. Once you can “predict” when your baby is about to pee or poop (usually a few minutes after a meal or after she wakes up), then start making that same sound slightly ahead of time when you change her diaper. At this point you can try to bring her to the potty seat when you predict that she almost needs to go, and make that associated sound.

This is a process so don’t be forceful. You might want to potty train your baby fast, but sometimes it takes a little more time for some babies than others. Be patient and keep trying. You don’t even need to do this all time. If you want to do this every two days, then do it every two days. It’s entirely up to you.

You still need diapers in the beginning unless you live in the country side where pooping on the road is common. It’s not a magical and overnight thing to potty train your baby, so keep diapers handy.  Besides, babies still pee or poop when they are asleep. You might be lucky sometimes and she won’t pee or poop for two to three hours during naps, but don’t count on that all the time.

You won’t save any money in the beginning because you are probably using just as many diapers. Even if you use a small potty, your baby doesn’t have a strong enough neck and back muscles to hold herself up to stay sitting while peeing or pooping. Just be patient and keep trying.

I hope this post helped you. If you have questions then please leave it in the comment section below. Thank you.